Tonight is what you might call a perfect storm, if you define a perfect storm as "The Oilers playing on a Saturday night, after the Eskimos play someone or other at Commonwealth and it’s Gregor’s birthday."

Get ready liver, you are about to get it and we are about to give it to you.


It is clear 5 games into the season that the Oilers aren’t going to be a winning team. This is a completely different beast than being a crappy team, which the Oilers defined to all of last year much to our collective horror. This squadron is a different thing altogether – it is a series of pre-pubescent Superstars collectively adjusting to the NHL game, to one another and eagerly awaiting the arrivial of the cheerleaders.

And this is exactly what we signed on for when the season started – despite what some Negative Nancys© are freaking out about on the call in shows, in the commentary and in front of water coolers all over town.

Taylor Hall goes back to Junior? Do you have pearl onions for eyeballs? If you watched the game against the Wild this week you may have noted that he was the best player on the ice for either team. Not the best Oiler rookie, not the best Oiler – the best player on the ice for either team.

At 18.

Five games into his career.

Let’s just all take a deep breath and watch the team develop and stop throwing around all of these harsh expectations. Exciting Last Place Hockey Nation. That’s the ticket. Another high pick in the draft and another wave of rookies onto the squadron.

A Championship team isn’t built in a year. That’s unreasonable. It takes TWO years.

Everyone knows that.


While we are waiting for this team to become a world class hockey squad – and make no mistake they will – we are going to have fun and maybe party here and there. What the hell is the rush anyways?

We don’t want to the the Oilers win the Cup in that filthy old Rexall Stadium. Not when a brand spanking new facility is one ill timed tax payer cash injection away from being built.

No, that won’t do at all. Let’s just have some fun and let the chips fall where they may. And Gregor’s Super Saturday seems as good a place as any to start. His Birthday – while not a National Holiday – should bring joy into the hearts of every red blooded Citizen of the Nation. We are going to get him right filled up with the Alcahols and set him in the direction of the nearest pack of unsuspecting women. Then we will watch a Professional in action.


The Oilers website is hilariously inconsistent with posting the lineups. When Gregor writes the GDBs he witnesses the lines in the pregame skate. When we write the GDB from the comfort of stately Wanye Manor and the Oilers fail to post lines we are in a pickle.

Here is the Oilers lineup of players that will be of note looking back at the game in 5 years:

When the Oilers get around to posting the lines on their site, if someone could put them in the comments we would consider it a wonderful Birthday gift to Gregor. We have no time for these matters as a day drunk is calling loud and proud.

Happy Birthday JG. Oilers will play an exciting game in your honor and lose by a goal.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way.


  • Shorty


    You should be seeing a guy who has worked hard this season to this point ( 6 games in). harder than some in my opinion ( penner has been a HUGE disappointment to me thus far)

    sure he has had some lucky goals this year. but the old adage says you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. at least he has gotten his butt in front of the net this year which is more than I can say than he did last year.

    Yes he is over paid but that is not his fault. the team gave him that contract.

    What more can you ask for from you captain than effort, improvement and leadership. once again ITS THE 6TH GAME. come back at game 20 and maybe by then you will have found a legitimate structured argument instead of this repetitive dance you have been doing thus far tonight.

  • Dan the Man

    I knew there would be nights like these this year but it doesn’t make me like them any more.

    I’m wondering why Renney didn’t throw Deslaurier in after it was 5-1 though? Wouldn’t that be a good opportunity to get him some playing time?

  • Dan the Man

    BRUTAL!!! I know all you out there will say be patient there young and gonna get better. Yeah maybe in the latter of the 1-3-5 year plan they have. Every year is a re-build year with what seems to be the same types of players! #rd liners at best. Preaching patience is growing thin and I’m sick of watching that kind of product! Fans are completely dead and can you blame us! Haven’t had much to cheer about in years! I’ve been a and always been an Oilers fan but that joke of a game was my breaking point! Makes me want my money back for my seats! F**K

  • Dutchscooter

    All I can say is our defense is B-R-utal! That Souray for Commodore or Souray for Finger trade rumor is starting to look good. And that realization is scarier than the defensive play right now. Ugh!

  • DoubleJ

    All i want to know is why did we bring Vandermeer in again? He was supposed to be tough to play against, he supposed to defend the kids and fight once in awhile, a stay at home d-man. Has he had a fight yet?

    I don’t care how good Strudwick is in the dressing room. I know I work with somegood guys at work who suck at the actuall work part. It took me a couple of weeks to realize I hated working with them. In the end I hated anything they had to tell me also.

    The guy is not a nhl D-man. These two guys were the main reason we lost that game. I doubt we would have won anyway. But they sure made it easy for them.

    • Bucknuck

      did you think we would get something good for O’sullivan? He had a pretty bad game but is a better option on D than Chorney. I like that the Oil don’t have to pay O’Sullivans salary and filled a hole. We just need to get a top four D who can hit, Shoot and is tough as nails. That may have been Souray, but we also need a guy who wants to be an Oiler.