I enjoy good radio and always have. I can’t get enough of it, be it a scintillating live call by a play-by-play man, insight from an analyst, a breaking story by a connected reporter, a commentary that bites or pulls at the heartstrings or simply a story well-told.

Great radio informs. It entertains and infuriates. If it’s real enough and hits close to home, it makes you laugh and makes you mad. It makes you think. At least it should. Most of all, it makes you tune in and listen.

As somebody who has dabbled in the wireless for almost 30 years — a newspaper guy by trade with a mug for radio but not the voice or pace to match — I’ve long envied those who are really good at delivering the goods with flair and insight and passion.

Good at it, I’m not. Informed? Yes? Opinionated? Yes. Gold for the radio vaults? Uh, no. Put it this way, I’m grateful Jason Gregor lets me co-host on his show on TEAM 1260 twice a week.

I know what I think of the sports talk shows and on-air personalities in Edmonton, where the first, second and third best programming options involve coverage of the Oilers and NHL, but it’s your take I want. Humour me or click through. As always, it’s up to you.


What show do you listen to most and why?

Edmonton Sports Night (Corey Graham)

Inside Sports (Dan Tencer)

Nielson and Chase (Dustin Nielson and Kyle Chase)

Oilers Lunch (Bob Stauffer)

Nation Radio (Allan Mitchell)

The Jason Gregor Show (Jason Gregor)

The Pipeline Show (Guy Flaming and Dean Millard)

— Other

Who is your favourite radio personality and why?

— Kyle Chase

— Guy Flaming

— Corey Graham

— Jason Gregor

— Bryan Hall

— Dean Millard

— Allan Mitchell

— Dustin Nielson

— Bob Stauffer

— Dan Tencer

— Other 

Who is the best interviewer?

Who is the best story-teller?

Who is the most connected show host?

Love him or hate him, who is your "must listen to" guy?

If you could make one change to sports radio programming in Edmonton, what would it be?


Now that you’ve had a season to get used to Jack Michaels, who assumed play-by-play duties from Rod Phillips on 630 CHED at the start of the 2010-11 season, what’s your take on him?

What’s your overall impression of the tandem of Michaels and Stauffer?

What do you like most about game night broadcasts?

What do you like least about game night broadcasts?

Listen to Robin Brownlee Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Jason Gregor Show on TEAM 1260.

  • big joe grizzley

    Love Stauffer and Gregor’s show but don’t listen as much in the summer months due to the lack of Oiler content but will listen daily when September rolls around.
    The one show I can’t stand is that morning show with Neilson and Chase. The only time I can listen is when they are on holidays.
    They are definitly the women’s hockey team of the station and by that I mean nobody care’s what they do or say. Trade them to 630 please.

  • Red-Tide

    Im the brass bonanza hater! That music DRIVES ME NUTS every Friday. Just seems so out of place on Gregors show! I get the reference and everything, just hate the sound of brass.

  • I listen to Oilers Lunch the most because of the information/misinformation provided.

    My favourite personality isn’t local.

    Best interviewer is Ross Mcleod

    Kyle Chase has good stories

    Stauffer has the most connected show.

    If I could change one thing it would be the addition of either Sean Pendergast or Travis Rodgers from Sporting News Radio. They’re a huge reason Jim Rome’s show was so successful.

    • You have rambled lots about Rodgers and Prendergast. Give it up. Rome’s show is good because he is the host. I haven’t seen any dip in his show since those two left.

      And saying Mcleod is best interviewer when he is barely on shows how off-base you are.

      We know you like Rome, but sucking up to McLeod won’t make him bring more American shows to the TEAM 1260.

  • David S: Like BJG’s latest display of vast intellect, your comment is gone only because it had BJG’s “I’m a tough guy” and “Redneck and proud of it” ramblings in it and we’re not going to entertain that here. No need to sidetrack the topic.

    But F-350 is a damn fine guess.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile

    Suggestion for the Edmonton Airways:

    Someone suggested in an earlier post about Struds being a co-host on a show. I think that guy is on to something, I love when NHLers with personality come on the air. I would love a current player (perhaps only in the off-season) or a former player had a couple hours a week to banter with fans and/or other players. Kind of like what George and Stauffer would do or Gregor and Struds. It was hillarious on Gregors show a couple of weeks ago when a former team mate of Struds called in to chirp him on the radio…. that kind of improv you can’t beat. It only works with a guy who is comfortable in his own skin and has a huge personality. Just my two cents… I would tune in fo sho.

  • Alan,

    I like Jim Rome, but his show isn’t the same since Travis was fired, and he’s losing affiliates everywhere. (Portland, Milwaukee/Green Bay recently)

    Rome’s interviews are second to none.

    Adding Pendergast would mean replacing Rome since their shows air at the same time, and that won’t happen.

    There’s zero chance Team1260 puts Travis on in Gregor’s time slot, so I’m not “sucking up to Mcleod”. Just my opinion of good radio.

    After 14 years working side by side Rome gives Travis a 20 second send off???

    Read the comments and what Travis meant to that show.


    • O.C.

      Rome’s interviews are second to none? Maybe second to none in Carrot Creek.

      Best Sports Radio (for my NFL fix) is Dan Patrick. Puts Rome and Mike and Mike and Steven H Smith to shame.

      Best interviewer, Bob Costas.

      Best NHL front man is Ron McLean.

      Best Sports Radio in Edmonton, A toss up. Bob Jason and Alan each have great shows and different ways of presenting material.

      I switch them up to stay fresh, always a good thing to stay fresh.

      Edit. Tencer is like fingernails on styrofoam.

  • Al Davis

    Show I listen to most?
    Locally- Jason Gregor’s show.

    Favorite radio personality?
    I like the majority of the 1260 guys. Either Gregor or Nielsen for me. Gregor is great and has a wonderful co-hosts. Everyone brings something a little different to the show which is what you need. Neilsen is the funniest in my opinion and entertains me on the way to work.

    Best interviewer?
    Alan Mitchell has quickly jumped to the top for me. Great voice, great questions. In fact Nation Radio is my favorite show (just not most listened to…yet)

    Best Story Teller?
    Probably you Brownlee. You have great stories that are always entertaining. I don’t always agree with you on a lot of subjects but your thoughts are always well thought out.

    Most Connected Show Host?
    Stauffer. I hate how it feels like he’s holding back stuff a lot of the time though.

    Love Him or Hate Him?
    Probably Stauffer again here. I usually agree with most of what he says, but I can see why others may not.

    One Change to Sports Raidio in Edmonton?
    Personally I would really like to have more football coverage. I love hockey and the Oilers but my heart is with the NFL and NCAA. I would really like to hear more from the local radio personalities about there thoughts on teams/issues from the world of football. Alas, I know this will never happen.

    Overall Impression of Michaels and Stauffer? I enjoy them. Michaels has big shoes to fill but I thought his first season was very good. Stauffer is good too and obviously knows the game well. I, like someone else mentioned, thought Rod was past his prime(but is no doubt a legend).

    A couple of other things I want to add:
    -Bill Simmons B.S Report is probably the most fun, hilarious podcast out there. Off topic, but I had to add that.

    -Dan Tencer is awful. Thank God we have Corey to switch over to at night.

    -I think the one known as “Wayne” should be given radio time…hilarious.

  • SurfacetoAirMissile


    I listened to you on Oilers lunch today, good stuff.
    A few times you and I have gotten into it and gone back and forth. I may have said things that hurt you and I would like to apologize for that. I respect you and your work and I am so passionate about the Oil that I tend to get carried away.I hope no offense was taken as that certainly was not my intention.
    Take care,

  • Al Davis

    Very interesting topic!!! Nice Robin!!

    I miss Bryn and Jake. Bryn is a voice/opinion that is missing from Edmonton radio. His takes and insight were spot-on and interesting. Jake was a perfect foil for the Serious Sports Radio Station with no sense of humour. His opinions were often on the same level as Dan Tencer … un-educated. But far more interesting and entertaining then Tencer.

    Jason Gregor is lucky to have the supporting cast that he does!! Without them I would often turn the dial. He has tremendous insight but his long winded questions and terse retorts are often too harsh.

    Bob is the best radio guy!!! He is informed and takes chances with his opinions. He often alludes to speculation based on things he hears. Awsome!! He is often wrong but you get the sense he speaks as an insider.

    Bryan Hall … **PANG** … is this still considered an opinion??? (remember Bryn and Jakes frying pan noises during Bryan Hall questions … classic!!)

    Thanks for reading my un-important opinion!! -mark

  • Al Davis

    Lets start with the morning show; Neilsen is actually not bad and pretty knowledgable about all sports. Chase is horrible..Unless its hockey forget about getting anything concrete for him.
    Stauf is very good but a bit too full off him self. Good radio voice and can keep the show moving when there are no guests. Great passion for the city and the Oilers..most informative show to listen to for the oil. I agree with one writer who said Gregor is good when he has guests on. I cant stand the tangents when he cant figure out how to fill the show. Having Spec and Rishaug amongst other guests is the only reason I listen. Too much overlap on the Gregor show from Staufs show.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      Interesting how we all hear different stuff.

      I think Gregor is the best at filling time or doing a monologue off top of his show.

      Stauffer struggles at this. He repeats the email address ten times hoping to get an email to read. He knows his stuff, but as a pure radio host he is not good at filling time.

      Just my two cents. Those two are the best in town. Stauffer great with stats and knows hockey, but is too Oiler-biased.

      Gregor is exceptional interviewer, and he adlibs the best. Also he seems to know more about sports in general. Not just hockey like most talk guys in town.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Stauffer all the way for all the necessary categories. i like some of Gregor’s questions during interviews where he is asking curious inquiries about game psyche, mechanics, etc… but overall, Stauffer is the best “media pro” in Edmonton. people just get too whiny about him displaying the goof ball “ego” stuff (he obviously will take shots at himself and read emails from listeners who are shredding him). i just laugh at it. when Stauffer is serious and delivering straight up hockey knowledge about that specific market, and what not, hes the best in town.

    that said, everyone does a great job and ive made it my new “home” for hockey in the US. you should appreciate it all. from Corey Graham, to the Pipeline guys and even if hes a nerd, Tencer on post-game shows. its all good.

    the only person who is mildly annoying is Chase in the morning. too machismo and bone headed. hes tolerable but when he gets too wound up: off.

  • O.C.

    Hard to believe it’s been two years.

    Bryn worked hard at this. Jake was moved over from a rock station, to help build a new challenge.

    While most found Jake to be grating, and Bryn should have listened to the audience, it was too much to ask the director to do. They were sidekicks.

    We’ll never know the whole story, but I’m guessing that someone figured they could do better without Bryn as director, and he would be overpaid at his current salary as just a morning host.

    Anyway, the point here is a lot of the changes made really didn’t change anything. That’s probably because the programing doesn’t increase the size of the target market, and really there is only room for one full time sports talk show.

    So, in retrospect, did any of this increase the ratings? If so, how much, and at what cost? Financially? Morally? Better options?

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      This statement is to Robin and everyone else, as well as Oilcruzer,

      I would do anything to bring Bryn and Jake back. Jake reminds me of me, just a fan with a huge passion for the game – who doesn’t always need to be right to have his opinion. I think I miss him more than anyone I have ever heard here in town, just my opinion, even though others may have been bothered by his lack of credentials. I didn’t care; he was the best to listen to! I loved Bryn with him, too – the perfect ‘opposite’ to Jake’s opinions, a hard-working serious guy…almost like Abbott and Costello a bit! That said I loved what they talked about hockey and sports in general, it wasn’t all jokes; they stayed on track more than most, but in a comical fashion at the same time!

      Any chance they might come back, either to a new show (from the 10-12 spot, anyone?) or back to their original show. Let’s start a campaign to bring them back!!

      P.S. What is Jake doing now – and any chance they might be able to come back if the opportunity presented itself?

  • positivebrontefan

    Well I voted for Neilsen and Chase in the morning mostly because I listen to them every morning on the drive to work. And I often end up laughing out loud at some of the crap Nielsen comes up with. He doesnt take himself to seriously like Chaser sometimes does. I remember they almost came to blows once because of something silly that Nielsen said and then Chaser Shot him down by telling him in no uncertain terms that it was a stupid thing to say. There were a few long commercial breaks and awkward pauses for the rest of the show that day but I laughed my @$$ off. That all being said I really enjoy Gregor in the afternoon when I’m on the road at the same time as his show is on and especially like it when he has another cohost like Robin, Rishaug or Spec. He should make better use of Meg though. As far as Stauffers show, I do try and tune into his show when there is something big going on as he usually has a pretty good inside scoop on the whole picture. At the end of the day we have an awesome group of talent here in Edmonton and Congrats to all on their success.

    PS. I miss the last hour of Rome, especially during the Hackoff/Smackoff days.

    Favorite Host? Meg…Well she’s hot so the rest of you never really had a chance in the first place.

    Best Interviewer? Has to be Gregor, he’s had some good ones with players and coaches alike.

    Best Storyteller? Brownlee. Hands down. Sometimes take a bit to get going but always finishes with a good one.

    Connected is Stauffer for obvious reasons.

    Must listen is got to be when Spec calls in at around five from Specs deck. Always good for some grandious opinions and usually some lighthearted nonsense to get me a laugh on the way home if I happen to be on the road. Sometimes I find myself parked in the driveway waiting for Spec to call in before I go in the house. (I know, that makes me a loser)

    Swing the Broadcasts of Oilers games over to the Team already.

    Micheals and Stauffer…Chemistry is getting better. He will never be Rod, and I appreciatte that he doesnt try to be. Just say He Shoots! He Scooores! when the puck goes in.

    The best part about game night is it’s something to listen to on the way home from the game. Don’t mind Tencer doing the post game, I think he does just fine. It’s good to have another take from someone once in a while. Wouldn’t mind someone like Gregor riding shotgun on the show to give it some edge…LOL… Like that would ever happen.

    Favorite Edmonton Sports Radio moment in the last year was when Gregor and Megs got drunk, and the funniest part was how serious Gregor got towards the end as he tried to keep it together. At the end of the day it was a fun way to draw attention to a very serious problem and I appreciatted how you both put yourselves out there…must of been a doozy of a headache for Meg the next day.

  • Death Metal Nightmare

    Gregor is my favourite, by far, but I completely tune out when he talks about MMA/UFA, which is 90% of the time it seems (even if it’s just subtext). Gregor is at his best with hockey and football, which unfortunately is less than 10% of the discussion. His wife Meg Morrison-Gregor is very nice.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    Wow, a lot of hatred on Tencer. Can’t say I disagree. Can’t listen to inside sports anymore. Good show (content wise) bad host. No humility, professionalism and a lack of respect.

    Brownlee said is best on oilers lunch the other day: It’s not about the host but about sport and show content. Tencer will have to learn very soon that people listen to the show because they are sports fans and not Dan Tencer fans.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    I don`t think Bryn and Jake were bad, They just were not good. I don`t know if it was just their shows format. I think the problem with Bryn and Jake might of been that they did not appeal to the younger demographic. Im 36 and I found that their stick never appealed to me, but I also thought there show and whoever produced it was lacking in quality and content. I think when your interviewing a second string quarterback from the late 70`s like Wilke every single week, then your show needed work. Neilson, and Fras, and the Kelly Chase`s bro appeal alot more younger listeners and they have a larger appeal.

    The fact they talk MMA is huge because theres alot of sports guys who deny its legitimacy as the one of the biggest sports. We hear baseball talk all the time (I do love baseball), but MMA has to be bigger in terms of its appeal to younger people. I have a conversation about MMA more then once a week, the last time I spoke to anyone about baseball was a year ago.

    The one thing that I`ve kinda heard through reading the comments is that there is an older demographic 35-40 plus that like guys like Bryn and Jake, John Short, etc. Maybe the Team should look at bringing these guys on more regularly as Insiders. What about a weekly segment with Rod Phillip`s as a insider for the Oilers.

  • Diehard Fan

    I listen to Oilers Lunch & Jason Gregor faithfully. Most mornings I also listen to Neilson and Chase.

    Jason Gregor is my favorite Radio personality.

    The best interviewer is Jason Gregor.

    The best story-teller is Rob Brown.

    The most connected show host is Bob Stauffer.

  • Diehard Fan

    fan of stauffer’s show, greatful that they have podcasts for us working stiffs. micheals and stauffer are a good tandem. sometimes bombastic bob lives up to his name, you can almost feel the tension between the two. best storyteller is robin brownlee. stauffer is the most connected by far in my opinion. the pipeline show is pretty fair, so is dan tencer’s show. i find neilson and chase annoying, i miss mike richard’s show out of calgary where i live it comes in pretty clear most mornings, that must be a huge hole to fill in that market. i used to listen to gregor’s show but i find him so annoeying, would listen when barnes or brownlee would co-host but now skip it all together. game night broadcasts i enjoy when callers test the host’s patience by being combative or ignorant that truly is my favorite part.

  • K-UGER Industrial Smoothing

    Hey Robin, great thread to start- I’ve enjoyed going through alot of the responses.

    As someone who has listened to the team almost every day for the last 4 years, I’d like to think I have an opinion to offer. In terms of overall quality- Jim Rome supercedes every show on Team 1260. That being said, I like the local programming here.

    Nielson and Chase have progressively gotten more entertaining, I appreciate Nielson’s humor, and both hosts are clearly knowledgable in hockey.

    Bob Stauffer is the man, though. He’s incredibly in touch, he’s opinionated, he knows more about hockey and football history than anyone else on the Team, I think- and if he doesn’t, its all about presentation anyways.

    Corey Graham is well on his way up, his experience with the Oil Kings and ESNL will no doubt come in handy in the years to come, no matter what market he’s in.

    Gregor used to be my favorite, back in the days of Wednesday Night Wil Fraser trivia, but my work schedule interferes with me listening to all of his shows, so I hear all of the morning programming, part of the night.

    One change 1260 should make- Get the third hour of Rome back on.

    War Jim Rome getting his third hour back. Out

  • K-UGER Industrial Smoothing

    Staffer is the best and either Gregor or Tencer are the worst. Bobby is great because he’s humble and genuinely listens to his listeners. Gregor comes off at times as narcissistic and full of himself. I mean the man has 6 different pairs of glasses! Dudes shouldn’t have a pair of glasses for each day.

    Tencer is a terrible interviewer and lacks the sports knowledge of either Gregor and Stauffer.

    I miss Bryn and Jake. And John Short, Ron Rimmer, Tony Furrillo, Soccer Steve and pretty much all the local talent of the Team’s early years. A co-worker claims Jake was a former neighbor and has retired to Kelowna.

  • K-UGER Industrial Smoothing

    Oilers Lunch is my favourite show!

    Can we bring Al Stafford back to E town…. where the heck did this guy go?

    Gregor has become too cocky and arrogant towards his female co-host… fact he has become quite hard to listen to as he attempts to make Meg to the but of his jokes. 4hours of Jason has been tough to take for those who drive in the city for a living. Its a good thing he has Mark Spector on everyday, to bring a healthy perspective. Will Fraser was a good balance for Jason’s personality.

    Robin Brownlee is good for Jason’s show when he did his rant!

    Dan Tencer and Bob together work well, I like his program I just wish he would be on during the Jason Gregor show. Again Dan needs to humble himself as comes off wrong sometimes. Dan is a good Oil guy and needs to learn from guys like BOB and JOHN SHORT

    Miss Rod, but Jack is good at what he does, Bob and him are good together! You can see they are friends off radio.

    Nielson and Chase are a great improvement over Bryn and Jake

    ROME SUCKS – Give me BOB from 10-2

    Again Give me BOB from 10 -2

    In summary not a fan of Gregor’s show anymore and listen once a week.
    Love Oilers Lunch – look forward to it!
    Dan and Jason battle it out for the afternoon!
    Jack is a hit!