Ryan Suter to… the Oilers?

Pick that jaw up off the floor yet? Feel like you just popped a viagra and could "go for hours" after hearing that little gem? Now I don’t know what kind of track record Marty McSorley has with this kind of thing, but you just HAVE to KNOW that he has some connections inside the Oilers management group…right? So then, it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to assume that he may know that Lowe/Tambellini plan to push hard on a Ryan Suter deal…would it?

Here’s the quote from Marty on HockeyCentral Friday night:

"I really believe that Ryan Suter, yes, will get traded, and I believe the Philadelphia Flyers and the Edmonton Oilers are my two picks as to where he ends up"

So is this just another "hockey insider" talking…or is there some actual meat here? And what could the Oil possibly send Nashville’s way? So many questions!

Ryan Suter… an Oiler? Could it be…

It’s A Sign!


  • @TigerUnderGlass and @RossCreekNation

    Please provide a past reference of a trade deadline deal done under that pretense. A player traded to a team then immediately signs with that team when that team sucks nards and the player can have his choice of team come July 1st.


    • Whether it’s going to happen or not isn’t the point I was making. You are all attacking a false premise, ie. that the Oilers were going to try and rent Suter and sign him later.

      Would you like a recap?

      “McSorley thinks the Oilers might try and trade for Suter.”

      “You’re stupid, why would they offer so much for such a short amount of time.”

      “They wouldn’t, they would attempt to have him agree to an extension first.”

      This is the point where you jump in with “but the Oiler’s suck so it won’t happen anyway.”

      Do you see how you lack relevance? It’s a fine point but in no way a rebuttal of anything either of us said.

      Interestingly Edmonton’s acquisition of Pronger was not so different. True it was not at the deadline, but Pronger was even closer to free agency so I think it will suffice as an example. The Oiler’s “sucked nards” then too, as you so charmingly put it.

      You could very well be right, it probably won’t happen, but there are only so many teams that can pay him what he wants so it’s not as far-fetched as you think. I guarantee his agent is fishing around trying to figure out who will be involved if he becomes a free agent. Security is a serious consideration, and he is only one headshot away from losing millions July 1 instead of making them.