Monday Morning finds us checking WanyeMail for the final addresses for stickers – over 300 people and growing by the by – and we found an email from our main man Yawto who wove a tale so fantastic, indeed a story so stupendous that on a sunny day like today it merits further analysis and may indeed become a whole new thing here on the Nation.


"Hey Wanye,

Last year you taught us to look out for Smytty omens coming our way. As a diligent citizen of the OilersNation I thought I would send you what I believe to be the first sign that the Oilers are destined for future Championship(s) again.

Along the lines of the Smytty omens, I believe the very Earth itself is trying to cure an imbalance that has worked against the mightly Oil since the last dynasty. I have four pictures for you today and one GPS location to show you that I am not faking.

The first is a picture my wife took of me as we travelled across Canada with our family. When one comes upon the fair city of Dryden, Ontario and is presented with a life size photo of the Human rake in an Anaheim Ducks Jersey we dealt with it the only way we could.

Flipping the bird to Anaheim Pronger while giving the Maple Leaf the thumbs up with my other hand.


From there, I felt a mighty weight lifted off my shoulders and we carried on with our trip through Ontario. 17 days later as we passed through the middle of that continent disguised as a province, we came upon a sign on the side of the road. It was a small town and to come across a Taylor Street sign was in of itself cool but no big deal.

However, not more than 20 feet past that street do we come across another sign, for one Hall Street. Small town, middle of nowhere, two streets beside each other bearing the name of our own future superstar – Taylor Hall.

That is worth a picture I thought, worth sharing this info with Wanye and seeing if he can decipher what it may mean. So I have my wife turn around, so we can take a picture of said streeets bearing the names of our first overall one and that is when it really starts to get weird.

What do we find next to one Taylor and one Hall street. Well, I will let you look at the final picture and see for yourself.

Long live the Oilers, long live OilersNation.

– Yawto

GPS Co-ordinates N46 19.923′ W081 35.087


"Goose bumps never lie" – Swedish House Mafia

Say what now? Random town has a Taylor street and a Hall street? That in of itself is interesting and the odds of this are already remote. Taylor and Hall Streets are beside Stanley Street you say?! That leaves the realm of unlikely and enters the world of destiny if you ask us.

The unintelligible earthly co-ordinates provided affirm the tale beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Taylor Hall (1 of 3) and Stanley Street all in one town. 

*whistles so loudly that the Nuge grows a chest hair*


Big ups to Yawto for taking the time to take a bunch of pics for us all to enjoy during his vacation. You have done us all all a solid Sir and got us to thinking. The time has arrived Nation.

Time to begin contemplating life somewhere else than the ocean floor of the NHL.

Send us signs that the Oilers are going to win.

You walked outside your "apartment" into the "hall" to find someone had left an empty McDonalds cup on the ground? Yes, you did see Hall with a Cup. You see a baby wildly celebrating in the streets of Edmonton? Yes that is a dress rehearsal for the Nuge’s float in the Stanley Cup Parade. A new guy moved in on the floor of your building who has a cousin who knows a guy who once saw a lady who was married to a guy named Jordan?

These aren’t coincidences Nation. They are signs. Signs from the very Gods above that the Oilers are going to win the Holy Grail quicker than you can say (insert word that may take 20 years to pronounce.)