The Oilers re-assigned Chris Vande Velde, Colten Teubert and Taylor Fedun to OKC today, but they also recalled Yann Danis.

Danis will actually be coming to Edmonton this time. On Sunday when the Oilers handed out their training camp roster, Danis’ name was on the list, but the Oilers never recalled him until today.

Nikolai Khabibulin’s groin is still a concern so the Oilers will play it safe and bring up Danis. They’ve also called up Tyler Bunz from Stockton to go to OKC, so I’m guessing Danis will dress Sunday in Vancouver.

Danis hasn’t put up great numbers in OKC this year. He’s 13-13-3 with a 2.99 GAA and a .905 SV%. If Khabibulin’s injury is serious, I wonder if the Oilers look at claiming Henrik Karlsson, who was put on waivers today by the Calgary Flames.

Karlsson hasn’t played much, only 26 appearances over two years with the Flames, but he might have more upside than Danis.

The Oilers don’t play back-to-back until January 30th in Phoenix and the 31st in San Jose, so Devan Dubnyk should be able to play the first five games prior to those two. That gives Khabibulin another two weeks to recover.

If Dubnyk plays well I suspect he will start 38 of the 48 games this year, but the Oilers need to ensure they have a capable backup for the other ten. Khabibulin practiced for the past three days, and I didn’t notice him favouring his groin at any point, but be recalling Danis it is clear they have some concerns regarding his health.


The Oilers have to declare their 23-man roster tomorrow afternoon. Andy Sutton and Ryan Jones will start on the IR, and I’m guessing Khabibulin will as well. That leaves 24 players remaining in camp.

The Oilers will either send Magnus Paajarvi to OKC, or put Theo Peckham on IR. If they put Peckham on a two-week conditioning stint he still counts against the 23-man roster, so he either goes on IR, or they put him on waivers today, or they send Paajarvi down. They could send both Paajarvi and Peckham down, with Peckham on conditioning stint, as well.

It does Paajarvi no good sitting in the pressbox, and considering he skated on the 5th line all week, I doubt he cracks the opening night roster. He isn’t suited to play on the 4th line, and Teemu Hartikainen will get a look in the top-nine to start the season.

The Oilers have 7 healthy D-men ahead of Peckham, so I’d send Paajarvi down and Peckham  down to work work his way into game shape. The Oilers can’t afford to lose Peckham on waivers, mainly because they don’t have much, if any, NHL depth in the AHL, so put him on conditioning stint and re-assign Paajarvi.

  • A-Mc

    I agree with you Jason: Send Peckham down for conditioning. This guy needs to get his sht together if he wants to crack the Oilers roster, and because i like his interviews i hope he does it.

    Question: If he does get sent down for conditioning, how long is he allowed to be down there? 1wk? 2wks? 1 mnth?

      • Jason Gregor


        In five starts in January he has allowed 21 goals on 116 shots.

        His SV% in January is .818 and his GAA is over 4. He hasn’t played well lately. He is not the answer moving forward. And his best players were forwards that left, he should still be able to stop some shots a .818SV% is gross.
        Roy’s numbers not nearly as bad in January. He had GAA under 3 and save% of .881. OKC hasn’t given up many shots in any games in January. Opposition is only averaging 25 shots a game. And actually 38 came in one game.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          I guess you missed where I linked to his stats and noted his decline in Jan.

          His monthly totals are:

          Oct (4 starts): .887 Terrible
          Nov (11 starts): .926 Great
          Dec (8 starts): .923 Great
          Jan (5 starts): .819 absolutely decrepit

          So we’ve got a lengthy stretch of 19 starts where he is fantastic, we’ve got last year where he was great:


          and we’ve got a poor start of 4 games and a rough mid-season patch of 5 games minus his best players.

          Has he had a great season… no!

          is he playing his best hockey right now… no!

          what do you think best represents his abilities: his early and recent stumbles, or his long stretch of solid play this year and last?

          I don’t see how rounding out his player’s stats ought to be so objectionable.

          It is totally reasonable to note his struggles… I think it is equally reasonable to note his successes.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            I think most people agree that the AHL is a fairly good predictor of NHL performance, while duly taking note of the still large gap between the two leagues.

            At any rate, I don’t recall anyone claiming Danis was the answer. Merely adding info about his track record.

            Is he the best #2? not by a long shot.

            But based on your discussion of him… I think he is better than you are giving him credit for.

          • Jason Gregor

            Facts are facts, he is not an NHL goalie. And this year he has been grossly inconsistent. You proved so in your monthly stats. Not sure why you feel he is so good.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Let me put it this way…

            he was the AHL goalie of the year last year and is arguably the best 3rd goalie any team has.

            I think he is a fine replacement for Nik’s collapse… but he will still need someone to step in and relieve the pressure by becoming the permanent #2.

            Or, I think he is a great injury call up AND I think he is a mediocre permanent #2.

  • Czar

    If Habby plays like he did at the beginning of last season then he has some value. If he plays like he did the later part of the season then the only ice he should see is in practice and his cocktail.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I noticed over at TSN, the Oilers put Plante, House, and Byers on waviers, Im curious as to why that is I didnt think they were on the Oilers roster.

    Sidenote: Chorney is also on waviers…again! lol he can’t stick with anyone

  • a lg dubl dubl

    Goaltending in general in this organization is a concern.
    Say Dubnyk is solid, thats great, but he is one injury away
    from us being put in a real bind. We all know Nik is done, especially
    being injured, he does not have the body to play 8 out of every
    10 games if Dubnyk is hurt. Honestly i dont know enough about
    Danis [ not sure if i even spelt it right ]. If a D goes down, yeah we are not deep but we can dip into the waiver pool etc, But goaltending….

    I am sure there are many teams in a similar situation. But i could care less.
    Can you imagine if Kipper goes down.. Ugly just turned into nightmare
    season for Flames. Grabbing Karrlson from the flames may not
    be a bad idea. What the heck do i know…

    • DSF

      Calgary has TWO veteran goalies playing for Abbotsford in the AHL who have just been killing it.

      Barry Brust – 8W-5L GAA 1.54 SV% .944

      Danny Taylor – 9W-7L GAA 1.72 SV% .931

      Yann Danis – 13W -12L GAA 2.99 SV% .905.

      Dubnyk going down would be far, far worse than an injury to Kiprusoff.

      • Czar

        Without a doubt. Flames are deeper in goal but..Kipper will
        be the difference between remote respectability and
        the Sewer for Calgary.

        Oil goaltending worries me , they better be able to score 6 a game
        if Dubnyk goes down.

          • DSF

            Heard this morning that the Canucks wanted Hemsky, Paajarvi and a first round pick in return for Luongo and the Oilers wouldn’t do it.

            It’s beginning to look like the Canucks will go through this season with TWO top 10 goaltenders and they may need them to play very well with all their troubles on their second line.

          • book¡e

            I would be fine with a trade like that if Luongo’s contract were half as long for 2/3rds as much. Vancouver might be dreaming if they think they can trade Luongo for full value when he has that albatross of a contract hanging on him.

          • Really? I think that seeing as the CBA hangs the “retirement years” cap hit of the contract back on the team that signs the deal in the first place they should be able to get more out of him than they could have under the old CBA. If the retirement hit goes back to the original signing team then the risk isn’t there in terms of cap dollars and it isn’t there in term of real dollars because the contract is front loaded.

            EDIT: To be clear I don’t want to do that trade. I just think that there is more flexibility now that you might not be hung with the cap hit until the end of time. They could also retain part of the financial hit.

          • justDOit

            I’d rather see Hemsky dangled for one of Ottawa’s extra goalies.

            With stretches of 12 games in 20 days, as I’ve heard stated by others, I like the idea of having two solid options in goal. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to trade RL right now if I’m Gillis.

            Teams with 2 good goalies: LAK, MIN, STL, VAN. If you say Calgary AHL goalies have been tearing it up, then that gives them a good shot at being another one of those teams.

          • Now your talkin… Ben Bishop – Devan Dubnyk- 2 large
            statured goalies. Bishop should be playing in the NHL Now.
            Robin Lehner is no slouch either. Ottawa has a trump card
            and they know it. But at some point Bishop or Lehner
            are going to want to be played or trade.. And to a Western
            team would probably be the preference.

            I would hope Tambo has been sniffing around, but then again….

          • Wax Man Riley

            i know DSF gets a lot of grief here, And Booooyyyy does he give grief, but this shows a pretty non-partial view

            Canucks will have some trouble on that #2 line for sure. Pretty thin down the middle right now.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Have you ever heard of making a trade? Duby goes down, Khabbi sucks, then make a trade. It’s not that difficult. It’s not like we don’t have assets to trade.

            Does it rain every single day on your house? Nothing but doom and gloom and google this and that and try to stir crap up. You’ve become such a bore.

            Sad cuz I liked your posting on HFBoards but you’ve really gotten annoying.

          • The only problem with that Harlie is then the Oilers, specifically Tambellini, Is then he’s trading from a point of weakness and the cost goes up.

            I think we all can agree the Oilers need a NHL back up, why the Oilers don’t see it I have no idea? Maybe they think Khabibulin will stay healthy?

            I don’t believe ether Denis or Khabibulin can be counted on if Dubnyk goes down.

      • If I’m not mistaken Taylor and Brust are both on Abbotsford contracts. So they technically do not belong to the Flames.. Whereas all of our goalies are on Oiler contracts.. It probably wouldn’t be hard for the Flames to sign them if need be but I’m just saying..

        • DSF

          That’s true but, as you point out, signing either would be pretty easy.

          Calgary actually has pretty good G depth with those two Karlsson and Irving.

          None of them are NHL proven but neither are Dubnyk, Danis or the Ghost of Khabibulin at this point.

          • I really don’t think it’s all that good, both Calgary goalies were put on waivers which means Calgary doesn’t even care which one the lose if any at all.

            However, (I’m not sticking up for ether) both Denis and Dubnyk have NHL time. As a GM both have infinitely better upside then anything Calgary has.

            Stats aside a GM takes a NHL goalie, having said that, I’m still not sold on any of these goalies.

  • justDOit

    Didn’t Irving out-play Karlsson last season, in his limited playing time? ICBW.

    Also, Adam Pardy on waivers today. Would he not be an upgrade to Peckham?

  • Reality Check to the head

    Theo – He is on his last legs with this organization, apparently
    the guy can’t stay away from Burgers. I liked Theo, its too bad.
    If it wasn’t for the Short season i think you would see him
    traded or included on the Waiver wire. I know he is injured
    but COME ON MAN ! Stay in shape or cut back the calories
    and keep the weight down.

  • Reality Check to the head

    Has there been any talk lately on Peckhams conditioning. I know that in years past there was talk about him being out of shape.

    Listening to a 1260 interview earlier in the year Peckham was training hard and playing in the ECHL this year.

    Any thoughts?

    Dubes obviously better play well.

  • Rogue


    Its about time that the Drivel Spouting Fool showed up. I would really like to perform the Chinese water torture test on you. That way the roles can be reversed!

    Do you not Think that everyone is concerned about the goalie situation? We get it. Pretty easy to think of a lot of other teams that are 1 injured player away from a lost season. What a doorknob.

      • Here is my list.

        Thats more than half the teams right there.

        These are the ones who could probably survive.

        Of these three I think if their star player went down for a long time would be screwed.

        The rest.
        COL – While they have an average team, one player going down wont affect them. Both of their G are average.
        DET – No explenation needed
        FLA – Same as COL
        LA – Same as DET
        MIN – Same as DET
        NYR – Same as DET
        STL – same as DET
        VAN – Same as DET, but depending on their second line injuries and how long they last an injury to one of the Sedins would crush them.
        WSH – Same as COL

        • DSF

          Your list is ridiculous.

          Boston is without Tim Thomas. Will they fall apart?

          Buffalo…which player?

          Carolina? Would the loss of Sutter means they will have a “lost season”. I really doubt it.

          And so on.

          • J

            Tim Thomas isn’t playing this year.

            He’s referencing teams that don’t have an established backup goalie. If Rask goes down, Boston’s backup is Anton Khudobin. If Miller goes down Buffalo is relying on Jhonas Enroth.

            It’s a response to your comment “If Dubnyk goes down or doesn’t play well…they’re toast. Period.”

            The same can be said for half the teams in the league. They would all be toast if they lost their starter.

          • (MAC962 wrote:
            “…. Oil goaltending worries me , they better be able to score 6 a game if Dubnyk goes down.”

            DSF wrote:
            “If Dubnyk goes down or doesn’t play well…they’re toast. Period.”)

            (Rogue wrote:
            ….Do you not Think that everyone is concerned about the goalie situation? …Pretty easy to think of a lot of other teams that are 1 injured player away from a lost season…”

            DSF wrote:
            “So, which teams, exactly, do you think are ONE injured player away from a lost season?
            Love to see your list.”)

            Two conversations going on at the same time. A little confusing.

            DSF responded to Macs post. Rougue quoted DSF statement to MAC, with his response. DSF quoted Rouges statement, with his response. I gave my list. DSF now agrees with my list, with out saying it.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            that’s a good summary of every DSF conversation….

            but now you can also add in his serial personality disorder, which happens to be a vicious repeater.

          • Rocket

            Whoa! Did this blog just become existentialist?

            Nice reference!

            Anyway, Peckham has been iffy for years. I like his physicality but he is out of position ALL the time.

            Seriously, where did he learn how to play defence?
            I like the guy but it might be time to cut & run with him.

            Didn’t The Flyers have an interest in him a couple years ago?

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Maybe you should acknowledge your perfectly reasonable error, rather than being so pathetically afraid of admitting you aren’t perfect. It might help people take you more seriously.

          • Romulus' Apotheosis

            Boston with out Tukka Rask and Thomas…

            Buffalo – One Ryan Miller, who is their back up?

            Car – One Cam Ward, again who is their back up?

            That first part was in response about Devan Dubnyk going down and the oilers being screwed.

            Any more?

  • Ducey

    Irving may be done as a prospect.

    His save % the last three years in the AHL:

    2010-11 .913 (61 games)

    2011-12 .902 (39 games)

    2012-13 .871 (6 games)

    Still the Oil should grab him or Karlssen. They have more of a chance than Danis.

  • Did I miss something. Why is everyone assuming Peckhams conditioning is off. I thought he got a nutriciiounist and lost a pile of weight, and he was in good condition minus the unrelated hip flexer…

    Has he been seen with Dustin Penner at a backalley Pancake house?

  • Truth

    The Hemsky PRV and and 1st for Luongo was from TreenasOil. The same person who said the Oilers were taking Murray 1st overall and said the Oilers start the season Saturday night vs the Flames, in Calgary.

    She must be a Canucks fan. There’s no way Luongo gets that much in compensation unless minimum 1/3 of his contract is covered by the Canucks. For me to do it I would want half the contract covered by the Canucks and I wouldn’t include the 1st round pick. No reason to penalize your team for the last 6 years of his deal in an attempt to win in the next few. Especially with his penchant for being the backup by the end of the playoffs.

  • justDOit

    Forget all those guys – Oil should make a push to sign Joacim Eriksson. Incredible talent, former Philly pick and is currently playing very well in europe.

  • Ducey

    Hmm, Hemsky and MPS and a first round for Luongo? I don’t do that deal. True, he’s a great goalie, and if we’re ever going to get anywhere we need one of those, but I think we are looking to add one more piece at the draft this year: a big skilled center. In the top 6 I think like 4 of them fit this bill. From there we have even more expendable / tradable assets to find a goalie without such a bad contract.

    It seems pretty clear the Brass might not think we make the playoffs this year, but want to give Dubnyk the opportunity to be the guy. If he shows he can, Oliers go get a 1B back up giving up less assets than the outlined deal above. If he sows he can’t, then the Oilers likely give up something considerable to get something good back.

    As for Calgary needing Kipper to survive, the only reason Calgary was even in the hunt down the stretch last year was because of Kipper. Without him, they cannot play the way they like, and have a much more defensive style to their game, but don’t have the defensive pieces to back it up. I also agree that if the same were to happen to Dubnyk, Oilers would also be screwed.

  • DSF

    Gregor I know you came out last week and said Paajarvi won’t make the team. but get over it you were wrong again and its not a surprise. He might not have the finish everyone hoped for but he is one of the best skaters on the team if not the best technical wise. He draws penalty’s better then any oiler does. something we missed while he was in okc last season and it hurt our pp make no mistake.

    You say he is not a fit on the fourth line, I strongly disagree with that notion. any team in the NHL would love to have Paajarvi on thier fourth line playing PK, Drawing penalty’s, skating like the wind. Waiting for that one injury that puts him into the top nine or six. And this year its a guarantee injurys are going to be an issue with a shortened season and all that Jazz.

    So you might not like to hear this but i believe Paajarvi’s time in OKC is done so chew on that for while.

    • A-Mc

      “So you might not like to hear this but i believe Paajarvi’s time in OKC is done so chew on that for while.”

      OR you could be totally out of touch! Paajarvi still doesn’t fit anywhere as anywhere you want to slot him, there is already a guy who can do it better. Injuries will give Paajarvi a chance, but having a guy waiting around for injuries isn’t going to play to his favor in terms of development.

      I really like Paajarvi so please dont mistake me for a hater. but as much as i want this kid to succeed, i just dont see a good place for him at this point in time.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Out of touch for sure.

          Being on the 4th line is going to do NOTHING for his development. He needs to be in the AHL getting top minutes.

          Playing 6 mins a night in the big club is a waste. I really like PRV, but he is a year away at least.

        • Romulus' Apotheosis

          I disagree.

          He’s not going to get to play all 3 disciplines in the NHL this year. At best he floats from 3rd to 4th to scratch mostly playing around 10-13 mins mostly at evens.

          He’s not going to get the development he needs in that environment. He should be committed to OKC for the entire season to develop, barring injury.

        • I don’t think the key word is NHLers, its PLAY. Getting ice team at the AHL or NHL level is important, and right now he doesn’t fit in. I am also a HUGE fan of MPS. After the rookie year I thought he would be better than the other two. The oilers would regret the day they trade MPS at this point.

          So doing what Detroit and other teams does hinders their players development? You know, they let them play big minutes in the AHL for a couple years.

          Who would you replace and put MPS in instead of, and what kind of TOI would you expect him to have?

        • What rock have you been under?

          Paajarvi is barley good enough for the NHL at this point! His numbers suggest he’s not developing at an NHL level.

          Best case; Paajarvi become’s a third line player with some PK…..However, most PKer’s have a little grit and sandpaper, the ability to give a shot and take a shot, stuff outside of stats, Paarjarvi has none of this in his game.

          Unless he grows some balls and start to use his size to his advantage Paajarvi next step is back to the SEL.

          Book that.

          • This is directed to anyone who is so hard on Magnus Paajarvi.

            It has become apparent that MPS will most likely be a 3rd liner. Proof of why he COULD fit in very well.

            Using two players who most deem to be great 3rd liners

            Jarret Stoll last year. Age 30 GP 78 G 6 A 15. TOI 16:41

            Darren Helm, best year. Age 25 GP 82 G 12 A 20. TOI 14:31

            MPS rookie year. Age 19 GP 80 G 15 A 19. TOI 15:23

            Now these are only one year snippets, and many other players have one great year and have done nothing else. But MPS rookie year was better than both of these players. Both of these players were older when they accomplished these stats. I look at this a a good sign.

          • DSF

            Paajarvi accomplished those stats while playing the second most minutes of any forward on the team.

            He’ll never get that opportunity again.

            In his first full season in the NHL, Stoll scored 22 goals and 68 points.

            Darren Helm is a fringe NHL player selected in the 5th round who scored 1.96 P/60 last season playing 3rd/4th line minutes for the Wings.

            Paajarvi scored 0.75 P/60 last season and only 1.35 P/60 in his rookie season.

            Paajarvi may become Helm…if he learns to play physically.

          • DSF

            So Stolls 68 games 2 years prior to that dont count? After those 68 games he spent a full year in the AHL. Also in that year you mentioned. What was his ice time? Oh yea it was 18:23 playing on the number one PP unit. I can’t confirm this, but was he playing on the second line at that time? Oh snap that’s also the year the oilers went to the cup final and Horcoff had what, 75 points?

            Second most minutes? He averaged 15 min a game, just like these guys.

            What does Darren Helm draft position have to do with anything? Pavel Datsuyk was drafted 171st overall and plays on thier top line.

            Yet still MPS one season (which could be a fluke) still compares to these two players. You pick 2 players at random who play 3/4 line minutes.

          • DSF

            You’re right, of course, but playing all the minutes Stoll managed to score 22 goals and 68 points.

            Did Paajarvi?

            Do you really think you’ll see Paajarvi getting all those minutes again?

            Paajarvi may well compare to 3rd line players when he learns to play physically like they do.

            But bear in mind he was a top 10 pick while both Stoll and Helm were drafted much later.

          • DSF

            My point is that MPS point total in his rookie year are comparable to 3rd liners that people think are great. The only way he will get those minutes,18+, again is injury and he slides up to fill spot duty. Most 3 liners only play 13-15 minutes. Which at those minutes MPS has produced.

            I don’t think it’s fair to compare Stolls 05-06 season with MPS rookie year for the reasons I already made.

            Even if he is unable to beat those numbers again but is able to be an above average 3 liner/PK, in terms of shutting down players, getting the refs to hand out penalties, I think that’s success.

            I agree he needs to be more physical, but I also think most players should be more physical. And I never said its a lock, I said could. Remember he was 19, where as these players were 4+ yr older.

            His draft position and whether he could have been picked up later is another topic. One for when we are discussing the oilers scouts.

          • DSF

            Your right, those were just the first two names that I thought of. You can pick your own. If you can find two better comparables. I picked them for a reason. They are established and MPS, in his rookie year, fared well in the comparison.

            You can’t determine if a player is regressing after one good year in the league then one bad year in the league.

            If MPS ends up as a good 3rd liner then the pick is not a bust. Don’t most people wait 5 years before they determine how good a player really is?

          • DSF

            Why do people respond like that. I have not been under any rocks or been out of touch. I am not a pessimist so sue me. You don’t know me. BTW if I ever had DSF agree with me I would be very ashamed.

            Since when are PK Players all gritty and tough take a look around the NHL buddy players who can skate and have a good sticks are on the PK. Sounds like Paajarvi to me but its hard to tell from being under this rock.

            I get it guys are spoiled with Halls and Eberle’s production then look at MPS and point fingers and say no good. But this is a mistake because paajarvi is a NHLer. Ask the coach ask other GM’s who would never send him to the AHL. and the guy that did last year got fired for a reason. One of those reasons was his handling of MPS. This is fact.

            The team Needs him to draw penalty’s he is hands down our best guy for that but you ignore it and make unfounded statements about his future that just don’t make sense. Get real MPS is not going to the SEL why would you even say it and why would DSF agree??? And I am out touch… Whatever.

          • DSF

            The notion that Paajarvi draws a lot of penalties is a myth.

            In the 2010/11 season, he drew 0.60 PIM/60.

            Not only was that 161st in the league but it was behind Hall, Brule, Omark, Hemsky, Reddox, Eberle and Jacques.

            As a point of reference, the player who draws the most penalties in the league is Jeff Skinner at 2.6/60.

          • Oilertown

            Ya PRV sucks Skinner rock’s also your right in that the Oilers suck and every team in the league is way better then them with a brighter future. Damn reverse psychology with DSF and the Oilers don’t work. I just feel dirty after saying that. Sorry team.

          • Right………

            Just a few thoughts.

            If you think the Oilers NEED Paajarvi to play in the NHL to DRAW penalties so he can help them out your sleep walking.

            Renney wasn’t fired because he never played Paarjarvi or the way he handled him, it was the organization that refused to send him down when it was CLEAR he could NOT play in the NHL.

            Paajarvi is closer to Omark then the NHL.

            I don’t need to look his stats up, I already have for the last three years, if there is ANYTHING that say’s I’m wrong or suggests he is a FULL time NHL player then prove it.

          • Wax Man Riley

            The argument isn’t that he is no good, it’s that he isn’t good enough for the NHL.

            Not yet.

            He has great tools, but at 21 he could use some top minutes in the minors. It isn’t a bad thing.

        • A-Mc

          13 forwards:
          Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Hemsky, Gagner, Yakupov, Smyth, Horcoff, Hartikeinen, Eager, Belanger, Petrell, Hortichuk.

          8 Defense:
          J. Schultz, N. Schultz, Whitney, Fistric, Smid, Petry, Potter, Peckham

          2 Goalies:
          Dubnyk, Danis

          That’s 23.

          Gregor said: “The Oilers will either send Magnus Paajarvi to OKC, or put Theo Peckham on IR”.

          If Paajarvi stays, Theo has to go on IR to maintain 23 spots. If Paajarvi goes to OKC, we have 23 and if Theo goes to OKC for conditioning, he still counts as one of the 23 spots so it’s not 22, its 23 any way you look at it.

    • Jason Gregor

      Actually if you read properly you’d realize that Peckham, while on a conditioning stint, counts on the 23-man roster. Simple.

      And Paajarvi sitting in the pressbox means nothing.

      Also please show me the teams who have guys on their 4th line who are 21 years old, drafted in the top-ten, and don’t play physical. Usually those players are working on developing their SKILL in the minors, not sitting in the pressbox or on 4th line.

      You can love Paajarvi all you like, that doesn’t make him an effective 4th line player. He’s better served to play 1st line minutes in the AHL and play in all situations. HE is still developing, there is no need to rush him.

      • show me teams that have 21,22, 19 year olds on their first line. big deal i am sure thers couple that meet your criteria its not like we could not use the young legs. Smyth, Horc and Belanger are not exactly youthful…

        If Peckham takes his spot on this years roster for a conditioning stint. well thats just sad. Krueger said he wants a 14 7 2 ratio. me thinks Pecks gets waived or something.

        Injurys injurys injurys injurys Its really this simple gregor its going to happen and he is likely to see top 9 rather soon. you know it I know it, its inevitable. He has spoke about what his role is this year and so has Krueger. Him playing this role is not detrimental to his development so why suggest it???

        Love is a big word and not to be assumed. I am not blind I have glasses and I see his faults like how he almost always drives the net on his backhand and goes shortside when he should be pulling it forehand more and going five hole or far side when he gets the room. And he gets that room which makes it even more agravating. but i also see the good stuff. I see him being a solid two way player that puts up 50 or so points in his prime and he just needs to pay his dues in the NHL.

        • Jason Gregor

          Horcoff is in better shape than most on the team, regardless of age. The Oilers have lots of youth…4, 14, 93, 89, 64, 19 and 56…You think the entire team needs to be under 23?

          I said show me a team that has offensive minded 21-year-olds on the 4th line?

          And if there is an injury in the top-nine then you call him up. What good does it do for him sitting in the pressbox? None.

          If you don’t see the benefit to playing lots of minutes in the AHL and in every situation, over sitting in the pressbox and eating popcorn, then I can’t help you.

  • Peckham has to go through the oversized luggage
    lineup at the Airport. What does that say ?

    As for Lou , Hemsky- PRV and a 1st rounder ? lol, why
    are they trading him if he is so damn good ?
    He is good yes, but nowhere near what the Canucks
    are asking for him. That said – Is Schneider ? I would say
    there are a lot of nervous folks in Vancity …are we making the right
    choice ? Ha.. good on ya Nucks …

    Maybe Kirk Mclean for Yakapov ?
    or Richard Brodeaur for Ebs straight up ??

    4-3 Oil Sunday.
    64-89-83 6 Points combined.

    Hey, i can dream !! don’t pick on me.

  • Newj

    I agree with expectations of tomorrow’s 23 man roster, but I am curious to hear comments/insight on how Teubert/Fedun performed during the shortened training camp. I had read an earlier post that Fedun was experiencing some challenges while playing in OKC?

    Anyhow I still hold out optimism that one or both of them have an opportunity to play on a regular basis with the Oil in the future.

  • I wonder if the Oilers might sign another depth goaltender. Obviously, the hope is that Dubnyk will play well and stay healthy but we will still need solid goaltending on his rare nights off. On top of that, an OKC team that is suddenly goal-ridden with most of their big scorers now in the NHL will rely on two raw, unproven pro prospects as long as Danis is up with the big club.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I’m done with Peckham, I think he takes the fact that he’s a professional athlete for granted. he’s out of shape (even though, from what i understand, the oilers hired him a trainer during the lockout to get him in shape…), his commitment and heart away from the game is what makes me worry… his injuries concerned me before (not his fault, hope that he is passed these) but to me it seems like he’s taking his professional athlete status for granted.

  • Teddy Peck man had his shot and he took it for granted by not putting in a consistent effort to come prepared. I could care less about where he ends up now as long as it isn’t on the oilers’ roster.

    Our top nine will likely see at least one significant injury this season but that is not reason enough to keep Paaj up. Harti, Smytty, and Jones are all ahead of him on the ‘fill-in for top six when needed’ role. Can’t imagine Paajarvi staying up.

    While history has proven that we will suffer at minimum one significant injury to our top six, for once I feel like we have the depth to remain afloat.