Rumours of our demise on Twitter have been greatly exaggerated. But judging by the facts that we have returned to a 2-0 series lead for the Canucks, the rapture may be closer than we would care to admit.

Crazy good poster made by CanucksArmy writer Thomas Drance by the by.


The Bruins didn’t even deserve to be in the G2. Add in the injustice of the Burrows goal and one might think that there loss could have potentially broken the Bruins backs in these here Stanley Cup Finals. If ever there was a time for a good ol’ fashioned comeback this would be it.

Win G3 for heavens sakes Boston you owe it to humanity.

The Canucks just can’t win the Cup. Every fibre of our moral being says so. Our brother in Vancouver will become totally impossible to deal with, culminating in a violent throwdown at the Wanye Family Christmas: 2011 Edition*


And there is also this guy putting on a ghost donuting clinic. Big ups to @tricksnard for pointing us in its direction on the Twitters.

*Expected release date: Christmas 2011