Watching ol’ Steve Tambellini grinning like someone who had actually done something rather than someone who failed again until he was rewarded we couldn’t help but think:

The Hockey Gods have officially done all they can for the Edmonton Oilers. 

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Now as Willis already pointed out in his article earlier today it has been a good long while since a team has had 3 consecutive first overall picks in the Entry Draft. This has to be taken as an extraordinary sign of favour from those high up on Mt. Olympus.

It also signals that the time has arrived for us as Oilers fans to shift the responsibility for the team from the sky to the front office on Kingsway Avenue.


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For so long we have all collectively wrung our hands and begged the Gods on the Mountain for mercy with our beloved Edmonton Oilers. It may have seemed like they had been ignoring our pleas these past 6 years, it’s now clear they were listening the entire time.

The same Gods that made Chris Pronger do what he did in 2006 are the same Gods who kept Jordan Eberle around until the 22nd pick in 2008. The Gods who infected Dany Heatley with "I-hate-Edmonton-itis" also made Taylor Hall out of material so resilient he can bounce back from "nearly-severed-head-syndrome" in less than 24 hours.

Those who let Smytty go also saw fit in their wisdom to bring him back where he belongs. Those who made Cam Barker the mess you see before you also made the Nuge the hero you see before you.

Finally the Gods that have kept our collective heads underwater these past 6 years have also seen it fit to 5 Alarm Screw the Columbus Blue Jackets out of first pick overall and hand it on a platter to Dithers & Company for the third year in a row.

So in our minds we are no longer going to cry out to the Gods "Why have you forsaken us fans of the Oilers!? Why? WHY? WHYYYYYYY?*" The Gods of Hockey have done their part to hook us up.

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It is now time for the very mortal and very fire-able Oilers Brass to take this embarassment of riches and dress it up into a Stanley Cup contender. And fast too – the Nuge is almost 11 years old.

The hard yards have already been done and the miracles that needed to happen have now occurred.


So much for winning the lottery one day and so much for not posting naked pictures of ourselves on the Facebooks. We were caught up in the heat of the moment yesterday prior to the Draft Lottery and we made a couple of what we believed to be harmless comments that will doubtlessly come back to haunt us.


Firstly we gave up any possibility of winning the lottery in our natural life with that witty gem of a tweet. File this one under "careful what you wish for" because had we known that the Gods of Wishing were listening to Twitter at that very moment we would have asked for something different.

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A Jordan Eberle Speedo endorsement deal. Natalie Portman breaking off her marriage with that dancing clown from Black Swan. Heck, we could have asked to win the actual lottery and used the money to buy the first pick overall off the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft!


Now when someone goes on Facebook and makes this type of bold statement do people really expect him or her to see it through? We can’t help but think that they understand it’s all in good fun and not hold him or her accountable to wild promises made on social media. Right? RIGHT?

*coughs nervously*


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Our good chum on twitter @RaelynnBenn sent over the following celebratory pic after the draft miracle had been announced. If ever there was a time to feast on a squee in cupcake form this would be it.

Now if you will excuse us we have to call our lawyers with regards to some soon to be posted naked pictures to post on Facebook. Or something.

*Simulated crying  – we don’t actually do that all the time or anything.**

** Oh yes we do