To celebrate an unlikely win against the Predators at home, capped off with Linus Omark making a sick move in the shootout – we present a concert in an alternate dimension where the Beatles are The Prodigy er – or The Prodigy is the Beatles .

Or something.



  • It’s debatable what was more exciting at one point: watching the arena staff fix the glass at the end of the second period or the game itself.
  • Tacking a minute and change onto the third period meant only one thing at RX1: beers could be purchased after the second period intermission because technically the period wouldn’t come to an end until after the intermission. If a vendor had tried to shut down the beer station at the end of the 1.5 intermission we would have called for all the police in the place to come defend our civil rights.
  • Sick goal Omark. Seriously sick.
  • It’s good to see ol’ man Gerber back between the pipes. Are we wrong or is he 3-0 now? OOOOWHEE!
  • book¡e

    This is for the Suggestion box – The Game day Post should have a special place at the top of the thread for the entire game day. It was buried on page 2 by the time the game started.

  • Golden Seals

    Great you tube clip. I think that was my mom being carried away by the cops.

    2 sucky periods but a good finish. Time to patent the Omark 2011, the official jock strap remover tool of the NHL.

  • canucknnv

    where are the podcasts Wanye. ELPH has no credibility without Lowetide on the radio. FYI I prefer my podcasts via google listen.

    Uncle Lowetide is the calming voice here in the nation and we need him 24/7 or just on saturdays. I’m hoping for @eklund for a guest, He should be able to lend insight on what was on the table for pdp. According to my calculations we would be 64-0 if we had played Martin the magnificent all year. oh what could have been. keeping rambling until the ambien wears off.

    so how about that youngster petiot? looked like a younger brent seabrook out there 😉

    i think the problem with the hall/eberle situation is the centerman. I like cogs but his brain and hands cant keep up with his feet. put the whole line in disarray all night.

    ok, start butchering me

    • a lg dubl dubl

      Hellz no!! signed a 2 way contract.

      *sidenote* kinda hope ST resigns him again in the off-season, just because i dont think JDD is gunna be re-up’d and who else can play in OKC

      • canucknnv

        i hope they give gerber a contract, i like him, he plays good and the team gets it done in front of him. the clock is ticking on him tho. If nothing else i hope he sees the nhl next year if not with the oilers

      • danjo1

        Yes he does have to clear waivers. A 2 way contract makes no difference on a player’s waiver eligibility, it’s a combination of age and games played.

        2 way contracts only determine how much they get paid when they’re playing in the NHL or AHL.

        • BGH - Team SQUEEE

          I believe you are partially correct.

          You are correct on the 2-way contracts. They have no bearing on waivers, only salary.

          Gerber though does not have to clear waviers. AFAIK, it has to do with him not playing in the AHL/NHL for the past couple of years which makes him exempt for this year. Something like that.

          I am sure there is some who know the legalities of the CBA who can shed better light on it then me.

        • book¡e

          But he does NOT have to clear re-entry waivers due to his not playing in North America last year and he does not have clear waivers for an emergency recall.

  • John Chambers

    Dear Wayne,

    Thank you for clever mash-ups and optimism in the dying days of the war. It reminds me of a time I once pilfered a Hershey bar while in a POW camp … a short respite from the harsh and brutal realities of captivity.

    Perhaps a Nation pilgrimmage to the Oracle at Baekdu Mountain is in order this summer for meditation and wisdom on how to approach another half-decade of playofflessness. We have said adios to the jolly fat man, and I fear that the supreme leader will be fooled into surrendering sir Ales for vines that will bear sour fruit.

    Although I have ambitions for revolution, I have taken to much drink in order to suppress my rage at our plummet south of mediocrity. Maybe we’ll see something weird like the signing of Tomas Kaberle this summer to placate the fanbase, and we’ll all gleefully fall over in foolish lubricated stupor like the rubes they want us to be.

    Until then I support a final quarter of ELPH. At this point hara kiri is the only honorable option. Left in the hands of Master Magnificent, there might actually be … Hope.

    Your friend, John Chambers

    • An eloquent comment to be sure Master Chambers.

      The funny thing about the Oilers these days is that it seems that the team and the fans have increasingly little to do with one another.

      The worse the team gets the busier the Nation becomes. I don’t think that the majority of the people who come here actually equate the success of the team on ice to the enjoyment of screaming and yelling about it all.

      The best thing about all of this is that you can cleanly split “the current squad” with being a part of the OilersNation.

      If we ultimately get our collective act together as fans and can speak with a collective voice in sufficient numbers we can wrestle the team back from the current overlords who have besmirched its current form.

      They may run the team, but they are employees. At the end of the day, the fans believe in something bigger than “what Steve and Kevin have planned.” In the end, we will prevail.

      The war my friend has but begun.

  • danjo1

    …another awesome youtube gem Dubya…and for me a gem truly awesomer than even the OmarkianOnes’ tally in the shootout 4thewin…

    ~plus&please …have you no more love for “the ‘ol man” between the pipes than that?…”elder statesmen from the Mighty A” that go three and oh in The Show must command more love than just ‘ol man~

    no ?

    • O.C.

      Roli just texted that it’s good to see one of the kids on the oilers get his third win.

      (back to trying to figure out Wanye’s “right click” solution on a touchscreen)

    • Horcsky

      Easy now. Of Gerber’s 37 saves, most were about the same quality that the Oiler forwards usually generate if you know what i mean 😉

      I gotta say, I liked Petiot last night.

      • Kodiak

        I agree Petiot had a real solid game. He looked very poised.

        The player that really stood out for me was Ryan Suter. That kid is a stud. I hope Nashville misses the playoffs, they struggle financially and can’t re-sign him when he’s ufa the end of next season. He would be an amazing pickup.

    • fuck off

      Mr. Applesauce hasn’t faced much in the way of competition. Ottawa (2nd last), Avalanche, and now Nashville are his victims. Last night the quality of shots against him weren’t that high of quality as the Preds shot from all angles. However, 10 points isn’t that great of a difference and Super Bowl definitely dropped the last place Oil down early for a lot of games that the team were ready and wanting to compete for.

      So…. maybe

  • smiliegirl15

    Was at the game last night and happy to see Paajarvi step up his game. He was everywhere. I was also happy to notice Cogliano won a few faceoffs!

    How long is Hemsky going to be out with this shoulder injury? I miss Penner.

    • Hemmercules

      Paajarvi looked a little lost at first but got better as the game went on.

      When Hemmer left the game I felt sick. I hope it isn’t bad, the Oil have bad luck with shoulders. Edit: Not sure what his injury was, read it could be a few different things

      • Kodiak

        I thought Paajarvi looked ok but he needs to shoot the puck. He tried way too many slap passes instead of ripping it and getting rebounds. And was it just me, or did it really seem Hall was in a bit of a pout because he wasn’t playing on the top line? Whatever the reason, he had his worst game as a pro IMO. Played uninspired hockey like some Penner guy seemed to play quite a bit.

        Hemsky hurt? I don’t believe it. Good thing he’s almost a point/game player. (where’s the eye roll button?)

        • Hemmercules

          Hall did have a quiet game. It seems Renney likes to have Hall with Eberle so I’m not suprised they tried MP on the top line. Renney also said it was just an experiment so I’m sure we will see a ton of line combos over the final games. This team badly needs a better centerman, I just can’t see Cogs holding it down long term and Gagner may never be that first line guy.

  • Hemmercules

    Have to agree the first two periods were really boring but the last period and omarks shoutout move made up for the game. Anybody else annoyed with the trap they use. It is so ineffective and it slows down the game. I don’t get why renney doesn’t use the players speed and forecheck and force turnovers.

  • fuck off

    Also, last night was the FUGLIEST WIN EVER!!!

    Not even 3 minutes into the third period I was waiting for the home team to loose even though the game was still tied. There isn’t enough kittens in the world to kill that would amount to how tragic last night’s game was!

  • Hemmercules

    So apparently they offered Jones another contract on the 27th and he denied it. I’m suprised they didn’t dump him for a pick like Brodziak. Says he wants to stay but obviously he didn’t like the pay or term. Sorry if this has been mentioned already.

  • DoubleJ

    Jones better not make more then 1.5 mil. I’d throw Glencross 2.5 mil. I love what he does. He’ll probably get more then that. He wants to be in Alberta.

    Gagner needs to be in between Hall and Eberle. Cogs doesn’t work with those two.

    What did Brule do to get all the top 6 minutes? Omark and the fourth line pretty much gets benched in the third and then Renney asks him to win the game for them in the shoot out.

    I don’t understand the coaching of this team. It sure seems like they are coaching for last place hockey.

  • book¡e

    You think the rangers would trade Chris Drury for Sheldon Souray.

    There are rumours that Drury is headed for a buyout next year. He’s got a 7M cap hit but his salary is only 5M, which is 500K more than Souray. We would spend that on a 4th line C anyway and we don’t need the cap space next year.

    Maybe it could work out for both teams.

    Lord Know’s we’ve needed a RH Center for a long time.

  • know that Hall’s line got benched for their error on the Nashville goal, but holy cow did Foster get SCHOOLED on the play. He and Strudwick must be the worst pairing in the NHL.

    Didn’t get the ice time bump for Brule either – he made a couple horrible turnovers and looked more effective when he had Jones banging on the other side. If the coaches are glued to Hall and Eberle together, I’d like to see what Omark does for a game or 2 with Hemsky – double dangle with Horc doing the grunt work in the middle. MPS skated miles but couldn’t find any lanes last night