Yeah we know we launched the Photoshop Contest about 124 days ago and have yet to award the winner. Wait till you hear the celebrity judge that has weighed in on the contest though! All will be forgiven we swear.


Returning from Nerd Camp last week has been a jarring experience. We are back among polite company, expected to behave and no one seems interested in spit balling ideas for wacky and fantastical companies that have a 1% chance of success.

It’s back to "reality" of "things that can actually occur and a list of To Dos that stretches to the Sun"

So we sit down with Jason Gregor to take stock of what needs to be done. At one point in the conversation we happen to say "hey did you see that photoshop contest? How hilarious was that?"

Without even batting an eye he replied "Oh yeah it was great. I showed it to your man crush Eberle and he said that entry #6 (Gangster Enough) was the best."


Jordan Eberle has been on the Nation?? Did he try and click the reply button only to have it fail?? Did he wonder why there is nothing under the media tab on the header? Did he know we can comment on pollz??? 


It boggles our brain banana! We had to order a paper bag from the waitress and use it to stop hyperventilating while Gregor calmly ate his dinner and watched.  


Forgoing the democratic process we award the prize of Photoshop V: Yak City to Gangster Enough. Yes it’s brilliant author Marc didn’t "technically" win the popular vote but if JORDAN LESLIE EBERLE says that Gangster Enough is the best then that is how it is going to go down. He is a King among us insects and his every whim must be met immediately.

Having said this we will also award a second grand prize to Mark the author of Soviet Airlift. It is shocking enough that both finalists are named Marc and Mark but let’s put that aside for a moment. Soviet Airlift gets the grand prize too But only because he won the voting on account of the fact we are all wildly out of sync with what Jordan Eberle thinks and wants.

We could go revise the history of the vote by rigging it to reflect the fact that we all "totally agree with 14 and wouldn’t have voted for anyone else of course" but we will leave it as is as a dangerous warning to us all about how out of touch we are.

As always thank you to everyone who entered the contest. These things are quickly becoming one of our favourite parts of the site. And Jordan Eberle likes them too it seems.*


At the risk of complete and total financial ruin we will make a final call for free OilersNation stickers for anyone who wants em. We have over 160 people from 5 provinces and 6 different countries that have already demanded the Swig-swaggiest stickers ever to run off the presses over at Jet Label.

Damn you to hell Citizen of the Nation who requested stickers to Ajerbijan. What are we – made of the kind of money that can be thrown around at the Post Office like it ain’t no thing? We have had to sell a kidney to meet the postage demands of this sticker offering.

So email us at wanyegretz at gmail dot com if you want some stickers sent to your residence. This goes down next week and may never happen again.**



**Of course it will.

  • Wacky and fantastical companies that have a 1% chance of success???

    COUNT ME IN!!!*

    *Just waiting for my cut of $14 Million Nigerian bank transfer. I mean, it’s totally legit, right? RIGHT?

  • gr8one

    What!!!??? Free Stickers!!!??

    How have I missed this and where do I sign up…I would love to rawk that shizzle here in North Carolina!!!

    speaking of that…I remember ages ago there used to be a button to click on for merchandise that lead…nowhere, and upon my inquiring I think it was Gregor that said it should coming soon…that was at least two years ago! c’mooon man!


    Awesome contest, congrats to both winners.


    Nevermind…I see how to get the free stickers now.

  • Oilers Coffey

    Hot hot summer contest for the new stud on the block. Especially since Yak is already my favorite Oiler!

    Can’t wait for my SAAAWEEEET SWAG!

  • paul wodehouse

    Azerbaijan is 11 hours ahead of Edmonton, so if you play your sticker cards correctly I might be able to tell you the game score 8 hours before the game begins…

  • paul wodehouse

    memo to Wanye…if i’m in southwesrtern Ontario now…and if i install an Oiler sticker on my vehicle and some Leaf fan shrouded in a blue and white hoodie and under the cover of darkness (like my idiot next door neighbour Leaf Fan named Jeff Eberle) steals it…

    … do i need to actually show you where i put the body before i am reimbursed?

  • paul wodehouse

    …and thanks for yet another successful Photshop contest where yet again the best work won and it was #14 that made the call…

    oh ya and i still ‘get off like crazy’ on Gene Simmons lovely Canadian wife …

  • paul wodehouse

    Another fun contest comes to a close. Kudos.
    Can we see the results of the last few years of photoshop creativity?
    It will be great to throw in the faces of our critics when the oilers become a dominant force in the west (and good for a laugh to see how far we’ve come)

    • book¡e

      I think there should be an Oilers Nation Art Gallery which shows ALL photoshop entries (even those not shortlisted). And then we should be able to order T-Shirts, posters, canvas prints, and socks with the images on it with all proceeds going to the “Fund to Save Wanye From Himself”(aka the FuSWaFoH Fund).

      I hearby call this to a referendum – if it gets 15 props (a lot of props) Wanye is legally bound to make it happen (or at least to ask Kent to make it happen). Seriously, it’s in the ON charter and bylaws.

      Edit (11:19am): I meant 3 props, just one more to go and the online official Oilers Nation Photoshop Art Gallery is a done deal.

      Edit (11:39) Damn you ON for putting up two posts to distract people from this. Don’t make me create a new username just to get the third vote!

      Edit (2:32pm) – It’s done Wanye, get Kent on it. We want that Art Gallery up and online by 7am tomorrow morning or we revolt (though we may sit back patiently for three years to really build our revolt up before we get serious at trying to overthrow you).

      • Wax Man Riley

        Well, I am currently assessing our personnel for this revolt. i will first assess then I will consider our options, weigh the positives and negatives, then assess my considerations. I might be ready to make a decision on how and when to revolt in 3 years or so.

        By then I will be fired.