Let’s all take a break from the breathtaking excitement of the Oilers 2013 season for a minute shall we? Are the Oilers the greatest team in modern history? Or are they bound to tank again making the 2013 Entry Draft the fourth most exciting first overall pick in the last four years?

There is plenty of time for that.


For the third year in a row OilersNation is icing at team in the 2013 Pro-Am Face off for Alzheimers April 26-28. This is an awesome annual event where you get to play with and against NHL legends all in the name of charity.

The stories my buddies have from playing in this thing are amazing. One guy breathlessly called me after one game to say he was tying up the puck in the corner and someone from the opposing team came to fish it away from him.

Estimated Transcript:

Buddy: Then I feel some guy poking around in my feet from the puck and out of habit I elbowed him without even looking who it was.

Me: And then what happened?

Buddy: Then I get absolutely cross checked into the boards harder than anything I have ever felt before. And I hear a voice behind me say "sorry about that I just reacted out of habit."

Me: And then what happened???

Buddy: Then I rolled over on my back ready to kick the stuffing out of whoever hit me and I couldn’t believe it. Wendel Clark  just ended my life.


Buddy: I told him it was an honour and we both laughed.


This year Jason Gregor has defected from Team OilersNation and is icing his own team with his buddies and his listeners. Please note team OilersNation is made up of strapping young lads who are in the prime of their athletic career*

Jason Gregor’s team is filled with perfectly nice people with absolutely no chance of competing with team OilersNation. We have even heard treachery that JG is going to use his clout to rig things so Strudwick is on his team.


And it so happens we have kept three spots open for Nation readers. All you have to do is:

1) Commit to raising $2,500 for charity. Think of all the chocolate almonds and stuff you have bought from people you know over the years in the name of supporting a deserving cause. It’s payback time baby.

2) Be prepared to face Jason Strudwick in the octagon. If Gregor gets his way (he usually does) and Strudwick does shadily land on his roster you will be faced with the hardest OilersNation decision of all time. Do you go wide on him, catch Studdy obviously flat footed and risk him dropping the mitts and ending your life? FUN!

3) Be prepared to party. Team OilersNation ain’t Grandpa Gregor’s team of Arthritis. We win on the ice, win in the alley brawls and celebrate hard.***

If the promise of playing Struddy-bo-buddy and Jason Gregor doesn’t excite you enough you – how about the fact you will also be playing with or against Jeremy Roenick, Theo Fleury, Bryan Trottier and Marty McSorely. And each team picks a pro to join their roster the night before. If that doesn’t get you excited nothing will.

Email me at wanyegretz at gmail dot com if you want more details and represent the greatest team on Edmonton ice other than the actual Oilers.


Speaking of teams that should be getting some love right about now we would like to send a special shout out to our boys over at the Spruce Grove Saints who won the North Division of the AJHL season this year with a 35-16-9 record and began their playoff run on Thursday. 

We have had the chance to pop out to the Grove a couple of times this season and watch the Saints play and had an awesome time. The AJHL is a great league and consistently ices a helluva product. The Saints are at the top of the pile in the North and are sure to go far in the playoffs this year.

Is it their 2013 Oodle Noodle Zamboni that is carrying them to victory? Or was it the fact that they won an amazing seven games in a row earlier this season? Science would tell you that the Zamboni has no impact on the play on the ice but we have a feeling it has a lot to do with the

Either way boys way to go. Anyone wanting a good long look at playoff hockey might want to mosey on over to the Saints website and get some tickets stat.


*Mild exaggeration. Some of the boys have already seen better days.

**Actual team name****

****Unless you need to get home to the old lady which we totally respect. Sucker.

***Not actual team name but should be.

    • StHenriOilBomb

      Way to not read any of the article. Or even the headline. You’re a real pro!

      Wayne! You’re playing for charity? Amazing. You must have hit it so rich with this interweb blooging thingy that you don’t need to be paid to work anymore! I congratulate you, sir.

      Well done Nation folks. The charity work is outstanding!

    • 106 and 106

      How articulate.

      The double exclamation marks really hammer your well-worded point home.

      And buffoon? Haven’t heard that word in a fort-night – All-star usage.

    • The Real Scuba Steve

      He is right about the buffoons, The Oiler brass has changed every department except for own. What happens when high draft pics start stating that they don’t want to come here?

    • StHenriOilBomb

      I thought it referred to last night’s third period. But then I realized that last night’s third period is exactly what Oilers hockey has become…

  • Gerald R. Ford

    Still weird to hear “Spruce Grove” Saints, even after almost a decade, but good on the boys for a great season. BTW, this is why we love The Nation. Brutal OT loss last night gets tempered with positive news, and reminders of bigger, better causes. Can’t even hate on Datsyuk for stabbing us in the heart, that guy’s such a beauty to watch…

  • If I could skate and play hockey and cross check and stuff I’d be SOOOOO all over this!

    Seriously though. I wouldn’t want to face Strudwick across the dot. I bet he stays in great shape and although he wasn’t as good as Dany Heatley* he’d school anybody here all night long at the ice hockey arena.

    *All Star