Pictures of the a new design for the proposed Downtown Edmonton Arena have hit the interwebs and they can only be described as :"hurry the hell up" and "is it done yet?"

This shot is described as "The building is open to daylight, with a tall pedway over 104th Avenue that drops people down to a new public square." If this is actually how the thing looks when all is said and done Rexall Place 2 will be one of the nicest buildings in the league hands down.

We would also add that it looks like the Borg Continuum seemingly has a hand in these new designs. Resistance to the new arena is futule! You too will become one with the Borg Architecture and Humanity Domination Corp.

This shot is "a profile view of the pedway over 104th Avenue" They have kindly edited out the various toughs that would be standing outside the Greyhound Bus Depot, keeping a sharp eye out for Oilers fans who have enjoyed too many $40 hockey beers.

This angle also looks sharp and we can imagine King Jordan of Eberle riding down this street in the Captain’s vehicle which leads the Cup parade scheduled annually from 2016 until further notice.

This shot looks down 104th avenue too and it provides some insight into other plans the Katz Group have for the area which consists of knocking down the surrounding buildings and replacing the grass with a sleek silver coating of some futuristic metallic compound. Also note the absence of cars which suggests we are all teleporting to and fro when the building is finally open for business.

The final concept drawing released shows the arena footprint as viewed from above. In this shot the buildings West and South of the arena are back and a wicked large tower has been erected beside the pedway that spans 104th avenue. Dibs on the Penthouse of this tower and installing a zip line directly into our season seats in row 415.


We won’t say that these new arena drawings are better than our original 2008 concept – which is basically ready to begin construction PS – but if this is what Edmonton looks like in 2016 a then 73 year old Lauren Pronger will finally realize the mistake she made so many years ago.

If needed we will personally report to the Baccarat Casino at a moments notice with an OilersNation edition skid steer and start the demolition ourselves.