It’s at this point in the NHL season that Oilers fans make a decision about how we are going to pass the time for the remaining 6 weeks of the season. Early excitement and God given right to unreasonable optimism has created a black diamond rated slide into misery and if it hasn’t arrived already it is certainly on the horizon as seen in the scientific graph above.

In seasons past this was a crappy team that lived up to its billing as being crap. They knew it, we all knew it deep down in our hearts. Games were lost, tears were shed and the most dithering General Manager in sport was lauded for his ability to stand idly by while the team continued to suffer.

Now it is an entirely different beast. This is now a very good team that has some obvious holes that need filling* They know it, we all know it. Everyone with a functioning brain steam and pair of occular units knows it. Except the same hilarious front office who sit around wondering when the arena will find an additional 114 million dollars and not much else. And trading for Mike Brown doesn’t count.

It’s getting pretty old isn’t it? As we see it most Oilers fans have one of three moves at this point, assuming hope is fading faster than the tan of the lady in your office who came home from Mexico two weeks ago and is still clinging to the dream** This season certainly isn’t lost yet and we will cling to the dream until Willis and his math slam the coffin door closed with a depressing annual thud.


You choose to be disappointed. This is always a popular option among Oilers fans at this juncture of the season. "I really thought this was the year" the thinking goes "surely to goodness they could be higher than (wherever they may sit) what with (insert good players) in the lineup and (insert hot Oiler) playing so well."

The list of good players continues to pile up to the rafters this season and for some this makes things all the more disappointing. People who choose disappointment often turn off the games early from here on out and start cleaning the winter dust off their golf clubs in about 2 weeks.


You choose to be frustrated. People who go this route are often a source of great amusement to us all in the comments on the site and on twitter. They can often be observed having 5 alarm meltdowns of rage and suggesting things like "Lets all burn our Oilers jerseys in a big pile and get the news helicopter to film it! I know a guy with over 1,000 facebook friends he can get the word out quick!"

As the Oilers lineup continues to stock pile the best young lineup in over 20 years frustration is starting to take the pole position as the emotion of choice among Oilers fans. Watching the team gas one against Minny with NARY A SHOT IN THE SECOND FRAME can make the blood boil real nice don’t it?


You can resign yourself that this is the Oilers fate in life and that it also somehow reflects the continued failure of everyone who lives within 1000 miles of Edmonton. We see this all the time too with people saying things like "the Oilers suck, everyone sucks, there is a pothole the size of Delaware outside my house etc etc etc"

We are of the mind that this is the cowards way out of things. We believe that there is absolutely no reason that the Oilers can’t address their needs starting today and put together a supporting cast capable of making the Oil a nasty team to play against that may not get any shots in the second against Minny BUT BY THUNDER SOMEONE GONNA GET HURT REAL BAD.

But there is lots and lots of time to talk about what the Oilers are going to need to do.


We have decided to do what we always do when the Oilers break our hearts: leave. Leave and lick our wounds. And lick limes with tequila shots somewhere people don’t have the foggiest idea of what an Oilers is or how they didn’t get A SINGLE SHOT IN THE SECOND AGAINST MINNY.

We depart for Iceland in less than 2 weeks. We aren’t kidding. And as usual we will be bringing twitter with us the entire time and have also just signed up for Instagram. Because its 2011 and we just heard of it. Give us a follow: wanyegretz.

*That’s what she said

**Not actual lady

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” – Sir Winston Churchill

    Some fine words.

    I expect a new level of fight going forward. Time for the boys to dig in and get their hands dirty. This pussy footing around sh*t ain’t cutting it.

    Stick ’em, slash ’em I don’t care. Make ’em earn it.

    I got the faith.

    • Oasis

      I expect a new level of fight going forward? Havnt we been hearing this s**t for a while now. Didn’t Ralph say this team was going to give 100% and be a tough team to play against every night, blah blah blah? I am tired of listening to this record over and over again. I don’t mind the losing, it’s part of the process. It’s the non-compete and the excuses. It’s the same crap every year and management gets a pass.

      The only real compete I saw last night was from Pajaarvi. That was definitely his best game of the season regardless of whether he scored one goal, 5 goals, or none. There was a glimmer of hope that one day he could be that big forward with size, speed, and hands. Maybe in a couple more years.

      I am ok with missing the playoffs this year……but I want to see some major progress next year. We have several holes we need filled. We need some big forwards in our top 9 or 6. We need to get better in the faceoff department. We need some grinders who compete hard every game. We need to upgrade our defense. These are all issues that we have needed for years and yet nothing ever gets done about it and that is the frustration. Anybody can finish last every year and draft first overall……where is the skill in that? It’s time to fill the holes in this team and make some progress. Enough excuses.

      Rant Over !

      • DSF

        Can’t really argue with you, dude. They definitely need to find some fight. Call it pride. Whatever. They need to man up.

        It will, however, be nice to see everyone back from injury.

        This is how I see it. This team is green, man. And I’m not talking about smokin’. And, those young cats are coming around, regardless of what some stats/people suggest.

        Paajarvi IS better this year. Not where we want him, but it’s coming. RNH’s offence has slipped, but he is playing against the best every night and playing very well defensively. Not to mention he is throwing his body around. Hall is a beast. Hartikianen is winning battles down low. He’ll figure out what to do with the puck soon. Lander didn’t look too bad before he got hurt and the Tre Kroner line had some energy and chemistry. Yak is a rook, but he’s gonna be a gunslinger! Schultz can be hot in the O-zone and his defense will get better.

        The compete will come. I think they need to be in a position to fight for that last playoff spot in order to learn this. And, to understand it. They’re mathematically still able to do that.

        The size will come, but there is no need to sell the farm. Why mess it all up just because some think they should. Opinions are like a-holes, dude. Everyone has one. Myself included. That said, I’m sure tough decisions will be made on some players. Either at the TDL or in the off-season.

        No issues in ranting, brah. And we have heard this sh*t before, but they did say five years. By my count we are in year 3. Let the haters hate.

        It will be nice to scream “f’ you” when all this is said and done.

  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    Dear fellow Nationers,

    like it or not, we are still in a rebuild. thankfully (hopefully) at this point, we’re closer to the end than the beginning. we’ve gone from watching a crappy team without a hope or a chance to watching a less crappy team that’s in games most nights – even if they’re held shotless in a period. this isn’t the first oilers team to have that happen to them, and it won’t be the last.

    the point is, we’re getting better and we’re moving in the right direction. all of the suck has landed us some pretty awesome players the likes of which haven’t been seen in these parts in DECADES. true, the people in charge are questionable at best, but it’s not them you cheer for – it’s the jersey with the big oil drop on the front.

    when it comes to the question of “to jump or not to jump” on/off the bandwagon….

    well that answer is clear as day – love the oilers, hate the oilers, get pissed off at the team, players, management, get let down when they don’t live up to your expectations and cheer like hell when they surprise you with their flashes of greatness, but by all means stand by your team. you don’t have to like who’s in charge, but you should ALWAYS love the team you cheer for – otherwise you’re no better than a canucks fan. who the hell would want that?


  • DJ Dynasty Handbag

    What bugs me is that we seem to have traded away alot of what we are looking for right now. Kyle Brodziak for a mid-round draft pick? Wouldn’t he look good as a big 2-way centre on the third line right now. Tom Gilbert for Nick Schultz? Wouldn’t mind having another puck mover right now. Dustin Penner? This is debatable because Klefbom by all accounts will more than make up for this trade but we could really use some size in our top 6 right now. Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make. Our D corps was considered a strength when Tambellini took over. He ripped that apart and now we are looking under every rock for effective dmen.

    Obviously, this incompetence has helped us finally add some franchise players. Still, if this management is the reason that we sucked so much in the first place then why give them the keys to the ferrari? Time for some new direction.

  • Bonvie

    I am not sure why, after the Oil finishing 29th last year, everyone expected playoffs this year?

    Our best players are all still in their first contract, FIRST! They are all 23 or younger! The Sedins did not score 50 pts until they were 26 years old. Nuge, Hall and Ebs all reached that plateau before they turned 22.

    RELAX. Yes there are things that need fixing but RELAX. If the Oil arent strong contenders when these kids are 24-28 years old THEN its time to panic. Not when they are still in their FIRST contracts.


  • The Oilers Shot Clock

    We should have made a push for Jagr this summer. Imagine if we had him instead of Smyth? Hemskys BFF and Yaks idol, showing the young kids the ropes. A twilighting HOF would have done wonders for us. Still could.


  • painfulloss

    This is my first-ever post on Oilers Nation, as well as my first time coming to this site. I’ve been a member of the C&B for a few years now and really enjoy my time spent there. The writers are very knowledgeable & see the game through a more analytical/stats eye than I.

    I came here today after following a link from an article somewhere on C&B. Really glad I did! This site is very well done & there seems to be many fans that are just like me. So, thanks for having me!

    Obviously the MIN game was a real personal low point in sports for pretty much any Oiler fan. Not a single shot in the second period! Not an ounce of effort from anyone but #91 & #89 all night. They mailed it in for two periods in STL & for the entire game in MIN. Professionals?

    I was talking to my GF the other night about the team after the STL game: how can a team that doesn’t show up, play with ANY heart/desire/passion/intensity call themselves professionals? How dare they? It’s infuriating.

    Look, I get that there’s holes in the lineup that are larger than the ones in my long johns, but if you’re playing in The National Hockey League, you have no right to play at any less than 100% effort each and every night. You are getting paid insane amounts of money to play a game that only about 1000 people play each year.

    I’m sick and tired of turning on the TV/computer to watch a game & see a group of players who overall seem not to care. Sure, there’s a hanfull of guys that DO CARE, guys like Hall, Smid, Paajarvi, Gagner, Hartikainen & Smyth. Six guys aren’t enough. The great teams have a group of guys that collectively show up each & every night to compete and to do whatever it takes to WIN THE GAME. Not every players is gonna show up every night – I’m not a dreamer – but 95% of them do.

    Being the laughing stock of the League when 20 years ago or so we were the envy is a really hard pill to swallow. Other than that almost perfectly-magical run in 2006, we’ve been overall a dismal team since the early 1990’s. I don’t wanna be the NYI or CAL or WAS.

    Year after year Oilers fans are sold a bucketload of promises for the near future, but that bucket if full of manure. Hell, I even have an Oilers trash can I actually use to put my trash out each Thursday night! How ironic!

    The entire management staff has to be deleted and replaced with guys who have proven track records of success with moving organizations forward. All the Oilers do is either stand pat, or move in reverse. We have some incredible young talent – let’s move a few to improve the team with smart trades, pick up USEFUL team players with heart & talent from waivers/Europe/wherever & get this club moving UP.

    Thanks for reading, sorry it’s so long.

    GREAT site, guys.

  • 106 and 106

    Brodziak ,Gilbert,Cogliano and Stoll were all traded because management thought they were soft.

    It looks like we will shortly be heading down that road again.

    I will let you figure who is soft in the head in our management.Hint it’s very near the top.

  • PlayDirty

    Wanye should produce the northern Alberta remake of the greatest movie ever:

    Smytty*: Let ’em know you’re there! Get that stick in their side, let ’em know you’re there! Put some effin’ lumber in their teeth, let ’em know you’re there!

    Hemmer: [sarcastically] Bleed all over ’em, let ’em know you’re there.

    …I can picture it – it would be too easy.

    *Could also be played by Hall

    Some guys really play the game this way. I wonder if any Oiler has the cojones to really pull it off? Eager? – he may have lost his ‘snap’ factor and I’m afraid teams know it.

    I could also see this conversation:

    Krueger: You cheap sonofabitch. Are you crazy, those guys are retards!
    Tambellini: I got a good deal on those boys. Scout said they showed a lot of promise.
    Krueger: They brought their effin’ toys with ’em!
    Tambellini: I’d rather have them playing with their toys than playing with themselves.
    Krueger: They’re too dumb to play with themselves! Boy, every piece of garbage that comes into the league, you gotta buy it.
    Tambellini smirks his smirk.

  • I read every word and comment of this oilers blog with asmile on my face, Am I retarded*** ooops emotinally distrubed? Some real funny stuff boys. Wayne does the “E” on the graph = expectations and the “T” = tanked? must be, I can’t be that re….disturbed.