Rising star Corey Perry is just now entering his prime years as an NHL player and he’s already a legitimate Hart Trophy candidate as a member of the Anaheim Ducks. Perry could have been, and should have been, an Edmonton Oiler.

In fact, Perry was an Oiler on paper in December of 2003, dealt to Edmonton with a first-round draft pick by Anaheim GM Bryan Murray for Mike Comrie — with the proviso by GM Kevin Lowe that Comrie and agent Ritch Winter work out a contract with Murray and that Lowe would have the opportunity to speak to Winter and Comrie before signing off.

After Winter and Murray came to terms on a two-year contract at $1.65 million a season, Lowe picked up the phone and informed Winter there was a condition to completing the trade — that Comrie make a payment of $2.5 million to the Oilers to "top up" the transaction.

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The deal came undone, Perry stayed in Anaheim and later in December Lowe dealt Comrie to the Philadelphia Flyers for Jeff Woywitka and draft picks that turned into Rob Schremp and Danny Syvret.

If Lowe only knew then what we all know now.


Fans will never forget the first three months of the 2003-04 season and the bitter split between Comrie and the Oilers. I won’t because I was the beat man at The Sun in those days and it was my job to be all over the story as it developed.

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I remember the frustration in Murray’s voice when I spoke to him on the phone after breaking the news about Lowe’s request for that $2.5-million rebate to complete the trade. It’s probably the best deal Murray never made. Quite the opposite, it turns out, for Lowe and the Oilers.

I guess it’s Perry’s hat-trick for the Ducks in a 6-2 win over the San Jose Sharks on Wednesday that’s prompted me to pick at that old scab today rather than keep kicking away at the dead horse that is Edmonton’s fifth straight season out of the playoffs.

Perry, 25, has 50 goals and 97 points and is a lock to be one of the top three vote-getters for the Hart Trophy this season. Nothing Lowe got from Philadelphia, or in any subsequent trades with the assets culled from it, even comes close.


When critics of Lowe, now insulated in the position of president of hockey operations while Steve Tambellini takes the heat, talk about the worst moves he made during his tenure as GM, they often cite the return he got in the Chris Pronger trade.

I always think back to the undone Perry deal, and what Lowe’s demand for that $2.5 million has ultimately cost this franchise. I’m not sure what the answer is exactly because it’s impossible to know how things would have played out, but, at best, it was not Lowe’s finest hour. I think it was his worst.

While it’s fine and good Lowe and Comrie patched things up on a personal level to the point where Mike came back for an underwhelming encore tour of duty with the Oilers, that’s cold consolation for long-suffering fans here and now.

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But I digress. Let’s get back to debating how much the Oilers should offer Ryan Jones in a new contract, or whether they should draft Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Adam Larsson or . . .

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  • Great read Robin. Just another example of the great job Klowe has done making this team the joke it is today. The only thing i can add is that had Perry come here he could have played with the number one center good ole Horcoff and been shipped out of town 2 years later when the Oil figured it was Perry not putting up the points not the fact that he was playing with a fourth line center.

  • If I recall, wasnt K Lowe initially asking for Joffrey Lupul, didnt want Perry, but Anaheim would not give up Lupul for anything. So we “settled” for Perry, but then this thing went 2.5M sideways because of cheap owners.
    I wonder if, had Lupul stayed put in Anaheim all this time, if he would have developed into more of a star and less of a Patrick O’Sullivan?
    Anyways, that K Lowe sure knows how to judge young talent. Please keep him away from the draft Robin. BTW, Robin, this Bobby Ryan is suspect as a prospect, don’t you agree with K Lowe on that one too?

    • Lupul’s career has been hurt by Injury more than any other factor. His lone season here (where he was moved prematurely) is a blip in the radar. His production per game played is significantly better everywhere he’s played since, but his body is breaking down on him. Patrick O’Sullivan is barely an NHL player when he’s healthy these days.

      I think it’s an unfair comparison.