L’il Wayne is one of our absolute favourites along with Justin Bieber, Jordan Eberle and the entire collection of Victoria’s Secret models 1987-present. Despite the fact that he wore Canucks gear last night in Vancouver, we know he didn’t mean it. And if he happens to wear an Oilers jersey tonight at the concert at RX1, we know he does mean it.

We just know.


How about that first round of the NHL playoffs? Another dandy evening of the ice hockey was played last night and mercifully Montreal wasn’t burned to the ground as a result of a round one victory. As any good rioter will tell you, the best destruction is fuelled by joy and not rage/disappointment.

As a result there were no major riots or incidents reported in Montreal last night. Good.

Speaking of riots we would like to take this opportunity to recap the win loss records of the Nation writers through the first round of the playoffs. 


T1 – Lowetide – OilersNation – (8-0)

T1 – Jonathan Willis – OilersNation – (8-0)

3 – Cam Davie – CanucksArmy –  (7-1)

T4 – Jason Gregor – OilersNation – (6-2)

T4 – Pat Steinberg – FlamesNation – (6-2)

T6 – Wanye – OilersNation – (6-2)

T6 – Kent Wilson – FlamesNation – (6-2)

8 – Thom Drance – CanucksArmy – (5-3)

9- Steve Lansky – TheLeafsNation – (4-4)

And now for the expert analysis.


My goodness. Who would have predicted that geniuses Lowetide and Willis would know something about the first round of the NHL playoffs? We certainly wouldn’t have seen that coming. Had our personal call for the Hawks to beat the Canucks in 7 come to bear fruit we would be doing a two step of superiority all over these parts today.

Instead we do the two step of being tied for sixth. Nothing wrong with being sixth though. Just ask PHX and MTL. They were in sixth place and will live to see another day in these here playoffs. Right?


Bigups to RossCreek for pointing us in the direction of the L’il Wayne pic at the top of the article. After we leave the concert tonight it will be straight to the TV to watch the Royal Wedding which if you haven’t heard will be aired tonight on the following channels:

  • Channel 2 
  • Channel 3
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 6
  • Channel 7
  • Channel 8
  • Channel 9
  • Channel 11
  • Channel 12
  • Channel 13
  • Channel 14
  • Channel 16
  • Channel 17
  • Channel 18
  • Channel 20
  • Channel 22
  • Channel 24
  • Channel 25
  • Channel 26
  • Channel 28
  • Channel 29
  • Channel 30
  • Channel 31
  • Channels 32-280
  • All HD channels
  • The NHL Network
  • Shaw on Demand

And so forth.

You get the picture. We won’t be this excited about a wedding until Mrs Jordan Eberle presents herself to be wed or if we ourselves walk down the aisle sometime in 2029*

*Unless we have something better to do. Like anything.