We missed the Oilers game last night. Not because we had some pressing prior engagement or something more important to do but because something else best described as "moderately fun" came up and we picked that over watching a meaningless game at the end of the season against a superior opponent who never loses at home.

At times like these we can turn only to German Techno for guidance.

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If the Oilers could maybe just let everyone know if they plan on showing up on a given night for the remainder of the season that would be fantastic. Because we love nothing more than a good Edmonton Oilers ice hockey match where they are trying hard, whirling around in tightly laced skates and gripping their sticks equally tightly as they body check the opponents.

What we cannot STAND – and what we have seen all too often in the annual "the season hasn’t mattered in months let us play out the string and collect millions in the process" is mailing it in. When the Oil mail it in we wish we were doing anything BUT watching an Oilers game.


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This hot jam Leider Geil by Deichkind was listed for 4 weeks in both the Austria Singles Top 75 and in the Germany Singles Top 100 in 2011.  Literally translated to mean "unfortunately cool" it shows all of the funny crap we entertain ourselves with to pass the time before that Mayan meteor smushes us all. And though completely meaningless we find it awesome.

Remind you of anything? Leider Geil speaks to us as an Oilers fan. When the Oil kick the hell out of the Preds on the road, Dubnyk makes 41 saves and Hemsky gets a hat trick "unfortunately cool" is pretty much the best description we can think of.

On the one hand it is great. Hey a win right? Hemsky gets a hat trick? That’s great news. It should play well into next season if he can finish strong down the stretch. That big bastard in the net kicked out a boatload of shots and looked solid in the process? Outstanding. Goaltending is going to be one of the largest holes needing dithering fixing this summer. 

Yep, looking at this game through the rose coloured glasses that were forcibly glued to our head in the summer of 2006 by the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club this is a good win.



What is that like the 7th or 8th hatty that Hemsky has had in his career? Oh wait – it’s his first? Didn’t the Nuge do it 3 games into his career? Right. But we must get some solace from the fact that Dubnyk is turning into the goalie we desperately need him to be in the coming years from this. We don’t? He still looks shakier than Lindsay Lohan on a Sunday morning on all too many nights?

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Well then at least beating a team that has been on FIRE at home of late must move the Oilers up the standings. Oh wait, winning every remaining game and convincing the NHL to award the team 3 points per win couldn’t even make a dent in the 30 or so teams above the Oilers in the league.


So this win means absolutely nothing then. So it’s just basically a bunch of elements of the Oilers magically combining for one night only to recede to the darkest shadows in Rexall Place. How unfortunate. 

In less than a month we would give anything to watch the Oilers play anyone regardless of the outcome. But that is the tragedy of these last years when you really look at it. We want games like last night stacked up to the sky. When the Oilers upset a red hot team at home with an unlikely win on the road it needs to mean something.

Otherwise it is just a bunch of meaningless, mindless entertainment. And that isn’t going to stand next year.

  • 24% body fat

    Fist of all, last nights win shows that Hemsky can still play. If Hemsky, Gagner, Eberle, Hall and RNH can all play consistantly on the same night than we can win.

    Ebs and Nuge played against Weber and Suter, thus the Gagner line could run a muck. With Hall in the line up the other teams coach has a tough decision to make.

    Dubnyk has a solid winning percentage since the beginning of 2012 (when he clearly is number 1) on the 2nd worst team in the league. Renney needs to get Crappybulin out of his mind and ride Dubnyk. Everyone sees this why cant he.

    Our D is terrible, but the fire power is strong enough to over come this not to be a lottery pick next year. I don’t believe Grigorenko brings us anything to the table, but yakupov and murray do. Think of the other coaches defence deployment with yakupov in our line up. Murray adds an all tools defensemen that will boost our offensive production as well lower our goals against.


    Who made up these words? What language is this? FFS, Wanye, stop trying to sound smart and speak friggin’ English or shut it. What’s next, Latin? Ooooh Carpe Diem. Watch me prance at the front of the Easter parade with my smarty pants on.


    • Finding out that the Oilers are the worst team in the current CBA has really dented my morale. I think things are better than they have been in years but my tolerance for this losing is coming to an end. Next year should be an interesting one.

  • oilredemption

    Let’s not be canuck fans here… Hemsky did take a while to get his first harry but shane doan took 1161 games to get there and we can all agree he’s an effective goal scorer. Next oilers hockey is never meaningless is hemsky still effective as a 2nd line right winger? Nuge for calder campaign? Ebs for the byng? The value for smyth for next season? Petrys progress as a #1? Dubynk as a #1? Progress in points from last two seasons? Can renny be the coach of the future? Will hall be effected by his concussion when he comes back? Can we beat top tiers teams and get some stem for next year? Should I go on…

    • 24% body fat

      Agree, except it seems that all we beat is top tier team and lose to all the crappy ones. Oilers have to hold a record for most times Pekka Rinne has been pulled


    • Yes do go on. I have been trying to soothe my wounds for 6 odd years now.


      BTW Canucks fans would all be sea kayaking and eating sushi and would have long forgotten about the Canucks who would have folded years ago if they put on the display the Oilers 06-12 have done.

    • Someone mentioned that Datsyuk still looking for a hatty. Sometimes players just have dumn luck like Laraque or Moreau.

      I know its not the same thing, but its like when a people use to say Roger Clemens never had a no hitter and somehow it diminished his career acheivements even though he was a multiple Cy Young winner and World Series champion . The guy was still a top 10 pitcher all time if you forget the steriods. Anyhoo….

  • 24% body fat


  • South of Cowtown

    Concerning last week’s read following the beatdown of the Phlegms and their phans.
    Thank you. Best belly laugh all winter! Looking forward to the subsequent slagging of them next season.

  • O.C.

    Leider Geil is apt.

    We can’t help but look at car crashes. Ask any season ticket holder about that feeling.

    But where there’s hope, why not watch? We watch exhibition games don’t we?

    Better yet, this is real hockey and in some cases with repercussions (spOiler).

    Then it comes down to, Do I Watch World Championships or Stanley Round 2…

    Leider Geil. Well done.

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    I can’t read binary for sh*t, but I just assumed that every combination of 1’s and 0’s spells squeeeee, just with varying amounts of e’s on the end.

    Can’t wait for the World Championships already.

  • Stocc

    Had the misfortune of watching your video. Actually watched till the end. Please don’t turn this web site into something stupid. Not sure how many 13 yr olds read here, or adults with a 13yr olds sense of humer (Wayne).

      • Stocc

        The majority of people on here looking for insight on the “Edmonton Oilers”, don’t make a comment on silly behavior like I did. From the thread replying to my remark, my spelling is the least of what should be judged. Content is what makes this web site work, and last. I have been an Oiler fan for most of my 42 years, and enjoy the thoughtfull articles. As long as they are good I will return as a reader. My concern is that the goofy stuff that goes on tarnishes the professional opinion, and eventually the real insight that writes here, will go somewhere else.

    • Bryzarro World

      Not sure? Stick around and find out.

      One thing I know is that by 13 I knew how to spell humor or can even spell it humour.

      Is the humor too advanced for you. Pull my finger……

    • Wax Man Riley

      Robin Brownlee wrote:


      Who made up these words? What language is this? FFS, Wanye, stop trying to sound smart and speak friggin’ English or shut it. What’s next, Latin? Ooooh Carpe Diem. Watch me prance at the front of the Easter parade with my smarty pants on.


      Sloppy Joe wrote:

      Didn’t you have an article not too long ago about schadendreude?

      BTW – My favourite thing about schadenfreude (and about Germans) is that Germans actually came up with a specific word to capture the idea.

      Also BTW – you gave an English definition of the term in your previous article. My translation of the term into English is the Simpsons character, Nelson, doing his high-pitched heh-heh laugh.

      Robin Brownlee wrote:

      No. No, I didn’t. That was, er, Gregor.

      Hahaaa….PinePointLink, are you getting this? Hahahahaaaa …. comedy genius here! Is this thing on? … Is this thing on?

  • Wax Man Riley

    For the record,I too watched the entire video and found it quite enjoyable. For some reason, it reminds me of a German version of Snoop Dog…


  • Dallylamma

    I wanna know who got into the Delorean, kidnapped the 2006 Hemsky and brought him to the present day?

    What has happened to 2012 Hemsky…DID THEY KILL HIM?!?

    I’m scared.

    Also, I’m calling Laddy Smid as the next Captain of the Oilers with Hall, Ebs, NUUUUUUUGE and possibly Petry as Alternates.

    Book it. Done.

  • Bucknuck

    Tambellini has proven he is good at getting draft picks. Good work, numbnuts. Now go get a goalie (don’t play Khabby ever again), and a Good Dman.

    or wait a minute… Let’s get a new GM instead.

  • book¡e

    Wanye, Just this morning as I was drinking my coffee (I can’t stand coffee) at the mall (which is a horrible horrible place), I thought to myself “I hate Reading Wanye’s stupid articles”.

  • Colin

    This is off topic but did the Oilers honestly dock pay from Eager for breaking a camera in the box in Vancouver? Now the NHLPA is filing a greveince with the Oilers for it. Wow!! no wonder players like Souray and others have wanted out of the city. Oil cant spare money for a broken camera let alone let Eager and the league etc. know about docking him pay. I dont care what anyone says but Eager will be a big part to this team. In my opinion he is one of the most effective 4th liners when he is on his game. I wouldnt be surprised if he gets traded and it comes out that he requested it cause the Oil cant seem to figure out how to treat players.