Tyler Seguin’s 2 goal, 4 point performance against the Bolts last night had the Twitters all aflutter with comments that the Taylor-Tyler debate is about to begin anew.

Even Ryan Whitney got in the business, tweeting Hall:

@ryanwhitney6: @hallsy04 what year was Seguin drafted?

Hall cleverly duelled the veteran to a draw responding moments later with:

@ryanwhitney6 Thanks whits. He’d be even sicker if he got traded for you

Look at that savage back and forth fighting between a veteran and a rookie. We sure wouldn’t want to be Hall come training camp! Just think of the hijinks!



Give us a freaking break. It’s fantastic that Tyler Seguin has gone 3-3-6 in two playoff games the Bruins have seen fit to dress him so far. That’s called a flash in the pan. Taylor Hall busted up his ankle trying to carry this awful squadron down the stretch. If he was playing in the post season he would have more than 3 games under his belt by the Conference Finals – believe that. 

Let’s take a look at the two rookies seasons head to head yet again:

Mmmhmm. And let’s break down those numbers even further:


One year after the Taylor Hall – Tyler Seguin race to the 2010 Entry Draft, the Oilers clearly made the right decision taking #4 with the first overall pick. He is clearly and without a doubt the better player between the two after their first year in the league and even if Seguin turns into a second half Fernando Pisani that won’t change.

Now if he wins the Stanley Cup in his rookie season part of Hall may wish he hadn’t been such an overwhelming favourite to go #1 in the Draft. But that is another story for another day.

Bottom line: Taylor over Tyler all day long. And Jordan Eberle recently bench pressed a 1973 VW Bus in week 2 of offseason training. No big deal.

      • Wax Man Riley

        I think that if Hall was healthy for the last quarter of the season, he would have went.

        He said himself that he didn’t think it would be appropriate to sit out the last quarter, then go to the WHC.

        Next year ….. look out though.*

        *Assuming the Oilers aren’t in the playoffs.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Next year ….. look out though.*

          *Assuming the Oilers aren’t in the playoffs.

          LOL! Oh… you are hilarious man!

          *wipes eyes… wonders if they are tears from laughing too hard, or tears from a 6th year having to watch the Canucks in the playoffs without his beloved Oil*

  • Wax Man Riley

    Using math by rickthebear, we can obviously see that Hall is better, since 52.4% of his points came from goals compared to Seguin’s 50%.

    Good choice Oilers.

    Although Archeologuy has a good point too that Hall has yet to even score a powerplay point. How does rickthebear‘s math work out then?

    Seguin…. wow.. still 50% from goals.

    Hall … 0% or 100% (depending how you think of it) of his 0pts are from goals….


  • Hall ann the way!
    Not only Hall, but Eberle, Pajaarvi and Omark all put up better numbers. Pajaarvi is the only one with more games than Seguin. Heck, if we even out players to match Seguin’s games played, we can even add Hartikainen to the list and O’Marra only a few oints behind. All in all we had 353 games played by 10 rookies and Boston had 289 GP fom 8 players. Boston had 5th highest goals for and 2nd best goals against….oilers 4th worst goals for and 3rd worst goals against. I like the team I have and would not give up any for Seguin. Would have been nice to have traded for the top 2 draft picks, but where would that leave us in 3 years….

  • Wanye you are just saying this because you decided to trade in your Tyler jammies for Taylor jammies after you came to terms with the fact that the Oil didn’t draft your favorite guy.*

    *other than Eberle of course

  • YFC Prez

    It should also be mentioned that Hall is a rock star and can handle being the face of the franchise in the fish bowl that is Edmonton. Not to sure if Seguin would handle the pressure as well as his media rival.

    • Bob Cobb

      Not hard to live up to expectations in this town, it’s a 30th place hockey team.

      Besides, it takes at least 3 years here before you are useless. See Gagner, Sam.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Stupid post. The premise that Wayne started with is false. They were not equal at the beginning, Scouts said Seguin upside was high, but nobody said Seguin was better than Hall at the moment.

  • bleedingoil

    To all the Hall doubters and Seguin bandwagoners.

    this whole thread is a JOKE! If you want to take snapshots or play the “hindsight is 20/20| card here you go:

    Pat Falloon was drafted 2nd overall behind Eric Lindros. Falloon had 59 points that year which wah also his career year. Pat who? Falloon, drafted 2nd overall like Seguin Falloon was eventually traded for…..Alexander Daigle. Alexander who? Daigle. Alexander Daigle, a former #1 pick, just like Hall. Daigle was drafted ahead of both Pronger and Kariya. Daigle had 51 points in his rookie year….same as Falloon, that was his rookie year. So I ask you this…#1, or #2…does it matter? It does if you picked Lindros or Pronger. But wait! Seguin had a great playoff performance, my bad. Enter Chris Kontos. Remember him? He once had 9 goals in 11 playoff games. Then 2 years later he scored 4 goals in 1 game! AMAZING. He had the same pace as Seguin in his rookie year and ended up playing for 9 NHL teams (with only one season scoring more than his rookie year of 15 points) He was down to the minors 5 times, played on 4 different Euroteams and Canadian Intl team 4 times and 5 different IHL teams in 6 years. I am not comparing Hall or Seguin to any of these players because they are both far mor superior players in today,s game, but lets get a few seasons under our belts and not have TSN top 10’s based on one good night. SO……I am not about to count my chickens before they hatch. We have Hall, Ebs, MPS, Omark and more. Check and see any other team that has that success. Player for player I would accept other arguments but when you look at the big picture, you cant look back. Hall is the stronger player on a younger, less experienced team who scored more points in less games and has a better resume to back it up. If you want to really compare them then make a trade and get Seguin in OilCountry taking passes from Hall and Ebs. Maybe then could he score more goals than Hall, but I am not holding my breath for that cause RNH has that spot locked down. Maybe in a few years we can look at RNH’s rookie year and compare that to Seguin’s.