At this point in his NHL career, Linus Omark might want to consider leaving the pissing and moaning to opposing teams and goaltenders frustrated by his ridiculous displays of skill in shootouts.

What he need not do 33 games into his tenure with the Edmonton Oilers is take little public digs at his head coach because he’s upset about lack of playing time and other matters he doesn’t control.

That’s what it sounded like Omark was doing to me in his painful-to-watch interview with Sportsnet’s Gene Principe after his shootout goal beat Nashville 2-1 at Rexall Place Tuesday. Omark slipped in a remark about being "cold" as Principe tried to pry something out of him.

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While I stand to be corrected, I read it as a gratuitous poke at Tom Renney, who saw fit to keep Omark on the bench for most of the third period and play him just 8:53 on the night as a fourth-liner alongside fellow creative giants Liam Reddox and J.F. Jacques.

I could be wrong — I’ll ask Omark, but there’s no way he’ll fess up, even if I’m right — but I think not. It’s not a big deal, but even so, Omark didn’t do himself any favours.

Yes coach . . .


I’ve got no issue with players speaking their mind. Hell, it’s great for the business I’m in. I had no problem with Omark sounding off after training camp when he made it be known he wasn’t the least bit happy with being sent to Oklahoma City. I didn’t think he got a fair shake.

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Renney didn’t have any problem with it either, as he’d later say after Omark talked about "politics" playing into the decision. The call certainly wasn’t made on performance in camp and pre-season, to be sure, even if politics was a bit of a clumsy reference. Still, Omark had good reason to be disappointed and he had his say on the record.

Tuesday was a little different, in my estimation. The Oilers had just won on another dazzling Omark goal that had Pekka Rinne moaning and Principe was looking for some reaction by the guy who scored it.

I can see why Omark would be unhappy about his ice time, especially with fellow Swede Magnus Paajarvi being promoted to first-line duty while he was stuck with Reddox and Jacques — not a fit for a player with Omark’s skill-set — but that’s a conversation best held behind closed doors with Renney.


— I think we’ve seen about enough of Andrew Cogliano playing between Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle to figure out it’s not a match, despite limited success when they were first put together.

I thought we’d see Sam Gagner between Hall and Eberle when the puck dropped against Nashville, but Renney started him with Ryan Jones and Gilbert Brule. Maybe Thursday against Columbus.

I’ve got all the time in the world, as readers here know, for Cogliano because of his try, among other things, but he slots in as a third-line centre and penalty killer, not as a pivot for the likes of Eberle and Hall.

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— Hall is without a point in his last three games and, as has already been pointed out, got a little pine early against Nashville along with Eberle. Young and strong or not, Hall might have hit a bit of a wall here as far as fatigue goes. It happens with a lot of rookies who log as much ice time as he has.

— Interesting speculation by Sportsnet’s Mark Spector with Jason Gregor on TEAM 1260 today about the possibility of the Oilers taking a run at pending Nashville RFA Shea Weber. Why wouldn’t Steve Tambellini make that phone call at some point? Of course, it’ll take more than magic beans to get Weber.

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  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    On going after Weber; Tamebllini doesn’t make calls – he only takes calls

    On Cogliano, Omark; Something that was lost in the last few days with all the Penner discussion is that another prime opportunity has passed by and the Oilers did nothing to purge out one or a few of their small, skill type forwards that seem to be gumming up the works. Are we to believe that this rebuild will include keeping all of Gagner, Cogliano, Brule, Omark (even guys like Jones and Reddox who play a different style but offer no size)?

    We went through the whole deadline without a peep from the MSM about them getting a whiff of any of these guys being offered around. How do you fill holes when you don’t even have roster spots to use on them?

  • Kodiak

    I think Omark’s comment was less of a gratuitous poke at Renney as it was just the truth. He wants to play more. What’s wrong with stating that? And if you are thinking that should be kept behind closed doors, how do you feel about Renney publicly taking a shot at Dubnyk while explaining starting Gerber. Maybe that should have been left behind closed doors as well.

    I was all for Renney as coach, but I’m starting to seriously fall off that bandwagon. I’m not a Gagner fan, but why have him play with pluggers and Cogliano center Hall and Eberle? Why take shots at your rookie goalie publicly? Why not start your potential future starting goalie who has outplayed the veteran a lot more? Why not try line matching a little more to protect the young kids? Why not play Hall and Hemsky together more on the PP after they’ve had a bit of success together?

    I would love Shea Weber on our roster, but I honestly believe Ryan Suter isn’t far behind Weber. Not quite as big and physical, but a strong skater with great puck skills and sound defensively. Suter is UFA after next season and if Nashville antes up for Weber in the offseason, maybe they don’t re-sign Suter. Or better yet, maybe they re-sign and then trade him to us!!!!

    • Rogue

      I concur. When the Hall line was being fed their lunch against the Bruins, Renney did nothing to help them. Its one thing to call it a learning expierence, but as a player you know you are being embarrased. Coach should be making adjustments. Besides, I am getting tired of watching Cogs floundering on the ice, which I think is the biggest problem with that line. Cogs,Brule,Gags and Omark…. hopefully there is no more than 2 left here for the start of next year.
      And Omark….it seems that everything he says or does is magnified. Now that Renneys whipping boy Storts is gone, Omark has replaced him. Will the media make him the whipping boy too? Great. Maybe sit Cogs down and teach him HOW to actually use his speed or make a pass on a 2 on 1….successfully.

  • Kodiak

    The kid knows about 50 english words at the most, so I think its pretty difficult to read into anything he says.

    I think if they are going to interview him they should get MPS to interpret.

  • Kodiak

    Omark probably has some reason to be a little disgruntled. He’s demonstrated some tenacity on the puck and will soon develop into a regular useful skilled forward in the NHL. He’s probably outplayed several players recently including Cogliano and Gagner but has seen his playing time diminish. He made a veiled comment that I have no major problems with.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    I was going to say the same thing as RDS. When English is your distant second language, and your not even good at that, I wouldn’t read anything into that.

  • Kodiak

    Hmm. Good ear, Robin.

    I didn’t pick that “cold” remark up during that interview. Then again, Omark’s English isn’t very good yet. I’m wondering if the lack-of-English maybe resulted in him blurting that specific word out, making it sound worse than it was.

    Otherwise, that interview was painful, but not because of Linus.

    Principe’s a nice guy and a real professional, but I’m wondering if he is starting to make Sportsnet (and the Oilers, I suppose) squirm whenever he’s on live.

    Gene insists on asking long-drawn-out, rambling questions and I don’t know how the players keep from rolling their eyes. And if you’ve got a guy like Omark who has to listen to that and translate it in his head, it’s even more painful to watch.

    But, like I say, good catch on the “cold,” Robin. I never picked it up.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Re Gagner with Eberle/Hall. Going “by eye”/memory Gagner seems to play best with grinder type players that at least have enough offense to chip in. IMO. I liked him with Jones/Brule as well as with Cole and Penner. I always thought he seemed to be at his worst with Hemsky/Hall/Eberle.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I’ll take Omark, not so proficient with English (having been in North America for, like 6 months or whatever) actually appearing on tv and answering questions.

    Who does that not remind you of?

    Not so fast Mr. Hemsky!

  • offside

    I’m just throwing this out there, but could his comment be related to the weather, because it’s freezing out there?

    I didn’t pick that up in the interview, mainly because it was so painful to watch.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Tom Renney blows. stop defending “the sacred coaches authority” for a dude who plays favorites and biases based on garbage analysis.

    the dudes PP and PK teaching has been pathetic since he showed up. who is going to sit Renney? this year is a wash, quit trying to be a disciplinary coach with dudes who just entered the NHL. “ill show this youtube kid who just won us the game about playing hockey. look at the amazing work im doing here coddling the good Canadian Celebrity Boys who are pretty underwhelming for their draft pedigree. maybe i can watch Taylor Hall blow more 2-on-1 attempts, wipe out because of bad balance techniques or shoot high on the goalie from 20 feet out for an easy save. ooo’s and ahhh’s from the crowd as it smashes the glass.”

    why put Sam Gagner between Eberle and Hall? Gagner is seriously on par with Rob Schremp when it comes to playing hockey. he floats into the zone and heads for the perimeter. loses puck battles constantly. has no range with his stick for puck protection and his skating is too slow footed in tight areas to avoid defense. but of course he’ll be a 60-70 point player one day getting through all those obstacles. if he does, it will be because stud linemates are doing more work than he is.

    • Zamboni Driver

      I don’t agree with anything you say here about Hall (he’s only 19, and has 20 goals, I’ll take that).

      I do, however, agree with the Gagner experiment. “Gags” (Worst. Nickname. Ever.) is, to me, the ultimate in Edmonton fans/media grossly over-valuing a player. He’s good at exactly nothing, can’t shoot, can’t skate, can pass a little…was good for about 3 days in shootouts (3 years ago), and to top that off, he’s 5 foot f-all.

      I was saying you can’t have both Cogliano and Gagner on a team that will be competitive because of their size. I’m now of the belief that you can’t have either.

    • Westcoastoil

      To say that Tom Renney blows is ridiculous, and you’re the typical Oilers fan that after a year wants management to look for other options for the coaching staff. Everyone complained about MacT and Pat Quinn because they didn’t have any success. I think it’s time to realize it’s not the coaches fault buddy.
      The team is going to suck for an extended amount of time, live with it.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Renny may or may not be a good coach, that remains to be seen. With the talent level he has been given to work with I highly don’t Scotty Bowmen would do any better in this situation. Tambo I believe is wishful thinking in hoping this fanbase will wait around for 5 more years for playoffs. Time to take this thing out of reverse, put it in drive and make some moves to move forward. With the penner trade we have not even reached ground zero yet. We need a Goalie, 3 defencemen of NHL quality and 3-4 forwards over 6ft and 185lbs. That is allot of work to do. Relying solely on the draft is a crapshoot.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Linus’ hasn’t mastered the English language or how to deal with the media imo. I think some slack should be cut for him. If he said something about working harder to get top-line minutes, that would be more diplomatic. If he is here for awhile he will know how to give standard interview response.

  • geoilersgist

    Renney should move Hall back to center and have Omark and Eberle as his wingers for a couple of games and see what happens. Hall seemed to handle playing centre earlier but perhaps he was to good at it and we must finish 30th…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The kid’s fine, give Linus more icetime during this Death March to seasons end and he’s a happy camper.

    Why let Coulton Tuebert spin his wheels in the AHL when he can come here and play King of the hill here defending his teamates. With K.Lowes 4-6 yrs away from hockey that matters, why not let him learn at full speed rather than in the slower AHL. If he was dubbed the right handed Chris Pronger, what is there to lose, lets have a looksee at the Oil have purchase here with Colten, toughness is an issue up here.

  • I’d be more inclined to talk to Jay Feaster about Bouwmeester. Calgary has long been disappointed with the offensive performance of J-Bo for the hefty price tag and term (6.68 to 2014).

    He was one of Daryl Sutter’s signings and Feaster could back away from it if ownership would let him. Given the lukewarm (at best) reaction to J-Bo’s performance offensively and Calgary’s cap hell we could probably get him for less than Shea Webber would cost in terms of prospects.

    I think J-Bo is a beast and would be a fabulous defenceman to have on the squad. He is overpaid in terms of what he brings offensively but not that much more than what Shea Webber will be getting. He’s from the Edmonton area so presumably that wouldn’t be a huge issue for him to come home. The D looks a whole hell of a lot better when you have a guy that can play 30 minutes a night and chip in some points who is entering his prime rather than waiting for yet another draft pick to mature.

    Offer Souray plus some picks (not as many as you’d have to give with an offer sheet though) and there might be some interest. Souray could play some top 4 minutes in Calgary next year and the expiring contract would really help Calgary out given the number of vets that they have with big hits and NTC’s. They have also signed Mark Giordano for $4M plus and with the cap hits for Regher and Sarich they have waaay too much money tied up in the D when they don’t have anyone who can score. They won’t be getting Tanguay back for $1.5 next year either.

    Essentially it gives the flames a do-over on J-Bo’s big contract and given what their future looks like they might be inclined to consider it to get out from under the cap mess that sutter created. We take on more salary but we do have room (although it might be getting tighter when the ELC’s end on Eberle and Hall).

    He has a NTC but I think he’ll be able to see the difference between the Oiler’s future and the Flames future for the next couple of years.

    Then all we’d need was a goalie (Nik to the KHL and look at FA options) and another centre who could win draws.

    Maybe I’m on crack but the new GM in Calgary would have a chance to fix some of Sutter’s mistakes but it would give a huge and immediate boost to the rebuild here.

        • They did, despite his contract. They then proceeded to have to move out talent because they have over 7 million committed to a second pairing defenseman. I would rather win because of solid planning than win despite poor planning.

          You mistake my belief that Campbell has a terrible contract with the belief that he is a bad player. He is not.

          Bouwmeester is also a good hockey player, but he is not nearly 6.68 million dollars good. Ask Mike Peca 🙂

          • He isn’t 6.68 M good. I never said he was. If we can afford the cap space and it speeds up the rebuild why not do it?

            If we had a collection of guys who were outproducing their contracts and we looked like a winner there wouldn’t be a need for a rebuild.

            last I heard we were in last place.

          • Westcoastoil

            I agree that Bouwmeester isn’t quite worth 6.68, but he’s not overpaid by much and we have the cap space. Unless you draft one, I don’t think you can get a steady 28min. defenceman who can skate and move the puck for much less – certainly not if you’re Edm. Plus after this season he has 3 years left which is a nice time line for the likes of Marincin, Petry, Tuebert and whoever else.

        • I see. I admit he is marginally cheaper, and he is younger.

          I’m not convinced he is that much better than Campbell.

          Since Bouwmeester left the SE he has not been better than Campbell as far as I can tell.

          This season he has put up less points in more minutes and 15 more games played.

          Campbell leads his team in +/-. Bouwmeester has the fourth best +/- among just the Flames defense and has the same +/- as Staios.

          He also gets 50% more PP time than Campbell and despite his extra 15 games has produced the same number of points on the PP.

          Please tell me what it is exactly that he brings that is so much better than Campbell. Maybe you could also tell me what it is he brings that is worth anywhere near his 6.68 cap hit.

          • Do you think there might be some more offensively gifted players playing on the Chicago squad than on the flames? That gets you a ton of second assists.

            I’m in Calgary and I see Bouwmeester a ton. He’s not going to get you much for points (and that why he is overpaid) but he plays excellent positional hockey and is a good puck mover out of his own end.

            Plus minus is a pretty misleading stat especially when you compare Staios to a guy playing 30 minutes a night against the other teams best players.

            The point wasn’t about J-Bo being better than Campbell (although I think he is). The point was that if we can get a solid D-man who is still in his prime without giving up to much (other than cap space which we have at the moment) wouldn’t that help speed up the rebuild?

            EDIT: Especially when the option being trotted out is making an RFA offer sheet to Shea Webber which would cost us plenty in terms of dollars and in picks. If you can get Webber lite (SW is better than J-Bo but oth would fill similar needs) while giving up less for picks and a bit in terms of cap space why wouldn’t you?

          • I am also in Calgary and am even a season ticket holder. (I hate the Flames but I love going and cheering for every single other team in the league) I have seen him play more than enough to know that I don’t want him for any amount over 4.5. You simply cannot pay a 25 point defenseman almost 7 million a year.

            I would like to point out that, although you keep saying it, he doesn’t play anywhere near 30 minutes a game.

            I would also like to point out that the Hawks have only scored 8 more goals than the Flames. Besides, if he is so much better than Campbell it shouldn’t even be close, especially when you consider the differences in playing time.

            I know your point wasn’t about him being better than Campbell. That is why my comment was addressed to someone else.

            Bouwmeester is not Shea Webber light. He doesn’t bring half of what Webber brings. He would be good as a teams second or third best defenseman. I wouldn’t want him in any role bigger than that.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            – He’s on a short enough term that I don’t worry about his cap hit.

            – We’ve seen how easy it is to shed salary if need be.

            – The cap stayed stagnent or went up during two of the worst economic years in the last 80. I’m confident it’s going to continue to go up (and probably closer to the double digit increases of the first 4 years then the stagnant last few years)

          • I don’t need to look. I looked before going on about 30 minutes a game.

            I’d actually really like to know your point about the big minutes. Are you claiming that big minutes equals great player?

            Pitkanen plays the 7th most minutes per game, why don’t we just bring him back? I’d rather have him than Bouwnmeester, he only gets 4 million. We already have Whitney who plays the 8th most minutes. Hell, Tom Gilbert is 14th.

            I love that you point out he plays more minutes than Webber. He must be just as good then right? It couldn’t have anything to do with team depth at the position or anything could it?

            If anything his high minutes exposes his problems. Can you tell me how many of the 30 top min/Game players have less than 20 points? Two. Bouwmeester and Phaneuf both have 18 points, and Phaneuf has played 18 less games. Maybe we should get Phaneuf too.

            If Calgary will take Souray for him then fine.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            From limited viewing I would say he’s far better defensively and plays a low risk, positionally sound game (like Horcoff for example). I would bet most coaching staffs would agree.

            I could care less if he’s worth 6.68 million. I want the best team that we can get for 60 million, not the collection of best contracts.

    • Westcoastoil

      Your suggestion makes a lot if sense and there are probably a few ways to make it a good fit. Seabrook just got $5.8, and I think Keith at $8M is a far more accurate comparison to Weber. J-Bo at $6.8 might be a bit of an overpay, but probably not much and you’d have to overpay a player to come here anyway. It’s worth noting too that, outside of Iggy, Tanguay and Bourque there isn’t much offense up front for Calgary which may have a slight impact on J-Bo’s numbers.

      Problem 1) It doesn’t appear the Oilers are at all motivated to shorten the rebuilding time line. The idea of a playoff team on as many ELC’s as possible looks to be part of the plan.

      Problem 2) Do they really want to help Calgary sort their mess out faster?

      • I doubt Tambo would ever consider this. If they don’t want to speed up the rebuild faster than the 4-6 years they’d never look at something like this. If there is interest in Webber then this might be a cheaper option in terms of what would be given up.

        I get not wanting to help Calgary sort out its mess but it is a win win situation for us. If they weren’t in the mess there would be no way you could get a player of Bouwmeester’s quality for Souray and magic beans.

        • Westcoastoil

          True enough. If it can get you out of Souray and not much else it’s very much a win win. I think there is zero interest though in getting better sooner rather than later.

          How awesome would it be though to see Souray in a Flames jersey next season. He could sit next to Iggy on the plane and everything.

  • jaicee

    Hey Robin,

    What is your take on the Oilers sending down Hall, Eberle, Paajarvi and Omark to the AHL the last 10 games to ensure a good play off push for the team?

    Can they do that?

  • A tad simplistic no?

    I already said he was overpaid. If you can afford the cap space I’d rather have someone who can play now and be dominant for a few years rather than picks and fairy dust that may or may not turn into a D man 4 years from now. That speeds up the process for the rebuild.

    J-Bo is better than Campbell for starters and is about 500K a year less. The problem with Campbell (besides being overpaid) is the contracts on the rest of the team that give them no flexibility:

    Hossa 5.233M until 2014 Toews 6.3 M until 2014 Kane 6.3M until 2014 Bolland 3.375 until 2014 Sharp 4.2 (until they have to ship him off because they can’t afford him) Seabrook 5.8M until god knows when Keith 5.51M until 2014

    We don’t have that situation here even if we have to pay Eberle and Hall bigger dough at the end of the ELC (Horc’s contract notwithstanding). Pajaarvi doesn’t look like he’ll be super expensive thus far.

    Hell, we could even make a pitch for Campbell and give up next to nothing for him. if he was anywhere near the player J-Bo is I’d do it but I think that Bouwmeester presents an opportunity for both teams to help themselves.

  • Just wondering-if Renney is a better “suited” coach for this team, why is it that Quinn did (marginally) better with way less skill and a “poisoned” room? Let’s not forget, Quinn lost his starting goalie, best player and best defenceman and it looks like he’s going to finish with a better record and more points than Renney(I know there’s still some season left and that statement could turn out to be false). The message from upstairs HAS to be coach to lose because I would have never thought Renney would coach himself out of so many games this year.(Lord knows when Quinn heard what the plan was he told them to “suck the hind banana” and he was shown the door). Does anyone think we could have been better off leaving the old dog run the show and let some of these players get used to him before changing it up again? What’s the over/under on how many coaches Gags and Cogs have before their time in Etown is up?-Just wondering

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Omarks comments made me laugh. Really would blame the guy to try and improve his game or the team by playing with that useless player known as JF Jacques. I would say its cold outside as well.

    • VMR

      Tencer is saying Cogs is between MP and Omark, what is going on Robin why is Cogs getting more of an offensive chance over Gagner. Gagner is between Jones and Brule I thought that the Oil saw gagner as a #2 centre but in the last 3 weeks he’s been past by Cogs. Gagner hasn’t played with Hall Eberle except on the PP….Why? And now Cogs goes between Omark And MP Why?

    • Kodiak

      I’m just happy Hall and Eberle are back with Horcoff. The kids have really struggled defensively of late and hopefully Horcoff is able to bail them out a bit better than Cogs was.

      PJ, Gagner and Omark are an interesting trio. Will probably end up with lots of exciting rushes and passing…….and zero shots!

  • I appreciate Omark’s frankness (media savvy or not). I agree with Brownlee that he likely should have had a private conversation with Renney about that, but that doesn’t appear to be his style. It’s nice to see a litle raw honesty from time to time.

    The Oilers lines post the Penner trade were a disappointment to me as well. Given the chemistry that Hall has shown with Hemsky I’d rather pair them together with either Gagner or Horcoff.

    Cogs just doesn’t seem to mesh with Hall and Eberle. Having said that I wish the coaching staff would spend more time experimenting with lines and chemistry. We need to have a better understanding about what pieces fit together and what pieces are missing.

    List Wish List:

    1. See more of Hall at Center
    2. See more of Hall at Left Wing (with Hemsky)
    3. Leverage Horcoff to help mentor Paajarvi (it worked with Hall and Eberle)

  • VMR

    I think I disagree with you on this one Robin, for a couple reasons:

    First, Omark isn’t particularly skilled in the English language. No dig against him meant there. I mean, if I were asked something in Swedish (or hell, French), I’m sure my word choice would make me come across differently from what I intended in some instances. Perhaps if he were asked to expand, he would have explained that he was having a bad night, felt off, and wasn’t expecting to be called…

    Second, I think he is a little shy and uncomfortable with the attention he garners, particularly when it means speaking a language he isn’t proficient in, on television. From witnessing it firsthand when him and Pajaarvi were in a menswear store downtown on two occasions, I thought he was friendly but very reserved, while Pajaarvi is very talkative and easily the more instantly likeable of the pair. Course, that’s only been two instances, so fair enough if I’m wrong in my interpretation of that.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I’d like to see Taylor Hall between Paajarvi and Omark. See what happens when they’re trying to keep up with the center rather than waiting for him to make up his mind. Gagner tends to take the ice defenders allow him, Hall likes to ram it down their throat.

  • 9 Inches Uncut

    Shea Weber is a great hockey player. Sort of guy that any team could use. That said, trading Penner and maybe Hemsky this summer and then offer sheeting Weber seems like a dumb idea.

  • @TigerUnderGlass

    I had more points but for some reason the cyborg behind the scenes cut out the rest of my post.

    The gist of it was in response to this comment:

    Bouwmeester is not Shea Webber light. He doesn’t bring half of what Webber brings. He would be good as a teams second or third best defenseman. I wouldn’t want him in any role bigger than that.

    We aren’t even close to a good team. Getting a stud D-Man without giving up a huge wack of picks with an offer sheet on an RFA gets us closer to being a good team sooner rather than later. If we end up being the kind of team in 3 years that has someone like this riding the pine I’ll take it. That would be right around the time his contract comes up.

    Obviously you have a much better idea for how to speed up the process. I just haven’t seen it yet.

      • I also have a brilliant idea for speeding up the rebuild. Stop trading good players for junk futures.

        Finally something we can agree on!

        I’m not saying that big minutes automatically means you are a great player. Big minutes usually means you are one of the best options on your team.

        Anyone that has a top flight and fabulous defenceman isn’t giving them up for nothing. J-Bo isn’t the best out there but he is a pretty darn good defenceman. The reason I think we could get him cheap is because he is overpaid.

        My original suggestion was to trade Souray plus some junk picks for him. If the price is a guy who won’t be playing for you anyway, some lower end picks, and some cap space (which we have to spare) for someone who will automatically slot in the top two for us then I say do it.

        As I said above, we could do the same thing for Campbell too (and arguably give up even less) but I don’t think he has as much upside.

        We’ll have to meet at the whiskey to carry on the debate over beers at one of the next games!

  • DoubleJ

    I watched that last game. I don’t blame Omark for being pissed. Brule was out for over a month he gets a goal and all of a sudden he jumps past Omark on the pp. Then he bench’s Omark for the third. When his new fav misses in the shot out. He asks Omark to win the game for them.

    Brule was horrible on the pp. He didn’t know where to go he got in the way. Not because he sucks, but because he’s been out for so long.

    I don’t understand how Renney works. He seems to play favorites. There’s been way to many times this season where his decision making has been in question. I don’t think he’s the answer for this team.

    But I guess the goal is to get 5 number one picks in a row so maybe that has something to with his decisions.

    • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

      Every coach in the league plays favorites. Every team that losses 3-4+ games in a row has fans calling for the coaches head.

      This is not (nor has it been for years) a coaching issue.

        • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

          Here’s the problem: Fans seem to judge coaches by how often they do (or don’t do) what they feel would be correct strategy.

          “Hey coach X didn’t put his three best players together… I would have!!! Coach X must be an idiot”

          Coaching isn’t a process like building widgets where you insert piece A into piece B, and repeat.

          The vast majority of decisions that fans seem to question are decisions that coaches all accross the league make.

          • Kodiak

            Of course there are a lot variances when it comes to coaching, but there are also some pretty common sense decisions that haven’t been made that are being questioned, and rightly so imo.

            Hall/Hemsky light up the PP against Atlanta and then don’t see PP icetime the next game. WTF?

            Dubnyk’s numbers and performance have been head and shoulder’s above Khabi’s, and he is supposed to be the heir apparent, yet he rode the pine. WTF?

            I would bet 90% of coaches line match regularly. We have a group of very young players that would really benefit having a little protection with some line matching, yet Renney rarely if ever bothers to. WTF?

            I don’t think these questions are as transparent as ” why isn’t player X playing with Player Y and Z?” like you suggest.

          • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

            I’ll give you the goaltending rotation has been bizzar.

            Other then that though I’d bet if you scanned the rest of the league you’d find multiple coaches all doing the same things we find puzzling.