I’m not sure why management at TEAM 1260 hasn’t seen fit to give me my own radio show yet, but until they correct that oversight, I’m happy to ride shotgun twice a week as a co-host with Jason Gregor and thankful for fill-in gigs like the one I’ll have Saturday on Nation Radio.

With Lowetide taking tomorrow off, I received a directive from Wanye Gretz at Oilersnation’s palatial downtown headquarters the other day telling me to get my backside over to the studio in the west end between noon and 2 p.m. to fill in for everybody’s favourite friendly uncle – there was also some sort of reference to "try not to screw it up so bad this time."

Needing the dough and wanting a break from thrashing on my latest hotrod project – the bitchin’ but broken down 1960 Biscayne that Mr. Bowling Shoes keeps razzing me about every chance he gets – I accepted, so I’ll be occupying the big seat and trying not to push the wrong buttons for two hours. Could be the start of something big, no?

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Aside from having a solid line-up of guests, I’d like to toss out an invitation to our readers here, at least those I haven’t banned yet, to get involved with the show and call in during our final segments of each hour and have your say about anything that’s on your fertile minds related to the Oilers.

Be it your take on the pending announcement of GM Steve Tambellini’s contract extension, the status (limbo) of Tom Renney, what the Oilers should do with a third consecutive first overall pick (skip the goofy talk and select Nail Yakupov) in the 2012 Entry Draft or anything else – "Brownlee, why don’t you have your own show yet?" – I’d like to hear from you.

Aside from having a good hockey gab, it also provides me the opportunity to put a voice to the fake names that show up on this website on a regular basis, be it John Chambers (bogus name if I ever heard one), Quicksilver Ballet or Dipstick.

Whether you’re a knucklehead, an armchair GM or both, I’d like to hear from you – yes, even if you disagree with me (forcing me or the producer to cut you off in mid-sentence and then ridicule you without the courtesy of letting you defend yourself). We’re looking at 10-minute segments for your takes at 12:45 and 1:45.

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We’ll kick-off the big show with exclusive interviews with Wayne Gretzky and Gary Bettman, spend 40 minutes talking about the Bronte 5000’s analysis of relative Corsi and then follow that up with a conversation with chief scout Stu MacGregor, who will make it official the Oilers will select Yakupov with the first overall pick . . . *

Gregor is going to slide by to talk about the topical issues of the day (he’s gonzo the first time he slips in a Biscayne cheap shot) to open the show, including the status of Tambellini and Renney, potential coaching candidates and anything else that’s creating a buzz in this corner of the NHL.

— In the second segment of the first hour, I’ll have a chat with defenseman Ryan Whitney about the season that was, the off-season that is and what he sees looking down the road at 2012-13. He’s a sharp guy who always offers an honest take.

— We’ll talk with Vancouver Province beat man Ben Kuzma, who’ll offer his insights about the Canucks coming off the tracks in the first round and all the consternation that’s followed. Kuzma doesn’t toe the company line, and never has, when it comes to his thoughts on the Canucks.

— In our second segment of the second hour, we’ll talk with David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. Staples isn’t just the engine that drives the popular Cult of Hockey blog, he’s an excellent writer with a better handle on what’s going on with the arena project than any other reporter in this city. We’ll talk about what’s happening, and why, with the project.

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— In the final segments of each hour, I’ll take your calls at 780 426-8326. Or not.

*Gretzky and Bettman said, "Screw off, Brownlee, you’re finished in this business," MacGregor isn’t taking my calls and the Bronte 5000 has not done an analysis of relative Corsi, whatever the hell that is.

Listen to Robin Brownlee Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on the Jason Gregor Show on TEAM 1260.

    • RexLibris

      According to every reputable source that I’ve seen, yes Nail is Muslim. Don’t know if he is an observer of Ramadan though. If he is, he will be obliged to fast during daylight hours through playoffs for 2013 and 2014 and during the pennant race 2015.
      Whether that fits with the Oilers management teams schedule for assaults on the cup is to be determined.

  • RPG

    It is so hard to predict who will win the Cup these days because of injuries. I could pick 7 teams at the beginning of the season and have the winner for the last 20 yrs. Now the landscape has changed. Not so easy.

    When teams win the cup everyone want to follow. Vancouver thought it need to get tougher didn’t work. This year maybe it is the offensive d-man you need.

    We spend so much time handicapping what we need and it can be over with one hit. It was not always like this.

  • flyin ryan

    Sweet! Thought you were great your first time round filling in Robin. Can’t wait!

    I’d like to hear your thought’s about our first pick this year & Sam Gagner to Columbus for their first pick (2nd overall, Ryan Johansen &…something else to come our way….?

  • RexLibris

    Looking forward to it, Robin. I love your sense of timing and understatement (read: vaguely withheld disgust) when dealing with certain topics and individuals on air. No, I’m not referring to Gregor.

    When I saw you were doing Nation Radio all I could think was “please let Kent Wilson be on this one” as I’d love to hear the two of you square off. Even better would be listening to you and Vintage Flame exchange barbs.

    Best of luck Saturday and I look forward to the Kuzma interview especially. I’d love to hear some specific and objective observations of the Canucks from someone in Vancouver.

  • Tambellini should be gone for even floating the “Khaibulin will playing next year” balloon. He made a mistake on Khabi’s deal why compound it by not buying him out? Why even consider delivering such a second rate product to your customers if you you actually care about the product and/or the customer? We have known for 2 years now that Khabi is no longer a serviceable NHL goalie. There is absolutely no hockey reason to keep him on the roster any longer. The only two reasons for keeping Khabi is to let Tambo hold on to the illusion that his first big signing wasn’t a failure or his plan for rebuild is to lose intentionally to build through the draft. The time is past for honoring either of these rationale. If Tambellini has lost sight of an assumed goal that pro hockey teams should win as much as possible for the fans and the team then he should be fired. I think he has lost focus.

  • Robin, It was probably an off the cuff statement about having your own radio segment.If I was In control of a sports radio program you would have the morning drive show.Its like the strawman its a no brainer.will you take questions from this site?

  • I want Tambellini to take a few weeks off (take a vacation in the bahamas or something), then come back and present us with his plan..his vision, and goals for the future..
    Second thought, I want Tambellini to take several years off (take a vacation in Turkey or something), then come back and present us with his scouting reports of Turkish hockey players..

  • Milhouse: No competition? Of course not. The show is at noon. You’re at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. or whatever . . .

    Please, do continue to regal us with every detail of your vacation in San Antonio. We want to know when you eat and when you golf. Tell us about all the chicks you meet . . .

  • I wish the team would do repeat broadcast on Monday at 6 or turn the show into a two day a week evening broadcast for my drives home from work. Lowetide and Brownlee show would save me from having to listen to something else.

  • Dipstick

    I’ll do your burgeoning radio career a real big favor and NOT call in. With a handle like mine you must realize that any contribution I might make would only set you back. I will listen, as usual.

  • canucknnv

    I can’t believe that you even brought up the idea of Luongo coming to Edmonton. At some point the Oilers are going to make the playoffs during his contract and he is not a playoff tender.

    I like Roberto, He takes an absolute whoopin in the media and a lesser man would have had a gun in their mouth by now. His contract and his play mean I would like to see him in south florida where it doesn’t matter. Keep him away from my Oilers.

    Oh i get it….You were trolling on the radio to get enraged citizens to the site. Well played good sir well played.

  • Solid job Robin! You came out of the gates a tad rough but warmed into the seat quickly.

    I enjoyed the rapport you had with Kuzma.

    And enough with the Luongo jokes…. old fat guys like me can only take so much!

  • paul wodehouse

    …RB…the guy in the picture at the top

    wasn’t he such a controversial radio host in a movie that his character was gunned down late one night after he got off the air or am i thinking of some other less than true to life experience …

    i’m quite happy that you are taking a gradual step by step manner in your quest to be King of The Radio Waves …keep it up

    the good work that is