Remember when hockey was on the ice and actually played? I found some!

KHL action featuring a goal from Pavel Datsyuk that makes me rethink my entire existence, Ilya Kovalchuk is also nuts, Grabovski continues to put up numbers, and Yakupov’s team falls. 

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Pavel Datsyuk…just…really? Come on, man. Really?

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It’s a couple days old but Kovalchuk is still nuts. Also watch for a screaming Russian man.

Nail Yakupov’s Neftekhimik falls to Metallurg Novokuznetsk. Brent Sopel scores instead of tweeting.

And everything wrapped up in one 🙂

    • He was a beast in 08-09 for sure. Got to interview him for a junior hockey radio show. According to capgeek it seems like he’s still Sharks property. Rather than say “inactive” he’s still listed with the Sharks, although it looks like his contract just ran out.

  • RKD

    There is no hitting ,it sucks in that regard,it was exciting to watch at first but now its just to soft,most of those plays wouldnt even be catalysed in the NHL,one solid defensive minded team would clean house in those leagues.And there would be so many concussions,many plays and shots are made and taken that would get you hospitalised in the NHL,these guys play pond hockey.

    But the videos are still great and it is hockey after all,thank you for all the hard work and effort in posting them for everyone.Kovalchuks goal was sweet,nice spot to put the puck.

    He has such a heavy shot and he can release it from so far out with such high velocity it is like a .50 cal sniper round.The shot comes from places it shouldnt be able to come from at that velocity.

    • Thanks for the props!

      I’ve taken a bit of a turn on the KHL: since I started doing these videos. Obviously I have to watch a ton of KHL hockey now. I used to think “Why is there no hitting? Why is the defence so bad? Why do the goalies suck?” I’m convinced it’s just a totally different brand of hockey. These guys still line each other up and crush them, and they still pound each other along the boards, it just makes less sense to do that all the time because you can catch yourself out of position more. You know how Luke Schenn or (name another defenceman like him) hits everything that moves but gets caught out of position so much? That’s exponential in the KHL on the bigger ice. As for the defence – same diff. Easier to beat wide, more room to screw things up. Zdeno Chara’s team has lost all six games since he signed with them. Even elite NHL level goalies like Pekka Rinne have made some mistakes that shock me. So I don’t think it’s a culture thing or a talent level thing, I just think the european version of ice hockey is different by strategy, not really by nature.

  • Guy Lafleur

    The KHL kinda reminds me of the 70s hockey when you had guys like Lafleur going end to end and some great tilts , i am thinking its time for TSN or Sportsnet to pick up some KHL games ..Go Torpedo !!!!

  • I for one am very impressed with the style of game in the KHL…….even though the smaple size is small.

    The larger ice surface does make it harder to hit players……..makes me wonder if a hybrid ice surface in the NHL would improve the game. I think that a slightly larger ice surface would give the players a little more time and space to make decisions………speeding up game, making it more entertaining.

  • O.C.

    I bet the PPs are lethal, and if they call tugs more it might make sense not to molest as much. I wonder if they shot block on PPs? I’d guess not much. Need $$ for that.

  • O.C.

    I’m happy they call the tugs if that is why no hooking. NHL teams should agree before a game if they want international ice and KHL refs or NHL ice and refs or maybe a few playoff atmospheres per yr for top teams.