Good bye Gibby


I always find it hard to be unbiased evaluating a trade when I know one of the players involved. Personal feelings creep in, both good and bad.

Tom Gilbert is one of my favorite team mates of all time. He is a fun guy to have in the locker room, positive and a solid all around d-man. Because of injuries in recent seasons he was leaned on heavily to play hard minutes in every possible situation. I felt like he was getting overworked and at times his play would suffer.

Yesterday when he was traded to the Minnesota Wild for Nick Schultz I took a minute to evaluate without emotion. I have always respected Schultz’s game. He is a steady defensive orientated defenseman. I expect he will be asked to play against most top lines, pk and crucial minutes at the end of the game. He has a calm demeanor which with help to calm the rest of the club and more specifically younger dman on the Oilers.

With Gilbert in the lineup the balance of offensive and defensive d-men was out of whack. The addition of Schultz along with Smid and Sutton will provide the defensive end of things, which will allow Potter, Petry and Whitney to create offense.

I like the trade. Brings balance to the back end and a steady veteran to smooth over the tougher minutes.

Nashty times…

Tough time to be Rick Nash in Columbus. Yesterday when Scott Howson let the world know he had asked for a trade, it left him in a bad spot but one Nash created for himself.

I don’t mind when a player asks for a trade. Sometimes it just isn’t working where you are at. I do mind when they ask for a trade a year or two after they sign a long term deal with.

When you commit to a team for as long as Nash did, I think you should play that contract out for better or worse. He could have waited till he was unrestricted and looked at every situation but he chose not to. Did he really think that Columbus was going to become a top team? I assume he must have but I am not sure anyone else thought they were going that way.

I really respect Shea Webber from Nashville. I am sure David Poile has given him a blank cheque to fill out every day to get him to sign but he doesn’t want the commitment. The money will be there for him now or later just like it would have been for Nash. He wants to play for a team that will win, so he is patient. Yes that may be Nashville but he doesn’t need to rush a decision.

I hope the Nash situation works out for everyone. Unfortunately, once the secret is out most often it doesn’t.

  • D

    Every time I see one of those “a player has been traded” press conferences, I think back to the big press conference in 1988.

    I think this is a good move for the Oil though, even though I really like Gilbert (especially for breaking Coffey’s record).

  • Souby

    While Nash may have created the situation by requesting the trade, I don’t agree with Howson releasing that to the media. These things usually come out after the fact, but I don’t see how this helps the situation.

    Nash now looks like the bad guy (which he may be), but how does Howson think this will help his chances of trading him? Nash still has his NMC, so he can veto any deal Howson can get. Not to mention the fact that other GM’s now know Nash requested this, so how many potential suitors are going to back off because they feel Nash’s attitude may be in question?

    With that said, I am sure Nash will be traded in the summer, but I am not sure why Howson felt the need to burn a bridge and possibly limit his trade options in the process.

  • yawto

    My question is that if a player has a NTC on his contract, it is obviously to stop from being blind sided in a trade to a team you do not want to play for.

    So when a player asks for a trade, blind siding management, should they also not give up thier NTC as they signed the contract in good faith and Management has held up to their end of the bargain.

  • I tried it at home

    It sucks that we had to go through Gilberts teething period, and now Minny gets a more learned, poised version, but Im assuming this is “give a little to get a little”. I cant say I know a lot about Schultz (God I want to say “I know nah-zingk”) but everything Ive read seems to point to a solid blue line presence. Best of luck to Gilbert, and thanks for all youve done.

  • Hemmercules

    I don’t think that asking for a trade will hurt Nash at all. Look at Heatly, his situation was ugly and teams were still trying to get him. I can’t blame Nash for wanting out of there but Struds is right that he shouldn’t have signed that huge contract and then asked to get out not long after. Howson should have kept his mouth shut in my opinion, telling the world really didn’t help either side.

    I wasnt overjoyed with the trade. Gilbert looked to be turning into a solid all around guy but if Schultz keeps more pucks out of the net I’ll be happy. Petry don’t fail us now……..

  • RexLibris

    If Weber were to sign another one-year deal that would make both he and Crosby expiring UFAs in the same year (although Crosby would probably re-sign before he became a UFA). This Nash circus would probably look like a tea party compared to that media brouhaha.

    I can’t really blame Nash for eventually throwing his hands in the air and saying enough is enough, however, if he had any sense at all he would have taken a shorter term (three to five years) to determine the direction of the club before a long-term commitment.

    The difference between Nash’s contract and Kovalchuk’s, Carter’s, Richards’ (Mike), and Zetterberg’s is that they all signed with teams that were either heading or had just been to a relatively decent level of success. Columbus has never proven anything other than an tendency to be a bad place to draft Russians. This is hardly fair as the fan base there is knowledgeable and fairly committed. In contrast to other markets that don’t have that following but have more success.

    I wonder if Feaster watches to see what Nash returns in a trade with the (mistaken) perception that Iginla would fetch the same were he to ever be moved?

    • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

      That’s what gets me with Nash. It’s not like CBJ just all of a sudden became a bad team. If you didn’t plan on staying then don’t sign so long.

      I guess maybe he tried by asking for the type of deal he ended up getting. Maybe he thought it was too much for CBJ and they would’ve dealt him instead of giving him that contract.

  • Ogden Brother Jr. - Team Strudwick for coach

    I have little problem when a player asks for a trade, but they need to keep it quiet and behind doors. Nash’s comments and his agents the past week were uncalled for. Howson’s weren’t much better, but he needed to make a stand sooner or later.

  • RexLibris

    A player with a NTC who asks for a trade is breaking a commitment he asked for and puts management in an untenable situation, especially if they limit the number of teams that they can be traded to like Heatley or Nash did.

    I don’t see how a player with a NTC who demands a trade can ask for confidentiality of that demand. Management should do the best it can to maintain confidentiality, but once the trade processes fails, because the player has limited the possible destinations or the time for a trade to occur, management has to give the fans an explanation.

  • RexLibris

    I remember when Scott Howson was thought to be a good hockey guy. Chances are he will end up back in Edmonton once he is dumped in the off season.

    I don’t know what there is to gain by slagging Rick Nash, whether its true or not. Looks bad on Howson and Nash, and the only loosers are the CBJ faithful. That team has done well in Ohio concidering the mismanagement, and bad drafting. I hope for their sake that team turns it around and has some success in the NHL soon.

    If Nash wanted out so bad, he should of had more teams on his list, cause he’s not going anywhere for the ransom Howson was asking. I don’t think Nash is an elite player with the ability to command the return and I hope he sits. I’d play happily in CBJ for 7.8 milllion.

  • The problem is that what Schultz brings, Gilbert was already doing well. And Gilbert can be trusted with more power play minutes. So… What is the upgrade supposed to be exactly? To me it looks like they got slightly worse, and what I don’t buy is that you can have an unbalance of offensive and defensive defencemen… You can have too many guys who can do only one thing in your top four, though.

    Quality two way defencemen, are simply more useful than other player types. If you could ice a group of six Gilbert’s, you would. Six Schultzes? Not so much.

  • Nash is just a slightly more engaged Dustin Penner. He is absolutely invisible many nights and the C he wears is a total joke.

    Im not surprised at all Howson couldnt move him. He is grossly overpaid for what you get many nights.

  • Hemmercules

    Nash is the face of the Columbus franchise, the guy who sells tickets, and Howson tells the fanbase that he asked for a trade? It must be hard enough to sell tickets there, now they’re last place and their franchise player could be gone by this summer. Let’s see how many tickets and Columbus #61 jerseys they sell from now until summer. Bad business move all around.

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    The question is can Schultz not just get the puck out of the zone but do so without turning it over? If he can could he please teach Smid how to do the same?

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Hmm… either Kent is playing a funny on us expecting the Oilers to lose to St. Louise tomorrow so he decided to skip to the Dallas game on the schedule thingy or else Wanye is drunken updating the site.

    Either way is a possible explanation 😛

  • The Real Scuba Steve

    I think Schultz will be a great presence for the Oilers however I do hope they bring another D and let Potter Sutton be the 6/7 depending on the team we play, the nice thing is they both fill a different need. I really hope they don’t give any of the spots to any of the young rookies, keep them in WHL for as long as they can (Musil, Gernat, Reinhart/Murray) and in the AHL for 2-3 years maybe playing their whole ELC in the AHL with call ups (Maricin, Klefbom) I just want to see these guys for sure ready to go so when they hit the NHL they hit the ground running, no more just handing players spots make them play their way on the roster…i.e Petry this year.

  • Jason Strudwick

    This is a great point. It should be a two way street. A trade demand equals no more player involvement in to where he goes.

    I think there will be some adjusting done to the no movement or no trade clauses in the next CBA. They could be removed totally or there may be windows each season where teams could move the player.

    Nash is a dynamic player, exciting to watching and a game breaker. He is currently on a bad team which he signed on for but lets not down play his ability. He is a top flight player in the NHL.

    • Personally I dont contest that he is a great talent but he does not give his best effort every night, so IMO that talent on many nights is being wasted and thus he is very difficult to trade.

      there have been some instances where a new environment brings out the best in a player but there as just as many of “a leopard doesn’t change its spots”.

      I hope whoever gets him can light a fire under his butt as the league needs his best efforts nightly……..then…. hes a stud… till then… he leaves me wanting.

  • paul wodehouse


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  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

    There is no way to judge this trade from what I see until at least summer and we see what Schultz can bring to the table. It looks very even in many ways and not so in others. The reality is however that this is a true team game and the intangibles matter a lot. Schultz may surprise not with points but with confidence exuded to others resulting in less goals against but similar goals or even more for us.
    I have a question Mr Strudwick Can you see and feel a big change in a forwards confidence when he trusts his D-man thereby allowing him to go for offense knowing there is a wall behind him protecting the team from the other offense? Please explore that Idea some time.

  • vetinari

    I will miss Gilbert and his offense, but I hope a Schultz/Smid pairing may finally give us the top shutdown defensive pairing that we so badly needed.

    As for the Nash situation, I think it was badly handled by all parties. I think that if Nash wanted out of Columbus, he shouldn’t handcuff his GM’s hands and say “here’s my list of 4 or 5 teams that I am willing to go to” and expect the GM to spin gold from straw. The GM’s first priority is bettering his team and not accomodating a specific player (although these goals sometimes converge). As for Howson, it wasn’t wise to blurt out that the trade request was initiated by Nash until after he was off the team and then make it public.

    As a GM, I would probably tell players with NTC/NMC that if you want off the team, you just have to ask but if the season has already started and you give me less than a list of 10 teams to work with, and I can’t get something done that benefits all parties, too bad until the offseason, at which time I would then expect you to fully waive your clause from June 15th to July 15th to allow me to facilitate a deal with any willing team.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I agree with what Howson did. If a player has a no trade clause in his contract, I believe the clause should be forfeited if said player is the one requesting the trade. How can Nash honestly say he was doing it to help Columbus when he will only accept a trade to a list of teams he provides? Doing so severely limits Howsons options and chances of getting a fair return for Nash. Now if the team asked him if he would accept a trade, then fine submitting a list of teams is fair. For anyone to think Howson is in the wrong by ‘outing’ Nash, you need to give your head a shake. I wish more GM’s would stand up for themselves in these circumstances.

  • paul wodehouse

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