Nail Yakupov with a goal, assist, and big ol’ dive in the KHL


Hey guys! Steve Dangle here. Myself and fellow Nations contributer Andrey Osadchenko have signed on to do highlights for the KHL’s official YouTube channel. Today we got to see Nail Yakupov in action. He picked up a goal, an assist, and what looks like a pretty big Divey McDive.

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    • Hey there, book¡e! Announcer guy here. I asked Nail Yakupov how to say it in person, and that’s how he told me to say it. If you don’t like how I say Nail Yakupov, you should take it up with Nail Yakupov 🙂

        • book¡e



          New, Age , System

      • book¡e

        Both you and Nail Yakupov are wrong – sorry, but that is just how it is.

        Also – just in case it was lost in translation – this post and my earlier post were totally sarcasm. In fact, I am quite impressed at how professional your sports broadcaster voice is – so well done! I also really appreciate the clips.

  • 24% body fat

    Go over to cancuks army and ready the backes article. Canucks fans are so lame they have to make up articles in which alternate universes exist for them to win a cup.

  • When I heard his name pronounced in this video I was like “whoooaa!! `whaaattt????” `like yeah, finally people starting to call him by his name not Yak(puke)off..brownlee does that one real well on theteam1260

  • Wanyes bastard child

    There has to be, a SYSTEM, we could use to, IMPLEMENT, upon a SYSTEM, to SYSTEMATICALLY determine, the correct and proper, pronunciation of, Nail Yakupov,

  • book¡e

    You know what I love about this place, its the crazy, you can’t get kind of crazy at Wal Mart, this kind of crazy is gold and it’s the kind of gold that you can only get here.

  • book¡e

    New Rule – when ever someone spells the word Loser as Looser – it means he is either an idiot or trying to be funny pretending to be an idiot.

    To be fair – regarding me, sometimes its hard to be sure which one I am.

  • kidgloves wrote:
    I’ve been watching the khl since the season started, and like I stated in an earlier post it is some damn entertaining hockey everybody is fast everyone can dangle its a very up tempo style played by all teams. I haven’t seen a boring game yet the nhl should be wary this league is at par with the nhl. nhl players don’t stick out as better and in fact a few (evander kane) have looked down right average in this league…on a side note I saw babchuk play in a game and although his offensive side looked terrible he played well defensive taking the body on more than a few occasions and creaming a guy in front of the net to save a goal…



    whoops, sorry for caps

    I’d have no problem watching this instead of nhl

    maybe that realization is what it takes for the nhl to figure things out

  • Both team sure seem to like to take the wrist shot from further out than we see in the NHL,I wonder if that is system generated?

    Nail likes to take the middle lane and is looking shot every time he gets there ,Malkin is like that ,he is absolutely looking shot when he gets that position,but it doesnt look like Nail is a one dimensional goal getter,he just takes advantage every time he sees a chance to generate a goal,he doesnt mix it up ,he forces a committment by the defense to stop him every rush and this gives him excellent passing lanes as well and because he isnt one dimensional he doesnt waste possesions by just shooting low percentage shots he knows when he has forced the defense and he makes amazing passes,he is very creative.He likes to shoot from the same range as Ovechkin as well ,he maximises the rise of his shot from that distance really well.

    You guys must really miss me,all those words in the NHS comments combined almost equal one of my average posts,if you guys simply try to adjust your transitions between posts as a five man unit you may find you can maximise your shot percentage.Throwing in a tactical sniping program might also help out a little–one based on Grammatical mechanics and context.

    Can someone define one touch scorer?Or do I need to make another long and wordy post,quick release,offensively aware,shoot first mentality,sniper,I mean there are so many other descriptions just as generic arent there??ALL of Nails goals are system generated.Terms like “one touch scorer”are coined by players who dont understand system awareness like elite players do and need to make excuses when they are on the ice,so they come up with these silly terms and ride them right to adulthood,keeping the excuses alive the entire time.

    I bet 80% of players who arent elite in their system awareness and cant figure out how to put up statistics coin 100% of these generic excuse terms I am forced to read.It is shameful to make excuses like that.

    Players who are putting up elite numbers have elite system awareness developed through elite work ethic and sweat.There is no easy road,and using excuse catalysed terminology like one-touch scorer only serves to undermine the system mentality and execution which enables points to be produced consistantly by elite players.

    Nail works the defenses over like rented mules,he spreads them out and hits them immediatly and with terminal intent,he is a serious threat every single time he has the puck because he bears down and works extra hard within the system to maximise his teammates and their positioning to create these great opportunitys.He isnt taking the puck on a wild one way ride,like Modano or Hemsky,he is using his teammates or the system very efficiently.And he is really cutting into defenses hard and aggressively,I like how he mixes up his approaches as well he never seems to come from the same line of attack twice in a row but he produces offensive opportunitys from all those different lines of attack.He can and will put himself in positions to shoot from anywhere with terminal effect.

    Nail forces the defense to make immediate and terminal decisions and this creates excellent opportunitys for his linemates,he wastes no possesions and trys to catalyse terminal offense out of every possesion,no wasted passes or pretty plays,just lethal intent,looking for the quickest finish possible every time.He challenges both defenses and goaltenders from everywhere with the same terminal intent,never a soft shot or one for effect to finish a failed drive,he never wastes possesions so goalies are forced to pay him extra attention all the time.
    The words dominant within the system come to mind.The more I see Nail play the more i realise we are going to have some real serious offense whenever the ball starts rolling again,I get butterflys thinking about Gagner and Nail teaming up,Sams experience level and Nails work ethic should compliment each other within whatever system Ralph chooses.I think we will see a second line from Hades,and i see MPS fitting in perfectly with those two.Three defensively aware players with elite offensive upside is outstanding.They will take a lot of pressure off our first line.

    AAHH that felt great,thanks for the great videos ,keep em coming–pretty good commentary on those vids as well.