Nothing to be upset about after tonight’s game local Ice Hockey Squadron. A shootout that lasted longer than some modern wars, coming back from a 3rd period deficit and letting the announcer at RX1 yell "Have-ee-BOOOOOOOO-lin" at least two dozen times in the shootout.

Yes, it was a small win for the ELPH movement tonight as the Oilers wisely forfeited a single point in the shootout. It won’t make a huge difference with the 9 points the dang team has seen fit to collect in the last 5 games – but every little bit helps in the drive for first pick in the ’11 Draft.


A special shout out to Ryan Jones after another solid outing tonight. As a waiver pickup, this guy and his seven goals deserve a special level of scorn. We are trying to lose games here Jones. You shooting the lights out doesn’t help a single bit.


  • Small celebration by Penner after scoring the tying goal? Taking a knee and yelling "whooo?" Who are you Sir and what have you done with the stone faced Dustin Penner we ragged on mercilessly two years ago? Dare we say you are actually having fun these days? Perish the thought.
  • Paajarvi-Svensson looked good again as he collected another assist. Looked dangerous all night too weaving in and out of traffic and taking "shots" on the "net."
  • Hopefully Horcoff isn’t out too long after a knee on knee hit with Corey Perry. He was limping pretty good as he headed off the ice. It was quite the collision as $11.875 in annual pay smashed into one another. Please leave any updates you may hear in the commentary below.


Here is an update regarding the injury to the C13.

Per our boy Bicepus Maximus:

"Sounds like they don’t even know what degree the sprain is, let alone if it requires surgery. So, naively I can say best case scenario is first degree sprain (much less than 8 weeks) or worst case, third degree (8 weeks or more if it’s severe). It’s more than an MCL sprain if he needs surgery."

Oh excellent. This will go nicely with Ales Hemsky on the shelf until heavens knows when.

*sighs so loudly that Movember begins anew immediately*