Do you think you can spot a champion? We certainly hope so because after the preliminary round, its down to the final five in the poster contest. And by five we mean seven.

But Wanye, that’s too many!

That’s what she said.


If the sight of Hall being traded to the Kings in 7 years doesn’t break your heart, then your heart into shards, it will soar in 2020 when Eberle brings Lord Stanley back to Edmonton.


Taylor Hall depicted as Zachary Ty Bryan is a severe enough insult that Number 4 may demand an immediate trade from the Mighty Oil. But with his wonky ankle and snap temper that has led him to fight oh so often? Forget about it. Also: Kevin Lowe has never looked better in a fetching red blazer.


Do you like this entry? Think it looks pretty slick right? Did you realize that HOPE stands for Hall, Omark, Pajaarvi and Eberle? How does it feel to have your mind shattered into cosmic dust?


Seamless integration of Tambellini’s face on to slap chop man. Check. Stinging satire of the rebuild process? Check. Phantom operators standing by to take your order? Check. Satisfaction guaranteed indeed.


What this entry lacks in words it makes up for in sheer SQUEEEEEE!. Look at all the l’il Oilers twirling about on their l’il ice walkers! Don’t you just want to put them in the back of your mini van and take them home?

Well due to strict Canadian anti-kidnapping laws you can’t. Pervert.


The first inclusion of Adam Larsson. Jaunty western outfits. Biting irony in the film credits at the bottom and the mysterious inclusion of Scott Hartnell? Yes, this is what the Knoll Brothers had in mind when they invented photoshop back in 1876.


A late inclusion in the contest, the fact four seperate parts of this picture made us laugh out loud – plus the uplifting image of the Cup under construction – gets this bad boy into the finals.


Only one of our finalists can have their lives changed forever with the $100 Gift Certificate from the good folks at Hudsons. We heartily suggest the finalists rally the troops and get their entry into the winners circle. Campaign promises? You betcha. Some sort of payola scam that will later haunt them? Why not.

You were right Notorious BIG. The sky really is the limit.