As 2011 draws to a close, should we really be surprised the Edmonton Oilers are fading fast in the Western Conference after a start to the season that had some fans convinced that happy days, and a playoff spot, were here again?

With frustration growing as the Oilers look more like a lottery team than a playoff contender for the third straight season, the number of e-mails and tweets on Twitter I’m getting from fans with 2012 just around the corner has been increasing by the day.

The most common theme, and by a landslide, is the contention GM Steve Tambellini hasn’t done his job in assembling the proper players required to move the rebuild fans have been sold along at a reasonable pace. Tambellini is a bungler and an incompetent manager. He deserves to lose his job if the Oilers finish as a bottom-feeder in the standings again. Four years into his tenure, I have zero issues with that last contention.

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While many fans weren’t singing that tune when the Oilers got off to a 9-3-2 start, they’re saying it now — long and loud and in no uncertain terms. Some have even suggested Tambellini has been given pretty much a free ride when it comes to criticism until now.

The free ride bit didn’t ring true, so I looked back through some of the things I’ve written here since late summer. While these are just snippets taken from longer items, questions fans have now about the job Tambellini has done have been out there for months. I’m sure other writers at Oilersnation could find much the same takes in items they’ve done.

While the following snippets aren’t a comprehensive look at every aspect of the team – I’m limiting this to items about expectations in general, the make-up of the defense, the state of Ryan Whitney’s ankle and my overall take on how Tambellini has performed – and don’t qualify as the kind of ranting and raving some of you expect, I’m not surprised the Oilers are where they are now.

And you shouldn’t be, either.

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Dec. 15

"For all the high-fiving among the long suffering faithful to start the season, and nobody is denying people who buy the tickets and the jerseys that, did anybody really – really – think the Oilers were as good as their record in the first 14 games? Even those with their lips stained blue and the goggles on had to know better, didn’t they? Didn’t you?"

Oct. 3

"If I was starting a franchise with players on the rosters on opening day, I’d happily take Edmonton’s collection of talented, young forwards ahead of six or seven teams I’ve got picked ahead of them — I just don’t think that translates to a significant jump in the standings in 2011-12. "I think the Oilers will be considerably better than they were last season if they can avoid the injuries to key players they endured in 2010-11, but they’re coming from so far back it’s difficult to imagine them vaulting up the standing more than a place or two."


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Oct. 1

"As it stands now, pending Tambellini working the phones — be it in pursuit of a trade or free agent or putting a call into Oklahoma City for short-term reinforcements — the Oilers face the prospect of starting the season with Tom Gilbert, Cam Barker, Jeff Petry, Theo Peckham, Andy Sutton and Corey Potter on the blue line. See any problem with that?"

Oct. 1

"I’d suggest yet again that Tambellini take a look at some of the surplus talent he has up front, make a call on who he is willing to part with for a defenseman who can log top-four minutes, and get busy addressing a lack of depth that is painfully obvious.

"I can only assume Tambellini will spend the next night or two tossing and turning over the predicament he finds himself in now because he’s failed to do so to this point. It might be an idea, if he is wide awake, to get busy on that phone."

Sept. 6

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"I’m on the sniff trying to find out if the Oilers will extend a training camp invitation to a free agent or two, but no word yet. Given Whitney’s status and a lack of depth on the back end, it’s an idea worth pursuing. By the way, Lowetide’s suggestion GM Steve Tambellini ask Nick Boynton to take a twirl at camp is a cagey guess. He’d fit as a sixth or seventh guy."


Oct. 3

"The biggest questions marks, as has been duly noted, come in goal with Devan Dubnyk and Nikolai Khabibulin, and on the blue line, which is not nearly deep enough, even if Ryan Whitney gets back in the line-up and his ankle holds up."

Sept 6

"There’s been great consternation over the state of Ryan Whitney’s surgically repaired right ankle, and with good reason, seeing as he "tweaked it" a couple weeks ago. And because, well, Edmonton’s defensive corps isn’t good enough to get along without him."

Aug. 31

"The most pressing question for me has two components. First, will Ryan Whitney’s surgically repaired right ankle be ready for the start of the season? And, if it is, how long will it hold up?"

Aug. 24

"We saw what Tom Renney’s defense looked like without Whitney for 47 games in 2010-11. Do you have confidence the defense as it stands going into camp — Tom Gilbert, Ladislav Smid, Cam Barker, Theo Peckham, Andy Sutton and Taylor Chorney or Jeff Petry — can hold up without Whitney? I don’t. Did Tambellini add enough depth to cover his backside if Whitney is out of the equation? Not that I can see."


Aug. 31

"Do Ben Eager, Eric Belanger, Andy Sutton, Darcy Hordichuk, Smyth and Barker constitute significant upgrades over departed players Steve MacIntyre, Zack Stortini, Andrew Cogliano, Colin Fraser, Kurtis Foster and Jason Strudwick?"

May 16

"In his first three seasons as general manager of the Edmonton Oilers, Steve Tambellini has proven conclusively he can put together a team capable of finishing dead-last in the standings, and rather handily. So, what will he add to his resume in 2011-12?

"I don’t know the answer to that, of course, but after assuming the GM’s hot seat from Kevin Lowe and seeing the Oilers finish 21st in 2008-09 and 30th the past two seasons, it’s not a stretch to suggest Tambellini had best add a trick or two to his CV."

May 16

"If the rebuild fans have been sold is going to amount to anything, it’s going to demand more on Tambellini’s part than adding the name Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to the outfit already assembled. Selling hope, after all, has a shelf-life. Likewise, general managers. This much we know."

Here we are. Happy New Year.

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  • This rebuild currently consists exclusively of three young forwards. Every other prospect is a question mark, and that includes MPS. Tambellini has pretty clearly demonstrated three things during his tenure: 1) Good at losing; 2) awful communicator (see the “reassignment” of Pat Quinn for a good example); and, 3) terrible at assessing NHL talent. Awful Khabibulin contract, bad Brule contract, inability to add quality NHL pieces to complement young players, failed to trade Souray when value was high.

    The Oil would be better off firing Tambo and poaching an exec from another org (Dave Nonis, Rick Dudley for example) to try to right this cluster-f*&k. Not that I expect it. I expect a Katz text to Bob Stauffer indicating support for Tambo on an Oiler broadcast sometime in the next two months.

  • I think Mr. Dithers needs to make any kind of a trade, even a small trade, as soon as possible. This will give the fans something else to discuss and think about while we watch the team crash and burn on this road trip. I expect the next few weeks will be very heated.

    • Romanus

      Why make a move now? Only way you get a top defender is to give up one of the key guys and for what? Which of Hall Ebs or RNH goes to get the defenceman now even though it wont make a difference this year?

      At this points its too late. Wait until deadline when teams are desperate or off season.

  • Rob...

    Hey Robin, what do you think about the officiating this year compared to previous ones? I’m not talking about anti-Oilers bias, anti-rookie bias or anything like that. I’m more referring to a general lack of consistency combined with missed calls and phantom calls. I can’t remember a season where their actions have seemed this much of an embarrassment to the NHL.

      • Rob...

        Thanks for answering. I have to wonder how many of the young Oilers players are also having WTF moments and having it affect their games. Does experience help veteran players weather bad officiating? Does that put the Oilers at a disadvantage due to their young team, especially on D?

        I’ve caught the looks of players a few times (Peckham especially) after a bad call or non-call where it looks like they’re no longer sure how to play the game to avoid a penalty yet still compete.

    • DK0

      I’m willing to give Renney a pass with the assumption that he realizes this is not a playoff team and is still playing players outside of their comfort zone as a teaching tool. It’s kind of hard to show a player how they need to change their defensive positioning if they are rarely in a defensive situation. You need to throw the kids in the deep end every once and awhile and be able to show them the tape later.

  • DK0

    Good read and bang on! Although you have identified Tambi as being the driver of selecting the players, I can’t but wonder( based on the concensus model of management displayed on Oil Change), if Lowee deserves some of this criticism?

    We all know that Mr. Dithers seems to be very indecisive, and has not made a significnat deal that puts his stamp on this team. Just how much further might we be along if Hemsky was traded last year, when his value was a little higher? Who really had heard of Belenger, Potter, Tuebert…….not really any significant players. I do like Potter but something tell me that this was Renny’s decision.

    It seems that MR. Dithers wants to replicate the NY Islanders model of selecting in the top five every year without a comprehensive plan that addresses the current needs. I would love to hear what he thinks about the current draft and how they intend to select and for what position.

    I also think that Renny has to be questioned as the ” developer of talent”, which is supposed to be his strength? I question this each and every game.

  • DK0

    Robin any chance of you or another journalist putting Tambi on the hotseat with 25 questions you and the nation feel should or would appreciate answered.I realize you will probably get the same mumbo jumbo rebuild thing but he needs to realize how the fans feel about the job management is doing or lack there of.thanks bud Happy New Year!!!

    • Tambellini is extremely reluctant to put himself in the position of being questioned at length, let alone being put on any hotseat.

      He keeps his distance from us around the rink and all interview requests go through the media relations staff — no just walking up and saying, “Steve, can I ask you about . . . .?” Used to be that way with Lowe and Sather, even if you might get a bunch of nothing. You could at least chat and dig a bit, get a feel for things.

      Not Tambellini’s style.

        • Hypotheticatlly speaking, if you were paying me $50-$100 an hour to scratch out those 25 questions here for your reading pleasure, what hourly rate would you choose?

          Nice edit (if the number of questions goes down, the hourly rate goes up).

          • What, I’m bagging groceries at Sobey’s now?

            Sorry, I cannot maintain my sprawling estate and fleet of exotic cars at the pay rate you are offering. You’ll have to submit 10 questions to me and I’ll pass them along to Tambellini*

            *fee for that service will be $300.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Couldn’t you just contract this job out to the Bronte 5000?

            I’m sure it could handle the job and excluding minor maintenance costs you should be in line to take a healthy cut!

          • Asking Mr. Dithers questions would be a whole lot of spin and non-comittal PR talk.

            Personally, I’d rather ask Renney questions, I think he would be at least semi-candid.

            What’s the fee for that?

          • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan


            he would stand there with that sh** eating grin of his and talk about clarity and assessment.

            Brownlee- “why didnt you bring in more depth on D at the start of camp”

            Tambellini- “we have such a passionate fanbase, and these past couple of seasons have provided clarity on the route we need to take. we have be assessing our previous assessment of the past seasons final assessments. It is such an exciting time to be an Oiler.

            Brownlee- “um, can you at least answer the question kind of?”

            Tambellini- “we have such a…”

            brownlee- **loses it Champ style**

  • DK0

    I used to scoff at those who suggested that the NHL should make it less rewarding for teams to finish in a lottery position.

    I just figured “Oh sure, the oil haters are just ticked that it’s finally OUR turn to receive the benefits of total suckage.”

    But after a GM seems to willfully refuse to make a team competitive, I can see their point.

    It’s not fair to the fans or the players. It’s not fair to the game. Never thought I’d quote Herm Edwards but, yes indeed, You Play to Win the Game.

    When you BLATANTLY don’t have the proper pieces in place, there is no way you can win games on a consistent basis. Therefore, what the Oilers are doing is going against a central ethos of sport (at least as Herm Edwards sees it).

    In the last two years the injuries made it easier to bear the losing. They don’t have that as an excuse anymore. For the first time, I’m almost ashamed to admit to being a fan of this team, one that’s embracing a losing culture rather than a winning culture.

    • ^ This.

      I refuse to believe that an NHL GM with years of experience is dumber than a bunch of guys on fan blog sites.

      I’m not a Lowe-apologist, but Kevin Lowe knows D-men and he’s been around the game a long time. We’ve seen he knows how to put a competitive team together when that’s the goal. He wouldn’t let this sort of thing happen unless it was the plan all along.

      To me it’s disgraceful and against everything I believe about sport.

  • Crash

    If it a tank it’s fantastic management. If it’s not a tank then the whole bunch should be fired.
    Not signing or trading for defencemen
    Filling roster with rookies,ancients,and goons
    Good old boys on coaching staff that leads the NHL in too many men and bad line changes
    Strange line combinations 4on4

    How can they fire anyone unless we can figure out what they are trying to do?

  • I am willing to cut ST some slack. I think he learned a few things in Vancouver. One of which was to build a good farm system. I think the Oilers have done tbat, and they started at less than zero.

    The Oilers have, at least acording to the Hockey News, the best young prospects in the league.

    It will take some time to turn the good ship Oil around, but it will come. The frustrating part is the rebuild started 2 years ago, but the Oilers have beem middling to bad for a long time.

  • OB1 Team Yakopov - F.S.T.N.F

    Too bad, Tambillini was making strides with the Belanger and Eager signings but he stopped well short. Combined with the solid play of Bulin, a couple, low cost, low risk moves to bring in two more competent defensmen and this didn’t have to be a wasted year.

  • Clarence Oveur

    The only opinion that matters is from that curly haired fellow in picture #2.If he has given his blessing to Tambellini/Lowe to finish
    in the lottery for the third straight year then all the handwringing and teeth gnashing won’t mean a thing.