• JJmorrocco

    Gregor – Does this mean you won the Bears contest of a russina bride???


    Enjoy the marital bliss. Can’t wait to hear all about her in the coming months.

  • OutDoorRink

    Congrats Jason!!

    I was married in 2005 and it was the best decision I ever made!! Everyone says “oh, your life is gonna change!”. And to that I say, “YEP, FOR THE BETTER!”

    For me, the s e x didn’t stop, it only got better! I found that when a woman feels comfortable and secure in the relationship they are in, they give all of themselves to you and they keep on givin.

    Of course, I always give back to her and my birthday surprise to her this year was a birthday party at home with our 2 little boys with horns and balloons and cake and the whole deal as she grew up in a strict religious background and she never had her own birthday party before! I know I know, crazy.

    But that wasn’t it!

    Tonight I have my Bro coming over to watch the little ones and I have booked a room at the Marriott downtown and I went online and snagged 2 tickets on the Floor, Row 25 for Pearl Jam! Unbelievably she has never been to a major concert before. I still have it as a Surprise on the concert end, she thinks I am taking her to a football game or something, haha! I can’t wait for tonight!!

    And congrats again, man! Just remember, IT ONLY GETS BETTER!!

  • SuntanOil

    Robin: You threw me a bit with the ‘announcement from Rexall Place’ bit, but then again it’s not difficult to confuse me. Hilarious.

    Jason: Congratulations to you and your future Bride. I really respect how private you managed to keep the courtship. No budding relationship needs that kind of pressure. Furthermore, since your love life is still none of my business let me just wish you all the best together in the future before I drop the subject. Have the (tied for 1st with mine)best marriage in the history of marriages!

    • Wanyes bastard child

      Screw that! My sister in law is anal about the seat being down and has my brother trained, even if I don’t have to use the bathroom I go in there just to lift the seat 😉

      My girlfriend’s sister and mother live together, so when we visit it’s me and three women in the place, I still leave the seat up.

      This is a silent war that I will wage to the end! It’s just as easy for them to put the seat down to pee as it is for us to lift the seat to pee. The only difference is that we have to turn the lights on at night to find the target, they can amble in and just sit down. Why train us to make them more lazy? Leave the seat up, they will learn.