Well Yak City proved all his haters wrong last night showing all who cared to see that he can score with seconds left on the clock and keep from sliding across the ice in celebration. He stood there against the glass last night in Phoenix, having batted a puck out of the air with a little over a minute left on the clock in overtime, daring his team mates to come and hug him.

And hug him they did. Except Whitney who decided to punch out a Coyote.

Well played all around fellas.


Now yes we are an Oilers fan. And as such it is our responsibility by law to become over confident around the 6 game mark of the season. After all if the object of the game was to be awesome through the preseason and first 6 games of the year the Oilers would have won the Stanley Cup about 11 years in a row now.

Still we can’t help but note a few facts:

  1. There are a lot of teams that have been off during the lockout. The Oilers had 12 players playing the entire lockout and a great many of them playing together in the AHL. This is only bound to help as this season continues and the conditioning of the other squads starts to falter.
  2. There are a lot of dustry old squads with a lot of dusty old hamstrings out there looking to pull themselves. A lot of these teams are looking old and tired don’t you think? Old and tired and injury prone.
  3. There is an absolute ton of hockey to be played. We are getting tired already and we aren’t even on the ice. As the season wears on with three games in four nights injuries are going to play a massive role as older players wear out.
  4. This is a completely upgraded team over last year. We suppose adding Nail Yakupov and Justin Schultz to an already stacked lineup had a positive effect. Who knew?*
  5. During his post game interview with Gene last night Yakupov added at the end "thank you for drafting me" and OUR VERY HEART MELTED. Noting this in the annals of history is of prime importance.

Oil are second in the NW and haven’t really played all that well yet. Hmm.


Other things working in the Oilers favour? How about hoodies being shipped to all corners of the Earth and making their debut on the road with the Ladds in Phoenix last night! Yes, by now all of the hoodies are in transit and have already started to reach their destinations.

And they are living up to their reputation as being magic hoodies too – released on the weekend the lockout unexpectedly ended, these babies are now 1-0 on the road by our count.


* Probably anyone on earth who had a working knowledge of hockey.

** Mad props to our buddy Chris Dunlap on the twitter for the Yak City pic to start the article off. If you want to see your name and photo in an article read by literally tens and tens of people send whatever you think is funny to your old pal Wanye on twitter too.

  • amkfoote

    Love the media’s 180 from when Yakupov was a no-good Russian (ie, enemy) in the World Juniors to mostly defending him less than a month later now that he’s over in North American (specifically Canadian) soil and scoring juicy, highlight-reel GWGs.

  • It seems like a totaly different experience watching this year. Not totaly sure if its any one thing but the threat of two legit scoring lines is pleasant on the eyes, so is having a defencman who always seems to be on the ice and makes forecheckers quiver a little bit.

  • Impartial Oilers Fan

    Good thing Yakupov is the first and only player in the NHL to ever bat a puck in for a goal. We are so lucky to have the great YakCity.

    Its unreal how fans are willing to hand the keys to the city for anything this guy does.

    Is it not harder to tip a 100mph shot than bunt a popfly rebound? Defensemen nock down chip ins all the time, yet the great Yakupov does it and people act like they’ve never seen it before.

    Yakupov has been sub par at EV, and while he’s been flying around with those choppy strides. Not really getting much done. A couple PP tap ins and an empty net, and he’s the Oilers Savoir.

    I do not understand how fans reveer anything a first round draft pick will do automatically, and make it into a big deal and anoint him the next Great One.

    Give your heads a shake, and let a young player earn your respect, not just give it out because he was drafted first overall.

  • yeeps

    Yak needs a dose of RNH to get them both going.
    More than just the PP , RNH is a young set up artist
    Yak is a sniper in waiting….

    Taylor Hall – my Fav, learn to just bull your way, the league has
    learned your moves.. Do it !! You will be a beast one day.
    Tyler Sequin…errr Suguin….ummm Seguin, yeah that guy.

    He will eat your dust one day.

    Please use your speed tonight boys, chip and chase
    mix it up.. a victory tonight will carry the Oil
    for a a few games… 10-5 after 15 is my prediction.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Gene is making fun of himself. All good. If you don’t like him turn down the sound. If he is holding up a hammer, or a nail, or a hot dog, or a basketball, or an army helmut or …. okay maybe he can be a little over the top, but he is just bad enough that he is GREAT.

    In terms of Yak, just a kid who loves playing and scoring. He isn’t trying ot stick it to anyone. He is having fun. Best part of the first “Oil Change” was him timidly asking the trainer or whatever if he could step on to Rexall ice. After the guy say something to the effect of “fill your boots”, Yak is clearly aware and in awe of what the old pillbox is all about. Either he is an excellent actor or that was a real “moment”.

  • 2004Z06

    People will always find something to bitch about. If Yakupov was pointless this season, fans would be all chanting that the Oil should have drafted a D-man or center. Yakupov is 6 games in and playing poorly IMO but he still has 4 goals. I think it is reasonable to assume that when he starts playing well, the kid will be very good. He is ridiculously quick footed and can turn on a dime. He needs a good set up man. I can’t count the times he has been waiting to snipe the puck into the net but Hemsky hasn’t fed him the puck. Give him time….by game 20 ish, this kid is going to be sick! I am more concerned with RNH, he looks off this year so far. Hopefully it is just a little rust.

  • striatic

    “During his post game interview with Gene last night Yakupov added at the end “thank you for drafting me” and OUR VERY HEART MELTED.”

    i wish i could find video of this online.

    stoopid Centre Ice feed cut out.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Okay so I’m as curmudgeon (thank you insta-spell check) as there is, but c’mon. Hatin’ on Yakupov?

    Sure he can’t check his hat, who the hell cares? Pretty sure they drafted him for other purposes.

    By the way…

    Want to complain about something, go for the whole “Derrick Morris beat Whitney’s head in and no one did (or could do) anything about it.”

    THAT is a problem.

    • Hope Hordi is in for that one and Whitney is just beaking off all game long. I love that the Oil are pissing teams off. No one got mad at them when they sucked. Let’s see if they can get Morris to lose it during the game and take some dumb penalties. It’s a joke that wasn’t a 1 game suspension.

  • Wanye,

    Love the asterisk footnotes.

    I somehow miss them when I read your brilliant prose, and get to find them sitting at the bottom of your posts like hilarious little Wanye droppings. Then I get to go hunting for the stars.

    Also. I would like to see Mark Schultz and Gene Principe have an in-game host word fight where Gene-O can only use puns and Schultz can only use ridiculously inflected rhetorical questions.

    Also. When Gene did the second period summary and said that both goalies were really good, except that one was… “just a little better.” And Quinn was all like “not gonna say it are you?”

    What was that glorious pun he refused to deliver?

    Dubnyk has got an inch on Johnson?

  • Moops

    Nation Hoodie checking in from Vancouver! Nice to see it get a win in its first game.

    Got called a “f*ckin’ loser” from some assclown in an ugly blue and green shirt last night while wearing it. I sure do love flying the Oil colours here.

  • 2004Z06

    Guy from NYC looking to sport the Oilers Nation hoody. If anyone has an L or XL they want to part with let me know. I wan’t to fly the colors on the east coast.