Many moons ago, prior to the litany of calendar reforms of various Emperors of Rome, November was the 9th month of the Roman Calendar. Because ‘nine’ in Latin is pronounced "November" the month got it’s name and very little has changed since. 

43,000 years later, Western Society has decided to go against the expressed orders of the Roman Emperors and rename the thing Movember. Why? For charity it seems.


Firstly Citizen rubbertrout got into the movember business, sending us an email getting the word out that he was prepared to have his corporate website photo for 2011 include his moustache if he hit certain targets. We thought this was quite hilarious and would encourage people to donate to him here.

Then we heard about Meg Morrison signing Gregor up to the Movember challenge without his consent. Gregor blew a fuse on air and spent a good handful of minutes explaining he can’t grow a good moustache if his life depended on it. We had a good laugh listening to this and tried to picture Gregor with a moustache.

Then Team 1260 Big Wig Ross Mcleod heard about the challenge, called Meg and told her that if she is able to raise $2,000 he will make Bob Stauffer, Dustin Nielson, Kyle Chase, Corey Graham and Wil Fraser grow ‘staches too.

We all give Stauffer a hard time here on the Nation, but the fact that he and the other on air hosts are willing to grow the old soup strainer in the name of charity reveals his character to be sound.

Apparently Gregor wants Stauffer to grow a stache so bad he has already kicked in $100.

If you want to help in the fight against Cancer and see your favourite radio guys rocking staches, please make your donations here.


Our good friends at have just weighed in to the battle saying that they are "incapable of growing facial hair, but will donate any and all profits from their t-shirts during the month of Movember. If you haven’t seen their awesome collection of tshirts for sale, you should pop over.

Not only are you the sexiest person you know in a JSBM tee, you are also now helping a good cause. Kudos JSBM.


  • Kurtis Foster scores his first goal and then leaves the game 10 seconds later with the flu. If that is what playing with the flu gets you, we heartily suggest he sneezes in the face of each of the Oilers in the upcoming days. Except Jordan Eberle, who needs no flu to put the biscuit in the basket.
  • Doth our eyes deceive us? Is Ryan Whitney the leading point getter for the mighty Oil? That is worth some mad respect right there. The Lubo trade is starting to look very good, very good indeed.