This here guy is Lester Patrick, jauntily referred to as "the Silver Fox" during the 1920s. One night in the 1928 Stanley Cup finals, Patrick was forced to suit up to replace his injured starting goaltender. This was particular note because not only was Patrick a Defenseman, he was also the Coach and GM of the Rangers at the time.  

At the tender age of of 44 years, 3 months, 9 days, Patrick called the audible, stepped up into the lineup and allowed only a single goal in helping the Rangers to an overtime victory. This is a record for the oldest goalie to play in the Stanley Cup Finals that still stands today and springs to mind when watching the recent play of Martin Gerber in net for the Mighty Oilers.


Not only was Martin Gerber 12 years old the night Patrick suited up in net for the Rangers, but he is also defying all logic and physics – putting up tremendous numbers in net for the Oilers during the past two outings. At this pace he is going to go a perfect 82-0, destroy all NHL records and single handedly bring the plain white goalie mask back in style.

As the esteemed Jonathan Willis recently noted:

  • Martin Gerber: 2-0-0, 1.50 GAA, 0.950 SV%
  • Devan Dubnyk: 1-2-3, 3.24 GAA, 0.911 SV%
  • Nikolai Khabibulin: 4-10-1, 4.07 GAA, 0.879 SV%

Heh, heh, heh. Look at the old warhorse go!

Photo credit: The esteemed Commander Ender.


We haven’t had a shred of love for Gerber for a few reasons. One – he was playing in the KHL last year and was completely off the North American radar. Two – see picture above. Gerber was the back up to Cam Ward back in 2006 when the Oilers were tricked out of winning the Stanley Cup due to pressure from a Global para-military cabal.

As has been pointed out by the pundits all around the league, the instant that Khabibulin is back from the IR – Gerber will be sent packing back to the farm. In the meantime however he is putting on a real show, capping a career that saw him drafted 232nd overall by the Mighty Ducks back in 2001.

In the ten years since then, Gerber has played for five different NHL teams in a variety of roles and earned him a non-deserved Cup Ring with the Canes.


This is a guy who broke two bones in his spine playing for something called a Atlant Moscow Oblast last year. The odds his career path would wind back into North America – let alone net him a pair of NHL wins – were somewhere between slim and none. But there he is, stopping bagillions of rubber discs shot in his general direction and defying all the odds along the way.

As Oilers fans we are quick to jump on under performing players. You ain’t playin up to snuff? We ain’t got time for none of that nonsense up here in the OilersNation. We have Exciting Last Place Hockey to play!

But at the same time we must also occasionally sit back and appreciate the play of someone who is fighting miles above their weight class by simply playing in the NHL. Martin Gerber is carrying the mail despite the fact he is:

1) Older than Lester Patrick present day.

2) Playing on what is (hopefully) the worst team in the NHL.

3) Stopping more shots with his body than 50 Cent.

Well, we salute you for your performance Martin. You have done the impossible and made us appreciate a member of the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes. With the exception of the season that Erik Cole tricked us with his voodoo black magic, that hasn’t happened before today.

May you never lose another game Sir.



  • Ryan14

    Here’s a thought: if Big Daddy Katz is paying all of these gents the same, regardless, why don’t we just send Happy-Boozin’ down to the great boob-iful wonderland that is OK City? Best case scenario is he’s picked up on waivers. Worst is we have the two best tenders on the big team.

  • Ribs

    At this pace he is going to go a perfect 82-0, destroy all NHL records and single handedly bring the plain white goalie mask back in style.

    But..But…There’s not that many games left in the season.

    Also not buying his no-time-to-paint-mask spiel. Oklahoma has pretty much the same colour scheme. What’s the deal?

  • ok goalie related question…

    tampa bay needs goalie, and with a solid goalie with playoff experience could make a serious run…maybe. don’t we have someone they could utilize and then gerber (who is clearly the foreman of the goalies as his mask is the most white?) could back-up dubnyk.

    any thoughts?

  • Does this mean i should put away the new t-shirts i was thinking of designing for the Oiler fans ? The new Oiler crest for the diminutive forwards being clones of Chicken Little , and the defense being chickens with their heads cutoff running wildly around . The goalies were going to be Henney Penny tarred ( Oiler pun) and feathered saying the sky is falling , the sky is falling . I SUPPOSE I COULD WEAR MY NEW ST. MARTENS T-SHIRT FOR MANAGEMENT ” Woof, Woof , Who Let The Dogs Out ” ? Fun to be an Oiler fan , is it not ?

  • DSF

    Is it too early to start flaunting my STAR pick M. Gerber? Oh boy I hope he keeps this up and Wanye has to take me out for a steak dinner so that he can have a one-on-one interview with me and my excellence.


    (P.S. Not a fancy steak dinner, just a pub steak sandwich steak dinner. Seriously Wanye it’ll probably be under $20 at the pint with your connections)

    • OttawaOilFan

      I too, would like to point out my star is lighting it up. It was pure gold watching Gerber turn aside shot after shot Monday night at the game. Even better was listening to the Oiler fans drown out the Sens fans with chants of Go Oilers Go. Speaking of steak dinners, I had a nice juicey 12 oz Rib Eye from Lone Star last night courtesy of the Sens loss! It was delicious!

    • positivebrontefan

      I think it’s more of a brainstorming with the Quebec mayor to find out how in the hell a team WITHOUT an NHL team can get federal funding for an arena and a city WITH an NHL team cannot get federal funding. At the end of the day all the money is coming from Alberta anyways. That’s the part that pisses me off!
      Yeah Mom, I said Piss!

      *glances nervously over shoulder to check for the coming of a vicious rings first backhand from Mom*

  • As per NHLbyMatty:
    “Gerber sent back to ok city. Khabibulin ready to come off IR”.

    I kind of feel bad for Gerbs. His 2 W’s should’ve earned him another go. Preferably vs. another one of his old teams (Maple Leafs). Edmonton should’ve waited getting Khabby of IR until the team landed back in Edmonton again (and give Khabby his first start against Ducks).

  • Shows ya that spending big $$ on goalies for long terms is not the best play. Goalies are a fickle bunch good one year and terrible next. Look at all the examples around the league of these guys getting paid to sit or play in the minors. Gerber at 500,000 is all the equal of khabbi.

  • John Chambers

    Sooooooo … when Re-Khabibulin gets injured again in two weeks and is out for the season, does that mean we bring back Gerber, or bring up Deslauriers who’s also on fire.

    Funny how our #1 goalie on the depth chart and pay scale is #4 in terms of ability to stop pucks.

  • Marketplace closed or shrinking ? Parity, cap, financial uncertainty and next CBA reeking havoc with trades, etc.? Oilers seemingly in a closed for renovations mode .

    You would think the Oilers would be one of the few clubs others would be interested in trying to trade with , considering their overload of youngsters and talented but diminutive status . You’d think we would be inundated with trade proposal , etc .. Even doors to our AHL club seemed to be jammed when it comes to callups ?

    Makes you wonder if Oilers have AN OPEN FOR BUSINESS SIGN hidden away some where .

    Trades are few and far between this year on a league level , but you’d think Oilers and Islanders would be the target of many clubs when it comes to deals ?

    • I'm a Scientist!

      I like you. You make NO sense and get called out on it after each and every post, and yet you keep on posting the same weird things. I like to pretend that one day we will all look back at your ramblings and it will all make sense… probably when they legalize cocaine or something. Keep up your futuristic ramblebamble madjam! We will thank you one day!

      • Dyckster

        Look at you embracing Positive Wednesdays.*

        Having said that, you into the Koolaid already Scientist?

        @madjam does have some……jam though, don’t he.

        *Thinks MAYBE SuperComputer typed Scientist’s post without Scientist’s intervention.

      • Ender

        Scene One: Family kitchen

        Daddy: Here you go, Sweetie. Some nice pretty markers to color with. Now color nice in your coloring book while Daddy finishes some things in the den, OK?

        Little Girl: Ooooooh! Pretties!

        [starts coloring busily in book]

        Daddy: That’s right.
        [to self] What a cutie . . .

        Exit: Daddy

        Scene Two: (the redecorated) Family kitchen

        Enter: Daddy

        Daddy: Hey, Cutie-Pie. How’s the coloring . . . WHAT THE HELL?!! What did you do?!! There’s marker everywhere! The wall, the . . . why would you color your face blue?

        Little Girl: Pretties, Daddy! I like blue!

        [loud and painful-looking facepalm from Daddy]

        Daddy: Oh my . . . what am I going to . . . your mother is going to be home any second . . .

        Enter: Mommy

        Mommy: Hi, Dear. How did things go . . . [trails off]
        You gave her the markers, didn’t you? Did last time teach you noth . . .

        Daddy [interrupts]: I thought it was harmless, and she seemed so cute, and she liked them so much . .

        Mommy: Yeah. I’m going back out. Call me when you’ve finished absorbing – and cleaning up – today’s little lesson.

        Exit: Mommy

        (tune in next week for the moral of the story)

        • John Chambers

          Seeing as how Ender has turned today’s blog into a creative writing class, here’s my attempt at creating a MADJAMian “ramblebamble”.

          Ahem ….

          When the apoclypse nears and the tides from Poseidon start to topple the shores, OILER FANS will realize that diminutive forwards and under-sized D-Men aren’t up to the task BUILDING A DYNASTY?!!

          HOW LONG can we go with no-nuts Tambelino and cohorts usurping power and grasping at the limited funds of OILER FANS to build a LAST PLACE team that is an ambarassment to to the City of Champions?? Why do we let prized freeagents go loose when we could be replacing our diminutive forwards with NHL-calibre talent, until then i suck my thumb and grab my blanky.

          *waits for pullitzer* prize nomination.

          **realizes a total of 4 people will actually read this and decides to celebrate accomplishment with a trip to Starbucks instead**

  • We’ve had our share of “special children” here haven’t we? Fever4Flames (ON V1.0), DeepOil, Madjam, WT. I guess the intarweb is the one place where the line between sanity and insanity is razor-thin at the best of times. Its the reason I don’t post drunk (here).

    Oh and best of luck to Martin Gerber, wherever he ends up. In another universe that kind of guts and perseverance would be the inspirational story of the year for these young Oilers.

    It would have been be the fabric of legends to see him walk in here, will the team to a playoff spot against all odds, then retire at the end of the year saying “I did what I set out to do. This chapter of my life is finally closed. I’m tired. I just want to go home now”.

    Instead we get to mull over “the process” and the relative merits of JFJ.

  • Oilers4ever

    You know the Alberta Hospital is just down the road from some of you guys.. I think you should go.. sounds like some need help. 🙂

    So is Khabby playing tonight then? Sucks… we need him to break a leg… one of the worst signings in Oil history.. the guy sucks…we don’t need him…

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    Makes one wonder if a U of A AI program is already posting here.