According to TSN "The Dustin Penner era in Edmonton is over."

The Oilers have pulled the trigger on a major deal, sending F Dustin Penner to LA for D Colten Teubert, the Kings First Round Pick in 2011 and a Conditional Pick in 2012.

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So before we all go out and immediately purchase Colten Teubert jerseys, hats and collectible stamps let’s take a summary look at who we are dealing with here. Remember that this is only the start of commentary that will "dig deep" and "find the real truth."


Colten Teubert is a 6 foot 4 inch D man whom the Kings took 13th overall back in the 2008 draft. He is currently playing for Manchester in the AHL. Hmm.

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Oooh! And he played for the Pats. And he has a Silver and Gold medal in the World Juniors. That’s something ain’t it?


Remember the fun we used to all have calling Penner a big blob of donair meat back in 2008 when he was underperforming on his massive contract? Remember how he has shoved it up our collective back side every year since?

We never quite knew what to make of ol’ DP, but it is clear that in going to LA and joining Smyth, Stoll and Greene he won’t lack for former Oilers Alumni to show him around the beaches of California if he cannot recall his time in Anaheim.

This trade is sure going to leave a massive hole in the goal scoring corps, a rather timid bunch to begin with. But on the other hand the Oilers have hella cap space to do something, if "doing something" is ever in the cards.

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  • Some oiler fans have a loser mentality. This trade sets the team back and for little benefit. We have to hope Stu can pull something out of his backside with a late pick. Teubert is the sort of guy that we have to be able to develop ourselves not trade our leading goal scorer for.

  • Peterborough

    “But on the other hand the Oilers have hella cap space to do something, if “doing something” is ever in the cards.”

    What are they going to do with all this cap space? The UFA pool is the shallowest it’s been in years. Who would want to sign here any way? We are the worst team in the league and this latest trade has cemented that fact.

    All we have done is make sure we have another lottery pick in 2012.

    • OH MAN. Now we have to pay attention to that too?

      Remember when we used to occupy ourselves thinking about key wins down the stretch and who the Oil might face in the first round?

      *remembers times from long before I was born*

  • John Chambers

    I had a thought today – LA sucked the hind banana for years, developing Brown, Kopitar, Doughty, and soon Bernier … they made a number of clever trades that saw Kyle Quincey, Tim Gleason, and Patrick O’Sullivan go out the door to return Justin Williams, Jack Johnson, and Ryan Smyth. They have a deep pool of propects that they dipped into today to acquire Penner.

    This was a long process for LA, beginning prior to the lockout. Not only are they likely to make the playoffs for a second straight year, their talent pipeline (Schenn, Voynov, Blah Blah Blah) will not just sustain, but accelerate their competitiveness for about a decade.

    They are a good example of how to re-build for the long-term. LA fans saw their share of talent-shedding – Pavol Demitra flipped for Patrick O’Sullivan in ’06, and Mike Cammalleri traded for what would eventually become … Colton Teubert.

    One day … maybe in 2013 or 2014 we’ll deal our picks and 4th or 5th best prospects for real NHL players. Until that day comes, Teubert, Marincin, Lander, and Curtis Hamilton will become NHL players who help compliment the Hall’s, Paajarvi’s and Couturiers (hopefully) that make up our young star-studded lineup.

  • Poetic Brief (In Honor)


    For all the times we called you the Fridge

    For all the times we scratched you from the roster

    For all the times you had to be from Horcoff to Hemsky, a bridge

    For all the times you were Pierre McGuire’s “Monster”

    We’re sorry.


    For all those times we called you “chubby”

    For all those times Craig Mac slapped you to a bench

    For all those times you couldn’t pave a path naturally muddy

    For all those times we wanted to chuck at you a wrench

    We’re sorry.


    For the fact the weather “is so damn fine”

    For all those people who called you curvsy

    For having to play on OUR goddamn third line

    For reason of seeing you in another jersey,

    We’re sorry.

    Although we’ll say “What’s gotta go must be”

    You know we’ll miss you, DP

    • Gold! I would like the Octane to speak this poem slowly before the next game.

      MacT’s treatment of Penner was professionally cruel, but done to try and mold some iron in his guts.

      Taylor Hall wants the puck, and is as exciting a player to see live as there is. i hope he scores 30 this year, and just might with more Power Play time. He will more than replace Penner on our top line.

      Ales is an Oil for life, I hope. I’m hoping a lot here: I know Hope died in Oiler Nation when Smytty wanted that extra dough and was given the Long Island treatment. Heck, even man crushes like Wanye’s legendary wood for that traitor Cole are understandable.

      As debatable and desperate the many poor moves made since Pronger’s Gambit are, the Oil needed this because our blueline is so inconcievably horrible. Remember Ryan Whitney, and pray. and hope. for his health. for us.

  • Peterborough

    Anyone watch that Detroit vs L.A. game last night. Shades of things to come for the L.A. Kings. The Kings got Penner and still didn’t get any faster. Detroit just skated them into the ice. Speed kills. L.A. is a good team, but so is San Jose and we know there playoff history. I guess the next question we need to ask is who will line up with Hemsky and Horcoff? Jones? Brule? Nashville is up tonight. Should be a really good game. 4-2 Oilers.

  • Rob...

    Any chance of getting a new page on Oilersnation that lists verified Oiler related twitter accounts?

    Twitter sometimes has some gems on it, but it’s tough to know if they’re legit. I’ve seen pages where the author claims to be Hall, Smid and others.

  • TheColt45Show

    I’ll never forget the Columbus game last year, where Penner, Hemmer, and Gagner made the most unbelievable comeback I have witnessed since being an Oiler fan. The standing ovation he received, I imagine that was a turning point in his opinion of his time here. Being at the game, it was a pretty emotional moment from what I could see, and seeing the big man on the big screen, you could tell it really touched him.

    That moment was and will always be my favourite Dustin Penner memory. I’m going to miss that big galute.