It would be a clumsy choice of words to say emphatically, "The Edmonton Oilers aren’t going anywhere," but isn’t that the obvious bottom line when it comes to the non-story hatched by QMI Agency Wednesday?

Dan Barnes of The Journal and others have already cut through all the smoke since the original "story" broke, an item that sent conspiracy theorists scampering for any shred of evidence Oilers owner Daryl Katz was wielding the relocation hammer in yet another power play meant to influence the new arena debate.

Oooh, Patrick LaForge and Kevin Lowe are in Quebec City . . . pluck a few quotes, mix in the broadest possible interpretation of those quotes and a "source" and you’ve got a story. Or not.

The only thing LaForge and the Oilers-Katz Group contingent were doing in Quebec City was due diligence in terms of getting a handle on the ins and outs of funding and how it might apply to Edmonton.

It was much ado about nothing, just like the silly angst voiced by Paula Simons in The Journal a couple days ago about the manner in which the Oilers staged a phone survey, looking for input from interested parties.

With the kind of public money Katz is looking for to get his project done, there’s plenty of room for debate and for taxpayers who’ll help foot the bill to ask tough questions, but a lot of the stuff I’m reading these days is laughable. Flimsy from the word go.

Not to mention shoddy, stilted journalism.

While I’m at it…

— A three-game sweep in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto? Anybody out there see the potential for that going into Hogtown tonight before this road trip started? I sure didn’t.

— Speaking of clumsy wording, has Dustin Penner pretty much shoved it up the backsides of his critics with the way he’s played on this trip? The big man had a lot of jump before getting the OT winner in Montreal.

— I didn’t see Penner as a match for Andrew Cogliano and Gilbert Brule, and that’s one of many reasons Tom Renney is an NHL coach and I’m not. Two speedsters with no hands and a plodder with great hands. It didn’t add up for me.

— Talk about the benefit of hindsight. The more I watch Devan Dubnyk, the more it becomes obvious the Oilers made the right call, putting him ahead of Jeff Deslauriers on the depth chart last summer. I didn’t see him being this good this fast. I didn’t see him being this good, ever.

— More Magnus Paajarvi alongside Ales Hemsky, please. Paajarvi was dashing and darting like it was pre-season all over again against the Habs. I’m guessing fans want Renney to take a good, long look at this combination to see if there’s something there. He should.

— Goals like the shorty Sam Gagner scored on Carey Price show he’s got the kind of skill that makes some fans project him as a 70-80-point player. If Sam had the physical tools and skating ability to match his brain and his mitts, they’d be right.


— I enjoy listening to Dustin Nielson and Kyle Chase on TEAM 1260’s morning show, I really do, but Chase’s ongoing butchery of the language we speak does provide unintentional comic relief.

Nielson was going on about the win in Montreal this morning and Chase agreed with his partner’s "analyzation" of events.

— I’m not impartial on this, but hasn’t Rod Phillips sounded pretty good so far in the Rod’s Classics he’s done? I like hearing, "He scooooooores!!!" when the puck goes in the net. Memo to Jack Michaels…

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  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    Has anyone else checked out some of the comments on TSN or Sportsnet regarding the Flames? I just did it for a lark during lunch and it is fun reading. Takes me back to fans whining last year with the Oil. LOL

    The biggest difference between a Flames rebuild and the Oilers rebuild is simple – the Flames have an empty cupboard in the system right now and an old NHL team with no cap room. I almost feel sorry for Feaster – he is inheriting a bigger mess than Tambi did.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    @Dave and postivebrontefan

    I know which guy you’re talking about. If you guys were listening to the Team 1260 during the World Cup, you’d notice his voice for introducing “Soccer Steeeeeeve”. Made me want tear my ears off.

    Now that I think about it, at certain times, it kinda sounds like Rishaug… Sorry.

  • I dare say on the Penner thing… more than once last night he finished his check, like skated into the guy who had dished it and thumped him against the boards. It was almost weird. I fully expect it to evaporate (as it always does) but damn BDP that looked good on you big stud!!!!

    I say that for every minute of daily douche’ we endure on Oilers lunch we get 10 minutes of Bill Watters ripping the leafs. Thats some good radio!

    Hey Robin….. Northlands is the City of Edmonton… true? As in one and the same. Perhaps I should ask DD… but I wont.

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    The only speedster with no hands on that line is Cogliano.

    Kyle Chase’s IQ is for sure in the mid-80’s.

    And I will eat my hat if the Oilers move to QC.

    The end.

  • As bad as yesterdays story was, isn’t it worse that the Sun had 4 stories on it as a follow up? A couple that paint the whole thing as the Oilers using underhanded tactics.

    If the Oilers were looking to play this game surely they would be use a location more believable than Quebec City.

    There are just too many ways that location doesn’t fit as an option.

  • Nice article Mr Brownlee. I agree and disagree.
    1. You’re right, Jack could learn a lot from Rockin Rod, say scores! when the puck goes in. Tell us what is happening on the ice. He has a lot of potential though, just like the young guys on the ice.
    2. Dustin Penner scores 30 goals a year and yet every journalist in this town can only rag on him. The guy scores 30 goals! Deal with it.
    3.Paula Simons must be buddies with Caterina the way she continually bashes Katz. Agenda-much?

    • Does scoring 30 goals once make Penner a 30-goal scorer?

      06-07 29 goals 07-08 23 goals 08-09 17 goals 09-10 33 goals

      Penner has averaged 25.5 goals over the past four seasons, but that’s not the point. Penner gets criticized for indifferent play in stretches because he’s shown he’s capable of playing at a higher level.

  • Oh, and you think that was a word slaughter by Chase? This is what I heard JG say the Friday before Grey Cup:
    “If Avon Cobourne doesn’t have a good game, Saskatchewans chances go up excrementally.”

    No word of a lie, replay the tape.

  • Mitch


    Loved the way the team has really come together on this trip. Many guys playing in hard tough areas winning them gritty battles. Happy for Gagner, i’ve been dam hard on him, nice to see Jimmy V playing better as well. My guess is Peckham will become on of the top 5 in the league for shut down dman by the end of the year.