What a weekend: Coaches grabbing referees, executives comparing players to cattle, ill-advised tweets and Strudwick’s first medal since 1995.

Where should we start? Let’s start with the crazy weekend in the NFL.

Three of the early games went to OT, with the Chiefs stunning the now 0-3 Saints, the Titans beating the Lions when Jim Schwartz foolishly elected to go for it on 4th and 1 rather than kick the tying FG, and my Dolphins losing after Ray Finkle Dan Carpenter missed in OT. 

Two more games were decided on the final play. The Raiders shocked the Steelers when Sebastien Janikowski nailed his 12th career game winning FG, while the Ravens downed the Patriots 31-30 on Jason Zucker’s controversial FG. 

You’d think the NFL could afford to put a camera on the uprights facing up to review any close kicks. It is hard to say with certainty, based on the angle in the video, if the ball was inside the uprights. I think it was good, but the Patriots obviously didn’t agree.

A "source" close to the team told numerous NFL outlets that Belicheck only wanted to "ask the officials if they would review the kick." The video clearly shows Belicheck was calm, cool and collected as he tried, unsuccessfully, to catch up to the officials. Maybe "The hoodie" should practice his 40-yard dash so he could actually catch the official next time.

Any guesses on how much Belicheck gets fined? I say $40,000.

The Patriots stupidity didn’t stop there though. Brandon Spikes took to twitter to voice his frustration.

"@BrandonSpikes55: Can some1 please tell these (expletive) zebras foot locker called and they’re needed Back at work !!!! #BreakingPoint".

I don’t have a problem if a player voices his displeasure, in fact I respect it, but his follow up tweet made no sense.

@BrandonSpikes55: Ref ?!?! I never said anything about the “Refs” y’all need to chill out !!

I didn’t know four-legged zebras worked at Foot Locker, because according to Spikes he didn’t say refs, so clearly he was referring to the animal zebras who work at Foot Locker.

The Patriots haven’t been under .500 since the first game of 2003. They obviously don’t know how to handle losing.


Red Wings’ executive Jimmy Devellano got fined $250,000 for this awesome comparison. 

“The owners can basically be viewed as the ranch, and the players, and me included, are the cattle. The owners own the ranch and allow the players to eat there. That’s the way it’s always been, and that(’s) the way it will be forever. And the owners simply aren’t going to let a union push them around. It’s not going to happen.

I have no clue how many farms Devellano has worked on, but I can tell you the ranch doesn’t control the cattle. First off, the cattle eat "the ranch," then they crap "the ranch" all over "the ranch." If I was an owner I’d be more annoyed by this comparison than the players.

Had he called the owners the cowboys and the players the cattle that would have made more sense. The best analogy would have been to call the owners, umm, the Owners and the players the ranch hands. The hands do the work, and they get paid regardless of the price of wheat, grain or cattle.

Either way, Devellano was only telling the truth, and he gave us a nice reprieve from the boring and annoying posturing that both sides have tried shoving down our throats for the past two months. The players might not like to hear it, but the owners do control the league. They put up the money and take all the financial risk. The players are the employee, and even though they are the reason fans come to watch, if the owners didn’t buy the team and pay the bills then the players would have no place to play.


The Oilers shouldn’t have sent out this tweet. Any suggestion that the team might move will only be viewed as a threat. They can say they didn’t write the article, but by tweeting it, the perception is they want that option known.

The Oilers, more specifically the guy in charge or their twitter account, was wrong to tweet it, but those who suggested this was a clear threat might have exaggerated things just a tad. I can confirm that Daryl Katz didn’t text the tech running the twitter to tweet that. Call it a bad ploy, but suggesting this is the first step to the Oilers leaving is fear mongering and nothing more.

Worrying about "what ifs" isn’t productive, so I won’t write too much about them either. The hilarious part about this scenario is how some suggest if the Oilers leave a new team will gladly come to town. Are they certain a new team come if there is no arena? And how stupid would the city look if they had to build a new rink just to attract another team?

Why would Edmonton want to be like Seattle and to a lesser extent Winnipeg. Lose their franchises, then build a new rink with the hopes of attracting a team. Suggesting the Oilers can leave and be replaced easily, is just as narrow-minded as the Oilers thinking they’d be better off leaving.

Why not NEGOTIATE with the team that is currently here? Both sides need to be better. Realize they both can benefit from one another and sit down and get a deal done. We all know there is a deal to be made, so just make it already.

Here’s a suggestion: Stop wasting time and energy trying to sway the public’s opinion, and do something productive, like, I don’t know, negotiating in good faith. Is that too much to ask?


I had the privilege to play in The Road Hockey to Cure Cancer tournament this past weekend. Our team consisted of yours truly, Jason Strudwick and eight listeners who committed to raising $1,000 each to play on our team. We were The Journeymen, in honour of Strudwick’s career.

The response was great and within an hour our roster was complete. All ten of us raised over a grand, and Gerry Noullett raised the most at $2,495.00. Gerry ended up having to work and couldn’t play, but he still was our MVP due to his awesome fundraising skills. Great work Gerry, hopefully you can play with us next year.

We had a great time and ended up winning our division with a record of 4-1.

We lost our opener 8-6. I thought our goalie, Cesar Mota, might have had a few too many of his namesakes the night before, but after a rough morning opener he was stellar the rest of the way. He discarded his chest protector after the loss and proceded to dive all over the crease the rest of the way. Hail Cesar.

Thanks to the rest of the fellas as well.

Troy Taranoff. By the end of the day I thought his last name was Taranov. He had a few sweet dangles, but I also noticed his game picked up when his wife of only a month showed up. I think she might have offered up a, **cough, reward system, cough* for him if he scored. A clear win-win on and off the court for Troy.

Frank Sabiti: Sabs was a gamer. He was doing board rushes prior to our first game to ensure he didn’t pull a hammy. After a few scoreless games he told Struds he’d up his game, and he did, burying a few genos and helping us stretch our winning streak to four.

Tyler Hupka: I was concerned when Hupka registered to play. I’d met him at Brian Mudryk’s golf tourney earlier this summer and Hupka’s party game was top-notch. Turns out he goes as hard in road hockey as he does at the bar. Hupka was exceptional at getting open; sadly his finish around the net was Todd Marchant-like. Although, like Marchant, when we needed a big goal in our 2nd last game Hupka buried one. He favours quality over quantity. Beauty.

Jason Strudwick: Played the most minutes of his career and he rewarded us by registering his first "witnessed" hat-trick. After chipping the cement out of his gloves during the first game, Struds showed a soft touch around the net. He wore sunglasses during his scoring sprees so I could never tell if his eyes were actually open or not, but either way he had a few solid fist pumps.

Josh Ferry: He was our powerforward. Ferry was a terror down low. I don’t think he scored a goal from outside a foot and a half, and he was constantly grinding it out. He had just enough Brad Marchand in him to piss off the opposition, while still finding time to score. Solid.

Matt Ohm: He had the longest twig in the tourney, and never missed a loose ball. The scholar of the team quietly put together five multi-point games. Silent assassin.

Greg Caldwell: Another quiet, solid performer. His tape job, white tape along the bottom of the blade but no where else, reminded me of Petr Klima. Calds had a much better work ethic though. The soon-to-be-father impressed me most when I learned that he had donated stem cells last month. That is a huge commitment. Six hours in the chair, and then afterwards you are exhausted for the next three days. Stick clap for Caldwell.

It was a blast playing with you guys.

Huge congratulations to all the other teams who played and raised money, and a massive thank you to those who donated.

It’s always great to combine a worthwhile charitable cause with some fun. 

  • Bicepus Maximus - Huge fan boy!

    I thought Devellano used the ranch/cattle example to say that although the owners write the cheques, their franchises depend on the players – just like a ranch depends on cattle.

    Unless of course sheep are cattle. Then that’s just plain hilarious.

  • Toro

    Do you honestly believe the NHL would allow Katz to move the Oilers outta Edmonton ? And when the EIG sold the team to Katz wasn’t it part of the deal that he couldn’t move the team ?

    • Jason Gregor

      No, I don’t believe it is a realistic option. Anything is possible I guess, so I won’t say there is zero chance, but a lot would need to happen before the team could move. Not a serious concern at this point.

    • Semenko and Troy

      Petr also had olde-tyme flow goin on.
      I used to think he used the stripes to remind himself which way to set his feet and body line just before his shot.He sure had excellent body position and symmetry prior to his release.Maybe he also knew exactly where his shot would go based on those stripes which were the last thing he saw as the shot came off,a bit of an advantage there saves that last second lift of the eyes a “rangefinder”so to speak.BaHa ha,good thing we all know that taping your stick a certain way doesnt have any tangible impact on your game,right??Superstition thats all,right?

      As to the Arena issue,this is a historic dynamic we are dealing with here.It all started with “I wont wear the Beaver Pelt no matter what it represents”–to–“I wont wear a tie in city council”—–The rest is history.We are still fighting this regressive attitude from within Edmonton City Hall,this was never Vancouver or Toronto,that behaviour should have been dealt with back when Jan Reimer was reaming our arses out with her contrarian attitude,and that might have prevented the historic decay of this citys civic leadership group.The Cabal must go and Mandell is just another Reimer,Gomberg–ect ect,,,,,.All from the same unofficial group–a group with many hidden social agendas they put before their civic duty.How can our civic leaders function together as a business orientated effective body when they have historiclly only been able to work together to support their personally catalysed agenda of beating the reds out of our necks here in Edmonton using City hall and laws as their platform.Just replace the word arena with Jubilee Auditorium or Art Gallery and the deal will be done in 24hrs.But if you keep saying Arena its a little to loud for our fine city —–activists—–I mean civic leaders.

      We deserve this here in Edmonton because no one bothers to vote.If we are all allowed to vote but a special interest group is educated to the simplicity of numbers then they realise they can simply activate their small communitys and take over civic leadership with those small and misrepresentative numbers because MOST PEOPLE WONT BOTHER TO VOTE,these subversive special interest groups have settled naturally in to these positions because we let them and now we deserve these problems,and at the end of the day these city employees will be gone and we will be forced to look in the mirror and accept responsibility for allowing this dynamic to happen.
      OOOoooo,I stepped on the sacred cow there didnt I??

      It is to late to have another vote,so we need a mediator to find a way to get these councillors and the mayor to cut the cheque before it is to late.We cant do it conventionally because this Cabal of civic bullys dont listen to conventional pressure,they are immune to it because they have had a stranglehold on our city for 20 yrs.They have an aura of small special interest group immunity about them for some reason,wonder if anyone can figure it out??We cant pressure this group in conventional ways we need to pressure them in creative ways,in the areas they will feel peer pressure from within–this is their strength–when they sit around with their peers they are IMMUNE to any outside pressure “we” might call conventional.

      Next time you vote make sure the person you vote for will be a team player–this means being willing to take one for the team–this means you shut up and wear the beaver pelt,and you shut up and wear the tie in city chambers,and you generally stuff your personal libertarian battles you and your small special interest group want to carry on in your back pocket,and do your job .In Edmonton our city hall has been used as a conduit to beat the red out of our necks for 20 yrs and it hasnt changed our color one single shade,if anything we are getting redder because we are getting miffed.This is Edmonton Alberta and I am proud to be a RedNeck and I wait for the day when this group is driven from the annals of Edmonton City Hall history.No pun intended–I am a Redneck remember,I am not that smart.

      This isnt really about money or dollars,this is about an entire group in City Hall that got there under quasi-false pretenses,not out of fair and realised voteing–FAIR and REALISED from a purely numeric perspective.They are not prepared to do the job,they are created around a single focus and perspective and that is a libertarian protectionist perspective,the easiest one for a businessman to crush during negotiations.We need our RedNeck roots to show themselves before we lose this deal and drive this city into the ground again,I dont think Edmonton can take another generation of mismanagement ,if we fall behind Calgary again for another entire generation we are screwed,this is supposed to be our turn to grow there is a traditional cycle we CANNOT break,but we are politly passing it over to someone else.What type of group mindset would do such a thing to the City it is supposed to represent???One that considers the Arena deal to be a secondary catalyst,thats what type of group behaves like this,so we really need to discover and change City Halls true agenda back to one that supports Edmonton and its population as an entire entity,and we need to bury this libertarian protectionist perspective our city representatives collectively share as evidenced by their manifested actions via city hall decisions agreed upon in the past— before we bury this city.

      No one can stand up for Edmonton because we have let the Hens rule the Roost for to long and the real Roosters dont hang out here much anymore,we need a Redneck perspective to kick Mandell in his proverbial Crown Royal Bag,and also boot his cronys in their proverbial Velvet Crown Royal Bags.We need change here no matter what happens with the Arena deal,these problems with the Arena deal are all symptoms
      of the disease,they are not the disease itself,we need to dig deeper to fix that problem.Edmonton needs to recognise and be proud of and embrace its RedNeck roots because that will ALWAYS be where we draw our most strength from,this isnt Vancouver or Toronto and most of us are PROUD OF THAT.We dont want the Red beaten out of our Necks,and we DO want a Sports arena MORE than an Art gallery or a Museum—we DONT WANT TO BE VANCOUVER OR TORONTO,and we dont need to be represented by perspectives that belong in those other citys anymore,we need change and to get it we need to vote civicly in complete numbers.

      I know very well how my perspective sounds and the toes it steps on,but i am PROUD to do the stepping.I would be proud to have been part of a group that could reflect on one of the greatest decisions ever made here—a decision to fortify this citys chance to compete on a Provincial and Federal level for more dollars based on need,we need to CREATE the need for these extra dollars by spending our dollars we have now,Calgary already showed us how to do that,clean out City Hall and put a proper set of people in there that represent the population fairly and completely in terms of absolute voting potential numbers–wether they turn out to vote or not,we need REDNECKS.Ralph Klein is the Template,he was as sucessful as he was because he followed traditional Alberta population based politicing,he listened to the majority and acted upon those needs.And as a Secondary priority he accepted the small special interest groups voice,he wasnt intimidated by any socially catalysed peer pressure,he embraced EverMan and EveryWoman in Alberta.We need that here in Edmonton today.

      I am trying to show how our current group of city councillors got into power here and why we need to recognise and change this dynamic ASAP.The libertarian protectionist Cabal is hurting Edmonton now and has been for many years.We are lacking aggressivness,we are protectionist in attitude –designed and catalysed that way as a group.For goodness sakes Mayor Mandell looks like he stepped right out of a TV sitcom,ha ha ha,and the rest of City hall looks like a Glee episode crossed with an episode of Weeds,BAAAA HA HA HA HA.

      Just sayin.

  • Mitch

    @Gregor I had to laugh that the ranchers and the cattle comment it gets a NHL executive a $250g fine? Zdeno Chara can almost kill a guy on the ice and Big Z gets a slap on the wrist.

    As far as the comment goes there isn’t 1 rancher in the world that could afford these cattle if thats what there called. There must be a farm kid from Saskatchewan that could set the record straight.

    If there is a player that would like to speak up and tell us that he is gonna lose a ton of money going forward with the new CBA please have him on your show, history tells us they will do just fine. The owners on the other hand well its a very good chance many of them will lose money. Heck they should all head over to Europe players, agents, and owners it’s pretty clear everything is so much better over there.

    As far as the arena the KG is the worst organization I’ve seen in handling PR. Yes we need a arena it is my thoughts that Northlands should be able to play apart in this. It seems as though the KG has said “we spent 200m and look at Pittsburgh and Winnipeg if you don’t like too bad, we will move because no one else has enough money to own this team in Edmonton because its a small market”. It would be in everyones best interest to let Northlands in and let the KG focus on the other areas of Development in the downtown arena district, we know this much, many revenue streams will flow. It would make absolutely no sense to have two buildings and two different companies in this city doing the same thing, doesn’t matter if it is downtown or on Gretzky Drive. The mayor said it best on your show nothing is too good for Edmonton.

    • DSG

      IMO, Northlands is the problem here, not the solution. Everyone knows they have pull on the city council, and they’re the ones to lose revenue if the new arena is built.

      And if god forbid the Oilers leave, Northlands could very well prevent another group coming to town if they have to be as keyed in to the hockey business (which now includes non-hockey revenue as in almost every other NHL city in the modern era) as they have the last 30 years.

      I’m not saying give Katz everything he wants at the expense of the city. There needs to be and should be compromise on both sides.

      • Jason Gregor

        Keep in mind that city councillors voted 10-3 in favour of the “supposed” deal with Katz Group. Regardless of what Northlands does or wants, city council was on board with the outline of the deal last October.

  • Mitch

    That Patriots game royally sucked. Such a good game with such a crappy ending. It’s bad enough being an Oilers fan, but now even my Pats are losing. Ugh. Oh and the replacement officials are really starting to take flak. Some of their calls have been brutal, but can you blame them? They’re in way over their heads. The NFL better get a deal done with the regular officials sooner rather than later.

    Also, wicked kicks Gregor. It’s no wonder your team won- the opposing players were blinded by your shoes.

  • Toro

    Nice work JG!!

    Also, I see that TSN has KHL highlights and stories front page of the hockey site now. How long until Bell and Shaw start offering KHL Center Ice packages?

    I wouldn’t buy, just sayin. And so far, watching my 5 year old play Tom thumbs is a better investment than any TV package.

  • Slapshot

    I have been a supporter of the Oiler’s since 1999,I was also in favor in having Katz buy the team. I thought that it would be in the best interest of Oiler’s fans to have a billionaire fan as an owner. I was wrong,I am getting tired of this game the Katz group is playing with the season seat holder’s and fans.Enough already Daryl,you do not come and watch the Oiler’s play on most nights.I can count on one hand on how many games you attended last year,I can count on two finger’s on how many presser’s, as you called them, that you have had since you have bought the team.If you no longer feel Edmonton is a viable option, why don’t you buy the Phoenix coyote’s and sell the Oiler’s to a local group of owner’s who will not hold the Oiler’s fan’s as hostages in this game that you and our city council are playing.I am sick and tired of all this fear mongering,why didn’t you come out and start this little game your playing prior to me and Oiler’s fans renewing their season tickets? If you and your entourage and your propaganda machine keep this up,you will make everyone forget what type of an a**hole Pocklington was!!!!

  • Slapshot

    I’m sick of the BS around the arena. Katz with his passive-aggressive handling of this is brutal. How about some honesty? Why aren’t the people writing these articles that the Oilers could move to Seattle calling bullsh@t. Major props to you Gregor because you told it the way it is. It is very unlikely that the Oil would move because there aren’t many locations where they could make more money than they do here (especially when the new arena is built). I just find all these veiled threats to be insulting when we have been selling out Rexall for years of crap hockey. Show some respect for the fans and sit down and negotiate a deal to get this done.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Can’t wait for the blind faith crew and 11-years to a B.A. on CHED to spin this one.

    Comedy of errors continues – I am actually stunned that Katz made 10 cents in business. The guy is a complete bozo.

    Though the crew that brought you seven million dollars of Horcoff and continuing to string along Bucky as a coach, I guess this shouldn’t be a shock.

    Continue cheering for this sh*tshow if you like.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Okay Russ et al.

    The City of Edmonton…..read this slowly..


    They rolled over up the wazoo?? Remember the hugs (and the nutty-math where 200 + 150 = 450)?

    There is not a bigger supporter of this than Mandel. City Council already said yes for chrissakes.

    They said yes even when $100 mil turned into $5 mil over 20 years. They even committed a couple of mil (2 or 3, can’t remember) for sponsorship – which by my math kinda makes $5 mil a lot less.

    And now it’s back to the drawing board?

    Now we try to Pocklington on the Mayor?

    I’m actually THRILLED Mandel gave him a do-or-die date. Call the bluff. He doesn’t show up….screw him.

    Let him try to move the team.

  • So Katz (and his lackeys laforge and LOwe) have ceased bargaining in good faith and are engaging in extortion tactics:


    So much for all the ‘we’re oilers through and through’ for these guys.

    And so much for all the ‘ain’t it great we have a rich sole owner?’

    Regardless of what happens from here on Katz will be persona non grata for many if not all oilers fans – and many of those will be seasons ticket holders – true copper and blue fans who stuck it out through the bleakest of years before the lockout and the salary cap.

    From this point on Katz will not be trusted – and trust is a very big deal for oilers fans.

    To hell with Katz and to hell with the team he owns. Let him move and let another franchise come in (fla, Tampa, Carolina, Nashville, etc) Edmonton would not miss a season without NHL hockey regardless.

    The new jets are celebrated just as much as the old jets were. So to will the new nordiques when they big anew. So too will fresh oil.

    And just think – no more Lowe to and friends to get in the way…

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass…

  • book¡e

    I don’t think the Oilers are going anywhere, but I am very pissed off at Katz (and note, I have been supporting Katz through much of this) and his ‘visit’ to Seatle with Gretzky and Lowe. It’s basically a message that this is his/their team and that they can do with it whatever they want. Its disrespectful to the fans who have bought into the team spirit.

    Katz stepped up with big words when he bought the team – $100 million into a new arena – new sports facility at the U of A – etc. Since then he has backed away from those promises and now wants a pretty significant subsidy.

    He is not the reclusive billionaire who loves his home city. He is the self interested billionaire who wants his Oiler toys to play with and he doesn’t seem to really care at all about what is good for Edmonton.

  • Reg Dunlop

    The only way to move a franchise is ‘Art Model moving the Browns in the middle of the night’. This Katz play is clearly an attempt at intimidation. I am not involved in these negotiations BUT as an Oiler fan I feel emotionally involved and I do not like being bullied. As of now I will not patronize any of his ventures. Until an apology has been issued that satisfies me, I am done. And it’s KATZ, not CATES. Time to embrace his heritage rather than try to hide it. Shyster.

  • Belichek is a world class jerk, always has been. You cannot touch an official. That being said I believe that was the worst, refereed sports event I have ever seen. Until tonight. The last second field goal was about the only call they got right all night, but after the MNF disaster, which was already a travesty, finished with the worst call in NFL history and handed the losing team victory, I cannot fathom how the NFL can avoid trashing the scabs and begging the real refs to come back.

    This is a clear example of the total contempt that billionaire sports owners have for their hired hands. They figure they can hire a few rodeo clowns from minor college ball and arena football and people will barely notice. Not so much. What can you say about rich jerks who want to put their most important officials in their place when a couple of million dollars from a $9.5 billion operation can restore the integrity of the league. This farce is the greatest tribute to the legitimate refs that anyone can imagine. I have zero sympathy for the replacement refs. They are stealing the jobs of honest, hard-working people while making complete fools of themselves before millions of viewers.

    They are doing Gary Bettman and the NHL owners a big favour. No one who saw that MNF travesty will be talking about anything else. Surely they will settle this thing and have real officials on the field by Thursday night or are the owners too proud to admit that they have acted like fools and degraded the game.

  • Reg Dunlop

    Advising someone to embrace their Jewish heritage is not anti-semitic. The word shyster comes from the german word ‘scheisser’ meaning crap and shyster refers to someone untrustworthy, money-grubbing and full of crap. No anti-semitic intent,dave.

    • Wax Man Riley

      But you said he should embrace his heritage?


      Anyway, about the area … get this thing done already. Enough with the posturing and threats. Move the team then.

      Didn’t Katz say that the subsidy was always in the deal in the first place and was to come from a sort of gaming? The only point of contest was in what form.

      Am I wrong? If not, then what is holding everything up? Is it the lost $100M? The increase in cost that is just growing? The non-hockey revenue?

      In a way, I agree with Katz. I’d hope it to be a world-class entertainment district that helps the city, Edmonton shake the name Deadmonton. The city should definitely pay for it, and of course collect increased property tax and a $5M per yer contribution from Katz.

    • Semenko and Troy

      And of the course the “Hitler World Tour” post of yours on LT’s site was not a calculated attempt to offend Katz based on his Jewish heritage.

      Why bring in his personal background at all? He’s short too. Maybe reference that instead. It’s just as relevant.

  • I wanna leave, and you wanna leave

    But the loves keeps us together

    And if I lose you

    I’m afraid I would lose who

    I gave my love to

    That’s the reason I stay around

    Even though I fell way

    In too deep, can’t think about giving it up

    But I never knew love would feel like a heart attack

    It’s killing me, swear I never cared so much

    Cause I never knew love would hurt this #@$&ing bad

    The worst pain that I ever had

  • I’m with Katz on this one.

    This city will waste money on #@$&ing useless “bike lanes” but not pitch in on something that the city as a whole will benefit from.#@$&ing idiots.!..

    What happened to wasting money on rural racists work cars? They only needed a few of them black? The rest is fine the way they were?

    They probably dont want to give Katz any money due to the fact they need it to fix roads that dont need fixing just to look busy. Where the #@$& was the outcry when the 23rd overpass was almost doubled in cost? The people who run this city are a joke and a bunch of con artists at the expense of tax payers, any tax payer who sides with them is just looking to get ripped off in the future.

    People will waste money on bike lanes and shiny balls that most dont care for or use, but wont spend it on something that will benefit the city for years to come.

    I hope Katz moves the Oilers. The absence of the Oilers will allow the citizens to follow their citys politics more closely, and with the $40 dollars the city saved them the junkies can buy half a gram and raise drug use. With the increase in drug use the city will able to take more money from the citizens to hire more cops and paint their cars.

    Also, why does the city hold town meetings in privately owned churches and not community halls that belong to the communities of the city? Why give money to privately owned churches instead of the community we live in? I guess Joshua Bin Josef’s corporation is more important then Katz’s.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I’m a Leaf fan for decades. I did have the pleasure of seeing those great Oiler teams of the 80’s. The only other team I rate higher are the Scotty Bowman Canadiens of the ’70’s, and not by much.

    I’ve just finished reading an article in the National Post, concerning current Oiler ownership blackmailing Edmonton taxpayers for a new arena, traipsing off to check out Seattle as a new home. Jeez, my blood is boiling!

    The cojones on these guys! I didn’t hear them complaining when Edmonton season ticket holders cut cheques, and the walk up crowd ponied up the big bucks, for the privelege of watching one of the worst NHL teams in living memory. FOR YEARS.

    Canadian teams, all of them, have been the backbone of “the league that Gary screwed up”, for more than a few years. For me, I thought third lockout was the final straw for me. I was wrong. This has me angrier.

    I am done with the Leafs. I am done with the NHL. I will remain DONE until the owners get put through the wringer for a change, instead of players and fans. I buy no tickets, no jerseys et al; I give them no more hits at their sites, or media hits online, following them there. They are dead; finito; gone.
    Bettman sleeps with the fishes. Why not, the guy looks like a carp flopping on a dock.

    Oh yeah, and the tiny perfect mayor needs to lose his bobskates, and slither on down the road.

  • Dipstick

    The issue of moving the franchise to another city is degenerating into a very nasty place. Mr. Katz had best realize that – unlike Peter Pocklington – he also owns a very public business that can not flee to escape the wrath of Canadian Hockey fans. The possible destruction of that business in many Canadian locations would likely be unprecedented. There are plenty of alternative retail and pharmaceutical businesses available. A few million dollars would be pocket change in relation to the possible cost of a protracted boycott. I believe that such a boycott would garner very wide and deep participation. On the other hand, Edmonton city council had better be sure that they do not leave themselves vulnerable, as the fine citizens of this town will turf those jokers if it turns out that they did not negotiate fairly to close this deal. Our anger should be fairly directed and lets please keep the ethnic comments out of it entirely.

  • DSG

    Here is something to consider… Our hated rivals to the South…

    The Calgary Flames and Saddledome…

    Edmonton is not alone in this… What do you think the deal to build a new arena in Calgary is going to look like? Sounds to me like Edmonton in negotiating for not only the Oilers but for the Flames as well.

  • ^—–Coles Notes version:

    He doesn’t like the city councillors. It’s our fault because we don’t vote. If everyone voted this deal would be done since everyone loves hockey in EDM.

    I don’t live in Edmonton and I am going to laugh my ass off if it doesn’t build a new house to take care of the only thing it has going for it.

  • Semenko and Troy

    Assuming Katz actually moves the Oilers to Seattle….and assuming no other potential ownership steps up to keep the team in Edmonton….and assuming the NHL allows the Oilers to be relocated…wouldn’t there be an issue with Katz having to pay Vancouver a rather large fee for encroaching on their territory ? It’s the same issue that has kept teams out of Hamilton and the GTA.

    Also, I highly doubt Katz is willing to pay fair market rent to use the new facility in Seattle.