You wouldn’t believe it, except that you have been here the entire time. OilersNation has somehow turned into a big ol’ website and real companies want to talk to us to get to talk to you. It’s a good thing your ol’ pal Wanye was voted “most likely to fall ass backwards into mild success” back in Grade 4.

We have been preparing for this day ever since.


It would seem that Edmontonians have read a total of 3.4 million times since the site launched back in November 2007. It would also seem that this is of particular note to companies that are in the business of talking to folks online.

Of particular note, we have been having interesting chats with the Edmonton Journal and Post Media about working together. 

At first it was mostly about your ol’ pal Wanye working in the Edmonton Journal paper recycling centre. “Wanye” they began, “you seem to be familiar with scrounging for cans and bottles and what not. How about giving it a go on a commercial level?”


This turned into talks about what the Nation is all about, what we are trying to do and how long we plan on taking to get there. Despite the notable disadvantages of “not having any money” and “not having anyone in charge” we have managed to “trick the biggest names in Edmonton sports media into writing for the site” and stayed afloat for three long years.

Keeping the lights on involves selling ads. Selling advertising is one of the hardest parts of working for the Nation. You have to bang on every door in sight and most companies want to see “proposals” and “numbers” written on “paper.”

Despite having none of these, Brownlee, Gregor, Willis and the venerable Lowetide have written enough solid gold articles to warrant advertising dollars from some of the larger names around. Nearly a dozen companies have honoured us with their business despite the fact we are nobody and no business had ever heard of us.

But we have hit a wall in the growth of the Nation Network. OilersNation clearly floats the boat for the bills of the rest of the sites but we haven’t seen the same success in other cities. Yet.

If we want to start swinging our tiny internet wang around in the other Canadian markets it is going to take money. Much more money than we could ever lay our greasy hands on through selling ads.

The Edmonton Journal cauteously asked us what we would do with increased revenues. “Buy a rocket launcher and blow Oilers offices to Kingdom Come! Then buy all of the Jordan Eberle hair on Ebay!” came our shouted replies.

After several weeks of talks, they convinced us that dealing with a major media company could come to help our secondary goal of destroying workplace productivity in all six Canadian NHL cities with bigger and better Nations.



“Will you tell us what to say and do and force us to write that the Octane is God’s gift to mankind?” we mused aloud at a meeting. ‘In fact quite the opposite’ the Journal Brass replied.

‘We think that what all of you guys have collectively done is a very interesting website. We don’t want to tell you what to say, far from it. Instead we want to help you get further along your plan.’

Would a website that is being told what to do post this "the craziest video on YouTube?"



Ironically our advertising partnership with the Journal starts tomorrow. Assuming this wasn’t a cruel April fools prank planned months in advance, new advertisers will be appearing on site shortly.

There will be an ‘advertise with us’ link and any interested parties can contact the professionals over at the Journal about getting involved. Nothing changes for the existing advertisers whom we value more than they could ever imagine.

We would like to thank the Edmonton Journal for putting this partnership together. They are clearly so far above us on the food chain it isn’t even funny. The fact they took time out of their day to negotiate with the likes of us speaks to their vision for the future.



Hit it Bieber.

  • Puritania

    Once upon a time I worked in the Journal’s business office for a whole 7 months. It was a great job, great people, but the pay wasn’t consistent with my responsibilities.

    I realized quickly the traditional print media model was dying a death by a thousand cuts, as the Journal’s subscription base was diminishing and not attracting the 20 something cherished demographic. It was almost mission impossible convincing a generation that grew up on free interweb news that paying real money for a paper made any sense.

    So I left for more lucrative pastures, but I still subscribe to the Journal. Since it was one of the 38 or 39 investors that kept the Oil in town back in 1998, it was always going to have my loyalty.

    I’m not sure how a company that still relies on traditional print media advertising model is going to raise the profile and fortunes of this little website. I guess leveraging it’s reach through the Post Media Chain of papers will help. But I honestly can’t see the readers of the Calgary Herald would be interested in Oilers news in significant numbers.

    Regardless, if this is a good partnership with OilerNation, more power to you.

  • Puritania

    wow, this really makes my Cotton Eyes Joe!

    Congrats guys! Bring on the daly Sunshine Girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait a minute…you said the Journal right? Curses!

  • Puritania

    Wondering if I am the only one who start clapping, thinking..thats not so hard, bet I can beat that..then when the guy put it into third gear I was like…This guy is freakin Crazy bro

  • Gerald R. Ford

    ON should go on Dragon’s Den. They could hook you up with some serious cake.

    And why stop at hockey? See if you can shoe-horn your way into NFL markets. DallasCowboysNation sounds pretty good to me. Of course you would have to work more than 2 hours a day.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Congrats Wayne and the rest of the nation!! But why beiber at the end…WHY!!! Xzibit would have been much better with “get your walk on” but thats just me 😉

  • book¡e

    Wayne, i have serious questions. Questions that have gone unresolved for months now, and its eating away at me. What ever came of you smashing in your roommates car when he was away working? Did he kill you? Smash your car back? Dump in your shampoo bottle? Can you finally pay him back with your new mega bling dollars that are surely coming? Please, I need answers!!!!!!!

    • He was mega chapped and forced me to pay for the fender damage. Which I did.

      To all my fine friends commenting:

      You are all very kind. Obviously I add about 1% to the overall site – I have just been trying to provide the virtual clubhouse for all of the real writers to hang out with our fellow super fans.

      If Pokey K, bingofuel, Citizen Alpha and I hadn’t launched the Nation when it did, someone else would have put something similar in orbit. We got lucky.

      We are all very fortunate to have met all of you and made this wonderful interweb baby over the past 3 yrs.

      We cannot thank everyone enough.

      /rambling Oscar speech.

  • Maggie the Monkey

    Anybody else notice how Wanye is all “props to the Journal” and “props to the new advertisers” and “props to our writers” and “props to that YouTube guy who pulled his bottom lip over his nose”, but no props for us slugs who kept coming to this site everyday for years on end so that he could live in his new life of luxury? Typical. Dude climbs to the top and forgets about all the little people who helped build the steps.

    Oh – and congratulations Wanye and everybody who worked to take this site to the next level.

  • Twiggs


    i am unable to register for oilersnation because it says my e-mail is used and when i want to change my password it wont let me…confused?

    what edit/reply buttons?

    i seem to be missing something.

  • smiliegirl15

    Congratulations Wanye!

    Please don’t change what we love about this site – great articles sometimes based on statistics and numbers 90% of us don’t understand and opinions of the writers, whom we adore!

  • Jodes

    Speaking of the Pint, is the one on the south side in the old Purple Onion location?

    The last time I was on Whyte the Onion was closed, but there were no “coming soon” signs on it, thinking that the Pint might have been in a different local.


    • Yup! And speaking from personal experience, it walks the downtown location. Freaking huge inside and really well laid out. WAY better crowd and a PERFECT place to watch a game.*

      *From what I remember, which isn’t alot.

      • ubermiguel

        Same menu? Because the food is excellent at the downtown location. The table keg is great to share with a buddy before a game (when taking the LRT or a cab there of course).

      • Jodes

        Way better crowd? You mean from the Downtown location or you mean the Old PO crowd?

        Well I didn’t have a problem with the downtown location the two times I’ve gone.. I liked the layout (and besides, the 1st time I went we won two Oilers jersey’s and a pair of tickets to a game! lol) and almost everything about it. I’d prefer it to the phoneyness of some of the Hudson’s locations (cough cough Oliver Square cough cough) .

        The only problem I had with the Purple Onion layout was the bathrooms.. I really hope they made the downstairs larger to accomodate everyone. Are they still downstairs?

  • Ender

    Grats, Big Guy.

    It’s not your fault that it’s a rare bird indeed that can cheer for the sissies in red down Hwy 2, the feminine Frankensteins on the Left Coast, or any team East of ‘the Players Formerly Known as the Jets’.

    Look at it this way, though; things that people got beat up for admitting in the 80’s, now they have parades for. Give it time, and maybe someday soon people can actually come to a site dedicated to the Flamers openly and without shame.

    (Not me, though.)

  • positivebrontefan

    Congrats Oilers Nation!
    Thanks Wanye for giving us a place to vent.
    As a side note i make it a point to try and comment on something in each of the other Nation sites without trolling to much. Except for the Canucks Army site, I’m to damn jealous of what they currently have going on out west. Still cant party there though, no cups to put a drink into.

  • baai

    Congrats, Wanye. This website has become a daily stop for me ever since Lowetide wandered over. I love the radio show, so much, and I’m super excited to see where you can take your product.

    You’ve got a dynamite line up here and it’ll be interesting to see how it grows and how you guys adapt to being such big ballers. I just have one request:

    No Tencer, please. I turn off the radio (I’m a chump who doesn’t own a TV) as soon as I hear Rob Brown’s not going to be on the air after the games.

    I know he’s not a Journal asset, but I’m just being pre-emptive. Wanna get my “NO TENCER” t-shirt idea out there before you guys are taking baths in Lauriers.

    Come to think of it, “taking a bath in Lauriers” is a good tshirt idea as well.

    (draws slogan on undershirt with a ball point pen and giggles widly)

  • book¡e

    By the way – the Journal Flash adds are already bogging the site down. Can you tell them that they should get some pros to do their Flash work because the high school kids they hired are idiots and develop the most inefficient stuff ever.