Stay the Course



When the rumor mill spit out last week that Steve Tambellini was going to get a contract extension it set off a lot of debate. Should he be extended or not? Does he deserve it? Should Tom Renney be extended as well?

I believe that both Tom Renney and Steve Tambellini should remain in their positions next season. I have been a part of organizations that change coaches and/or GM’s frequently. It does not work. Bringing in a new philosophy would mean a change of course for the team.

This could mean a new approach to drafting and free agent signing. It could set the team back at a important time in the rebuilding process. Each GM has a vision of the team he would like to ice. Having a coach that can implement a system that will mesh with the types of players the GM acquires is very important.

Before the lockout I was playing with the Chicago Blackhawks. Mike Smith was the GM and the coach was Brian Sutter.

Talk About a Mismatch

Mike favored european players, specifically Russian so he was always adding that type of player for a coach who believed in meat and potatoes hockey. Telling a Russian skilled forward to dump it in and run someone over didn’t work. The team never had a chance at success with that combination.

I believe that Tambellini and Renney are on the same page. The Buffalo Sabres are a great example of a GM and coach duo that works and has brought a lot of stability to an organization that has had reasons not to be (ownership issues). Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff are very good and respected throughout the league.

Before the season, many people expected the Sabres to be near the top of the eastern conference. With all the big signings and trades they did in the off season it was a reasonable expectation. However it has not been a great year for the Sabres. Injuries to key players have killed their record. Now people are demanding changes to the management and coaching positions.

Does this story sound familiar? I think it is near impossible to judge how good a team the Oilers are when top players are out for extended periods. Take a look at the D-man injuries to Whitney and Barker. It put to much pressure of the D-corps. They are both twenty minute guys and you can’t replace that for months. Throw in Gilbert’s injury and that is three of your top four D-men out.

The consecutive seasons with high man games lost are what concern me. Yes, many of the injuries have been flukes but this has been happening for three or four years now. Is that really bad luck or is it a pattern that has developed? I think more rest days would reduce some of those fluky injuries. Now is the not the time to make radical changes. Stay the course and say your prayers that the injury bug finally moves on to another team next year. A healthy team for 82 games would be a nice change and improve the teams record.

Way easier


Last night I scored an empty net goal. The first of my career. I thought back door tap-ins were easy but without the goalie between the pipes my chance of goal scoring success goes up at least a few points!

  • O.C.


    What you have presented is a rant that ST has done nothing to improve this team. Which is wrong. Last summer between trades and UFA signings “Mr.Dithers” was one of the most active GM’s in the NHL. That’s a fact.

    The positives are already laid out in my previous post. I won’t apologize if it was over your head.


    Are you one of the same people saying sign Roloson to a multi year deal? It’s very convienent to point to one thing or player and say that’s why. You seem to forget that hockey is a team game. When you have half you d turn over in a summer and as many injuries as they have had it becomes an accumulation of things not one player.


    The numbers are fact. Your opinion is not.

    Everyone has an oninion. Mine happens to be based on the results I have seen and the numbers that back it up. The Oilers have improved in just about every aspect and without the injuries it is reasonable to expect them to be in a different position than they are now.

    You can blame ST for areas that he failed. But if your not willing to give him any props for what he has done right you have absolutly zero credibility in my opinion

    • What you have presented is a rant that ST has done nothing to improve this team. Which is wrong. Last summer between trades and UFA signings “Mr.Dithers” was one of the most active GM’s in the NHL. That’s a fact.

      Active is not the same thing as improving.

      The defense is also improved. Yes it is. Last year they were 29th in GA. This year they are 20th. Allowing 8 less goals than the deep NHL caliber defense of the Toronto Maple Laughs.

      Yet they are giving up shots and chances at approximately the same rate as last year. Could the difference possibly be improved goaltending? The difference in goals allowed is entirely explained by the improvement in sv%.

      I have much more to say about your so called improvements, but I’m told I have a client waiting, so I’ll be back shortly.

    • Ok, let’s get this clear. My response to you basically said, we are probably going to have to agree to disagree. Nowhere in there did I make a snide remark about you not being bright enough to understand. But since the gloves are apparently off now, I will preface this by saying that you are the kind of fan that has allowed this management group to continue to make mistake after mistake without consequence.

      What is Khabby a downgrade from? A starting Goalie in the NHL. That is what Khabibulin is a downgrade from. The Choice was not Khabi or Roli. It was Khabi and any other Goalie available. We got teathered to an aging goalie with chronic injury history and a failing save percentage. All of these things were known and despite them he was given a contract AT LEAST 1 year too long and 1 million too high. He cant stop the Puck with #1 NHL Goalie regularity. What good is a veteran goalie if he cant stop the puck?

      Activity on the deadline and on FA day does not signify anything positive. The teams that make the most moves are the teams with the most holes. Check out how much Vancouver changes its team on the 1st and the trade deadline. Good teams dont need to massively alter their rosters every season.

      “Now if you really want to turn a bottom feeder in to a team that would contend for a playoff spot I suggest you go over to Flames Nation.” Do you not recognize that the very same GM you are poorly defending is the one who wanted to contend for the Playoffs? Wake up, Simple Simon, you are blasting me for holding a GM to the standard by which he himself set.

      The Defense is an absolute joke. There was no depth in August and it has shown since November. This issue was brought up over and over again before the season even started by the MSM and Bloggers. The writing was on the wall. This season the Oilers have used untested players in Key roles on the backend to obvious results. Losses, Simone. Losses. And lots of them. 5 Defensemen have suited up with less than a year’s NHL experience. Potter and Petry have significant roles on a team that needs much more experience on the back end. To think this group is better in any way than previous is a farce. Lets not forget that Tambi’s big D acquisition, Whitney is now playing at 80%, possibly forever, because of a foot condition known to Robin Brownlee from before Whitney was even an Oiler. Defending that mess back there is a joke in poor taste.

      Offense certainly has improved. You can place that squarely on Tambellini to be sure. His teams have been so bad that they finished dead last twice in a row, allowing us to pick up PowerPlay wizards like Hall and RNH. Without them setting up and scoring on the PP we wouldnt have a single thing on those units that wasnt already there before Tambellini arrived. Oh, and I’m sure Stu MacGregor receives no credit for securing Eberle and Tom Renney had nothing to do with the PK or the PP either. All Tambi.

      I dont take kindly to being told something might be over my head, especially from somebody so obviously either a professional jock sniffer or certifiably insane. But after your response I think it’s pretty easy to laugh off, because you are so out of touch with reality that you actually think it’s the other people in the room that dont understand.

      • Arch,
        usually your opinions are well thought out but in this case SIMON is bang on. At times, you go over the top when touching on emotional soft spots like your distain for Tambellini or your like of Gagner.

        Simon is right on with his analysis. One judgement used as a critque of Tambellini is his prediction that the Oilers should be competing for a play off spot. Just as Jason Strudwick states, a big mess of key injuries will seriously affect your team performance. If, which is not a major stretch, the Oil had 5 more wins through this injury bug, then we would be exactly where Tambellni predicted we would be, just out of the playoffs and playing meaningful games.

        Tambellini has acted, defence is improved over last year, and team performance in key areas such as the PP and PK have improved. Perfect? Of course not! But certainly in a positive direction.

        What will finally justify Simon thinking as right, is that Katz, with some solid advise will reup Tambellini. Remember, Katz probably has a thick binder outlining Tambellinis plan sitting on his desk and its probably right on schedule. Like it or not.

        We do not have the depth of Detroit and that is why we are rebuilding. To think that can be done in a year or two is seriously naive.

        • “We do not have the depth of Detroit and that is why we are rebuilding. To think that can be done in a year or two is seriously naive.”

          Why this has been so hard to understand is beyond me. Let’s make this clear. I am not the delusional one who couldn’t see past the lack of organizational depth and thought we could turn it around in 2 years.

          Those expectations were set by the very guy you are defending. Steven Q. Tambellini. Meaningful games in March.

          I just want to hold him accountable for failing to meet his goals.

          • Jason Strudwick

            You are right. He set the goal and will not reach it. But as Jason Sturdwick suggests and I made note of, if we are sans the all the injuries to so many key players it is not unlikely that we would have 5 more wins and be exactly where Tambellini predicted – 2 points out of the playoffs and playing meaningful games in March.

            By the way, I do not believe that you are delusional but there are certainly others that may be.

          • Coming into the season did you expect RNH to have the season he has had so far? Did you expect Eberle to be one of the top scorers in the league this year? On the other side was it not predictable that Whitney would not be healthy?

            For the injury excuse be remotely valid it would mean that Tambellini was counting on Whitney. It would mean that Tambellini expected the years he got out of the other two. It would mean he expected a lot of things that no reasonable person should have expected.

            The point is that even if there were no injuries and the team was sitting in 8th place and fighting for a playoff spot it was still an unreasonable expectation from Tambellini based on absurd presumptions.

            This is the problem with Tambellini. He has demonstrated zero ability to evaluate the talent level of the team and has yet to demonstrate anything close to a coherent plan, let alone the ability to assemble a winning team.

        • Simon is right on with his analysis

          What analysis? He hasn’t done any.

          Tambellini has acted,

          How is this a positive?

          defence is improved over last year,

          No it hasn’t. Otherwise they would be giving up less chances.

          What will finally justify Simon thinking as right, is that Katz, with some solid advise will reup Tambellini. Remember, Katz probably has a thick binder outlining Tambellinis plan sitting on his desk and its probably right on schedule. Like it or not.

          I don’t know where to start with this bit of comedy gold. I can’t decide which is funnier, “solid advise,” or “Tambellini’s plan.” The binder part is good too.

          Either way, props for claiming that an extension is somehow evidence of his quality. I haven’t laughed so hard since earlier in the thread.

        • Yourmomthinksimhot

          When you drafted 3 players in the first round, including 6th overall in 2007, and in the top ten every year excluding one since, you’ve been rebuilding for more than 2 years……

          That’s 4 out of 5 years of drafting in the top ten, including a top ten talent the one year you didnt draft top ten.

          Arch is right, when I myself as a fan with no scouting background can plainly see that the defense and goaltending are questionable, then how does the GM of an NHL team come out and say this team will compete for the playoffs?

          We in fact have more depth than Detroit because of our high drafting, the difference is Detroit’s depth is more NHL ready because unlike us they develop EVERY one of their prospects. They dont rush prospects like us.

          Give me one good reason why Lander is not in the AHL. Would a team like Detroit put him in the NHL? No, surely we could’ve replaced Lander in the lineup with a veteran signing (or Brule). But Tambo knows everything apparently.

          He has done a good job of proving that he is anything but competent of building a playoff team.

          • Yourmomthinksimhot

            Many of your questions fall on Tambellinis coach, Tom Renney. Playing Lander, sending Brule down, etc.

            You should check his resume. Coach of Team Canada – Silver Olympic medalist. Director of Player personnel with the Rangers, 7 or 8 years coaching in the NHL. If he wants to play Lander instead of sending him down I would defer to that.

            I am not suggesting that he is incapable of making mistakes, I just would give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Clyde Frog

    Thanks Strudders! Patience!!! At the outset of the year, I was torn. I did want to see more winning hockey but at the same time, but I also knew this year’s entry draft boasts depth and talent. Need a dynamic forward – Yakupov. Need a big, 1st line forward – Grigorenko. Need a slick puck moving Dman – Murray. Then there’s Forsberg, Dumba, Reinhart, etc. Great year for a team looking to fill a specific need.

    This club needs a stud Dman and a top 6 forward with some size and crash to his game. We can fill one of these needs with our 1st pick. Filling the second comes down to hard work. Developing one of our current prospects (Hartikainen? Petry? etc). Finding a gem in the rough with a later pick (Think Lidstrom, Duncan Keith, or Lucic, all 2nd round selections). Or trade or sign (Landing Ryan Suter and signing him to an extension would get me pretty excited).

  • Clyde Frog

    They actually have allowed 24 fewer goals than Tampa who sits 29th in GA. Saying GAA is based strictly on the goaltenders performance is both ignorant and irresponsible. As well saying that one scoring chance is equal to any other scoring chance. Or that one shot is equal to another.

    You can twist as many stats as you want to back up your opinion Tiger. But if you are saying that the quality of the team in front of them has nothing to do with goaltenders stats then I am finished conversing with you.

    • Save percentage accounts for 18 goals less given up just to this point in the season. If the team is giving up approximately the same number of scoring chances as least year how else do you account for this difference? Do you understand what a scoring chance is?

      What is the more likely explanation – that the team has improved in their ability to stop goals without lowering the number for chances against or that the goalies are having a mildly better season?

      Ignorant and irresponsible? Ignorance is making claims with NOTHING to support them. I’m twisting nothing. You, on the other hand, are grasping at straws to defend a GM who has yet to display a reasonable level of competence.

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    WOW…………. It blows my mind when people try to defend Tambellini on here.

    Your right, he is improving… three years to go from 30th to 29th at this rate with Tambo we’ll be first in our 90th year of the “rebuild”. YAY!! Im so happy right now!!

    Im all for staying the course but we are not in year 2 of the rebuild, maybe officially but any team that drafts in the top 10, 4(soon to be 5) out of 5(soon to be 6) years was actually rebuilding 5 years ago, when we drafted Gagner. The organization was just so ignorant towards the fans, basically treating us like we’re idiots, that finally they had to admit that they were rebuilding. Honestly everybody knew we were rebuilding, we still are rebuilding so why sign a couple 3rd/4th liners and 3rd pairing dman and try to sell the fans on us being a playoff team? Fans are sick of the lying, Im frustrated with Tambo not only because of his terrible moves but also because of the lies and lack of accountability.

    Alls I know is looking forward to the top draft pick playing on your team in early December is getting old.

  • aeiouY

    I hope that last night was an indication that Renney will play Dubie more down the stretch. I like Dubie’s angles and he is getting better at scrambling and showing a higher compete leve. He still needs to work on finding pucks through traffic and reading plays a little quicker. But comes with playing games. I’d like to see a lot more of him.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      It’s easier to stop the puck when expectations are at an alltime low. The Oilers have been playing meaningless games for a month already. Where was this Dubnyk 3 months ago when the Oilers weren’t out of it yet?

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    @ Dman09

    Yeah – I get what you’re saying and I agree with you on most points. I interpreted your previous post to mean (aside from your main point) that you didn’t like the idea of re-signing either Hemsky or Sutton.

    I agree with you on the issue of forwards with size, but I would tread lightly with Gagner. He’s still so young. People focus on his # of NHL games played, but overlook that his development was ill-served by being thrown into the deep end too soon. He’s the kind of guy you trade, and then turns out to be Miro Satan.

    I’m not big on the oil trading for a goalie at this stage. There have been decent UFA goalies at a reasonable price in recent years. Problem is Tambo handcuffed us with the Bulin contract, so it didn’t make sense to try to sign them (e.g. Vokoun this summer).

    But I guess that’s just more ammo for your aguments about Tambo.

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

     Your lost and running in circles.
    You seem to think that every team can be managed in the exact same way. Coming out of the lock out those same bloggers called the Vancouver Canucks an AHL team with an All Star Goalie. All players are unproven until they play. Was it an ideal situation for the Oilers? No, that is clear.
    Second we didn’t get tethered to an aging goalie. It was called signing a transition player. What did we get? A 4 time allstar, Olympic gold medal winner and Stanley cup champion who by all accounts has been a good teacher for Dubnyk. You also seem to forget as a failing team in the most northern climate we will pay a million too much and a year too long for almost any UFA. Besides he is over 3 years younger and has far more accolades than Roloson who signed for .25 million less and only one less year.
    As for you standards from going from a bottom feeder to a playoff contender. What would you have ST do? Sure he could have made the deals to all but ensure we make the playoffs. That also would have gone against what he has stated he is trying to accomplish by building a contender rather than acquiring one like Burke is attempting. Do you know the difference?
     The defense is the biggest glaring weakness that the Oilers have. You will get no argument from me. It has been exposed and taken advantage of at many times this year. But unlike many people on this site, I do not agree that top 4 defensemen can be obtained by trading our junk, garbage and scraps.
    The power play has actually gotten better without RNH. Will that continue? No, he has been the single biggest factor. But the faceoff wins by Belanger, the net presences of Smyth, (oh wait ST gets no credit for that, it literally fell in his lap~) Jones and Eager has nothing to do with that. Just like the fact that having guys like Hordichuk, Sutton and Eager have done nothing to improve the amount of power plays they get.
    If you can’t handle someone poking holes in your narrow minded and weak rant then that’s your problem not mine. I suggest you stop posting on the internet.
    Now if Katz or Klowe could see your enlightened posts I am sure you would be a close Oiler advisor in no time!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Birds of a feather flock together. It can be real easy to agree with the populace rather than think objectively for yoursel have fun with that. I’m out.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I’m not sure Steve is taking the little nuances of the Edmonton market into consideration with his rebuild plan. If i could take a moment and visually draw a parrallel.

    Steve is piloting his Oilers Hercules aircraft, his extensive rebuild plan has the cargo bay bursting at the seams. He’s unaware that the landing strip available to him is only 300 yds long. He must be the only one that doesn’t see the ball of flames that will insue shortly after those tires meet the runway.

    He’s already 2 yrs into that seven yr window he has to work with. At this current pace, his core players will start looking to go elsewhere well before this 7 yr window expires.

    • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

      some guy around here said something i found interesting

      If you can’t handle someone poking holes in your narrow minded and weak rant then that’s your problem not mine.

      he might have been onto something after all

  • I think a lot of people defending Tambellini misunderstand the issue.

    Nobody is claiming that the Oilers should be close to being a playoff team. The fact that they are still bad is not precisely the problem.

    The problem is that Tambellini went into this season believing they were good enough to compete for a playoff spot, and, despite some positive surprises, they are still not even close.

    This complete inability to evaluate his team is why he should be fired. It isn’t even the first time he went into a season believing he had a much better team than he had. Someone this clueless has no business running an NHL team….even if some people believe the fact that he happens to already hold the job presumes competence.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      The truth doesn’t sell tickets. Hope puts asses in the seats. ST evaluated, knows what he had, elects to sing a sweet melody. Nothing wrong with the ol’positive spin. Everyone wants to hold his feet to the fire cuz this used car only gets 15 mpg instead of the advertised 18? Deal with it. His extension should silence the critics but it won’t.

      • Is this a serious response? You believe that an extension somehow proves he is competent?

        He put on a positive spin huh? Absurd. He has already once tried his best to ice a winner and finished last and now suddenly he is a great evaluator of talent?

        It’s funny how every defense of Tambellini takes the form of “I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

        WHY? Why does anyone believe this? He has never ever ever done a single thing to demonstrate that he knows what he is doing, and has repeatedly done things to make himself look incompetent. So where is this blind faith coming from? Baffling.

        • Yourmomthinksimhot

          This makes me laugh out loud, props.

          But seriously, there is no way Oiler fans are supporting Tambellini. Please tell me that a group of Flames or Canuck fans are up to this sick joke. Clearly there is some type of trolling involved…. no?

        • O.C.

          I was thinking the same thing. It’s more of a warning shot… “you’ve got another year to prove to us if you should stay or not.”

          I’m not convinced either way. Two problems still remain. Goaltending and defensive depth. Injuries exacerbated the weakness. There’s still time to fix this, for next year.

          I’m hoping the signs of building depth and fostering winning philosophies at other operations (WHL & AHL) trickles uphill.

          If it doesn’t, then the coach and GM both go. The GM goes before the trading deadline of 2013.

          (I wonder if this is how Pittsburgh sounded when they sucked slough water for five years?)

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Any way you slice it I can’t honestly believe that Tambo would watch us..or any GM of any team…just watch each season flush by on the bottom and not do every single thing in their power to not change things.

    When you break this down to it’s barest element, Tambo and some GM’s have shorter shelf lives than their players. They are also judged on their records. So wouldn’t self preservation prevail at some point just to save face and build a career as GM and a winning record or at least a decent record to go with it?

    It is totally clear to me that Tambo’s hands are tied and have been tied…ON PURPOSE…to build through the draft.

    Tambo is following the plan and has taken many bullets and will take more bullets and for that Katz is rewarding him.

    Now oars in the water boys!! haha that’s a classic new line I just learned..

    • It is totally clear to me that Tambo’s hands are tied and have been tied…ON PURPOSE…to build through the draft.

      If this is true the team is doomed. Nobody can build a winner using nothing but the draft.

      that’s a classic new line I just learned.

      It’s not a new line.

  • I think that Tambo has been saddled with baggage from klowe.

    Renney is his man but two of the assistants are Klowes guys.One of the assistants absolutely hated Cogs and as a result we have magic beans for an NHL player.

    Klowe is the problem.

    • Tambo would get a lot more respect from the fans if he actually is proactive about fixing obvious problems with the team.

      Make a NHL-roster improving deal outside of the deadline and draft, claim anyone on waivers, sign an impact FA, etc.

      While the mentality of “wait and fix everything with the draft” may have been a correct one for last season, and might be a correct one for this season, you can’t sell that kind of long-term plan and kick the rebuild down the road another season every year.

      The big question, as already alluded to, is does Tambellini have problems making big decisions such as the Smyth trade and the Penner deal as on Oil Change – or is he’s forced to act that way by ownership?

      I hope we find out in the weeks leading up to the deadline.

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    What you have said is exactly what I think.The only thing I wonder is how much is the puppet master involved.The assistant coaches I know is pretty much Klowes call.
    Are we talking about replacing the wrong guy?

  • So any improvement that has happend is either explained away by ones interpretation of statistics, a complete fluke or is the result of drafting because of an incompetent GM.

    Anything that is bad with the team is explained as an incompetent GM.

    Yet I am the one drinking kook-aid and not making sense.

    • The arguments against Tambellini are not complicated.

      The team is not playing any better and are giving up the same number of scoring chances but they have given up less goals. What it the simplest explanation for that?

      a) The Oiler’s are somehow better defensively even though every available metric other than goals against says they are not.

      b) The Oilers have had better goaltending.

      Seems obvious to me. This isn’t about explaining things away, it’s about using all available information to develop an informed opinion. So far your opinion seems to be based on nothing but wishes and dreams.

      It’s not hard to finish last. Everyone I know could do it. So far Tambellini hasn’t even hinted at an ability to build using any method besides drafting as early as possible and the best defense anybody has come up with so far is “he’s a GM, you’re not, don’t question him.”

      You still haven’t answered my question from earlier – why should we believe he can do anything besides draft #1 picks?

  • Obviously you’re not getting it. The only metrics you need are these:

    Last year on feb 1

    Record. Pt. Gf. Ga. Hm. Aw.
    15-26-8 38 122 168 7-13-4 8-13-4


    record. Pt. Gf. Ga. Hm. Aw.
    19-26-5 43 125 144 13-8-3 6-18-2

    Now maybe I’m just a simple Simon. But it looks like a pretty clear improvement. Now combine the injuries and I think the forward thinking group out there can see that there is actually significant improvement. Especially at home where the incompetent fools in the office force joe public to go watch a team that is winning more than its losing.

    Now I really don’t want to have to answer your question for a 5th time so please if you don’t understand just go away.

    • Now maybe I’m just a simple Simon

      Finally. Something we can agree on.

      The only metrics you need are these

      I only now realized that you are just trolling. So when Minnesota was in first place earlier in the year did you believe they were really a first place team? You must have been sure Colorado was going to win the cup 2 years ago too huh?

      Say there are two teams, on average team (a) gets outchanced 23-4 and outshot 45-13 but has a recond of 5-6. Team (b) gets outchanced and outshot by the exact same margin but their record is 2-9. Is team (a) really a better team or did they get lucky for a while? Your refusal to even acknowledge these factors does not help your credibility.

      Now I really don’t want to have to answer your question for a 5th time so please if you don’t understand just go away.

      You haven’t answered it even once. You just keep repeating the party line.

      • If I am trolling then I am throwing anything caught here back.
        You are now trying to use Minnesota to back up your pathetic argument? That was an extremely small sample size. What I am saying is that the results are what matter. The results after 50 games (not the 20 that Minnesota had a very short run at the top for) show the Oilers HAVE improved despite injuries.
        So there are two teams bla bla bla bla….. Just because someone says that was a scoring chance those stats are subjective! This is what pisses me off about you yahoos using your advanced stats and metrics to back up a pathetic and feeble argument! The simple fact is that you leave your base data to be collected in an inconsistent manner! If you haven’t realized that different people see things different ways (obviously you don’t since you’re still here!)then you have never looked at away game and said, “there is no way that team had that many shots or hits”. On top of that not every scoring chance is equal! You can have two breakaways, if one player loses control of the puck and gets a very poor shot on net, it is counted EXACTLY the same as a guy who makes an incredible move and the goalie stones him! So you saying two teams bla bla bla bla is just that…. verbal diarrhea!
        Now obviously you’re NOT GETTING IT! So this is my last post on the matter. Take the shots that you want. The rest are free.

        • Yourmomthinksimhot

          Bla bla bla?? WHOA!! What a glorious way to explain your point, good job at destroying TigerUnderGlass with your cunning vocabulary and proficient stance of your argument……. Ohhhh man TigerUnderGlass you got pwned!!

          Seriously dude, figure it out. Step back, read what your writing and understand that you argument is weak and getting picked apart. If you feel the way you do, then do a better job of defending your stance.

          Its a lot tougher to defend Tambellini who has finished 30th place overall in consecutive years and on pace to finish 29th, then it is to exploit him for his faults.

          TigerUnderGlass is right, ANY one of us can be a GM that finishes 30th overall. Anyone of use can do this, its last place, and anyone of use can have luck 1 out of three years and be on pace to finish 29th. Yes Im very confident I could manage an NHL hockey team to finish 30th overall. So from now on do a better job of explaining how he is doing a better job then anyone of us Joe Blows.

          Otherwise thanks for coming out Ke$ha….

  • Yourmomthinksimhot

    He’s right guys, I mean come on. The last two years we were 30th and this year we’re 29th…. Any idiot can see that’s a huge improvement…. What a great argument, how did we not see this?

    Just think, at this rate we’ll be 28th in two more years!! Ain’t no stats going to prove his winning theory wrong….

  • O.C.

    So how many more years of finishing last and seeing “fluke” injuries to key players before someone starts asking whether there are systemic problems within the organization? I’m all for stability, but losing and sloppiness are not the types of things you want to keep stable.

  • On top of that not every scoring chance is equal! You can have two breakaways, if one player loses control of the puck and gets a very poor shot on net, it is counted EXACTLY the same as a guy who makes an incredible move and the goalie stones him!

    Luckily we aren’t just talking about 2 scoring chances here. I love that you point out the Minnesota sample size but ignore Colorado and then go on to use a two chance sample size to “prove” your point about chances.

    Did you know goals that bounced off 3 players and trickle over the goal line are counted EXACTLY the same as one scored when a player beats 3 guys on his way to the net, makes 13 moves and scores top corner?

    At first I thought this could be a serious conversation, but now your responses have reached Showgirls status…so far beyond terrible they have come all the way around to awesome. Please don’t stop now.