I’m not exactly sure why I broke down and finally signed up for a Twitter account on Friday morning, but I did.

I guess I figured that if old school scribes like Jim Matheson, who still shuns digital recorders in favour of a battered micro-cassette, and Terry Jones, who to this day records all his quotes with something resembling shorthand — six words a page, accuracy up to question — could embrace this social media thing, I could at least give it a try.

Note: Before those of you prone to do so complain this item has nothing to do with the Edmonton Oilers, please click through to something that does interest you, and rest assured I won’t be charging Oilersnation my usual $14.99 for this article, seeing as it amounts to little more than shameless self-promotion. 

Anyway, there seems to be a fair number of you who are so amused I decided to try it or so surprised I figured out how, that you’ve decided to "follow me." I like that, kind of. I think.

As of writing this, 775 people have decided to tag along. There’s some people using obviously fake names like Jason Gregor, dstaples, James Mirtle, Dan Tencer and Bruce McCurdy listed on the homepage thingy.

There’s some clearly dubious characters like somebody calling himself bingofuel, who I think used to work as a janitor at the Oilersnation office in the Bell Tower downtown, and those with a sense of humour, like bitchesandmoney, BaconandYEGer and, ahem, 780 Bukkake.

What the hell. If seems like harmless fun. While I’ve got a long way to go to attract the 934,334 followers Darren Dreger has, and if it will help me get the Nation Radio job I long for and maybe boost Wanye’s chances of attracting advertising here at ON, I’m all in.

Follow me on Twitter — I’m at @Robin_Brownlee —  if you’d like. Or not. As always, though, just stay the hell off my lawn.

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