GSB 41.0: BOA

It’s that time again Calgary. You managed to get ahead of the Mighty Oil by a measly two goals last Battle of Alberta. Fortunately the good guys dug deep and managed to pump eight straight past your goaltending duo. Eight. Straight. Goals.

Let the soundtrack be the sequel to Gangham Style which dropped today. We have a few things to say.


Perhaps someone can explain why the Flames have won two of your last three games since selling off everything of value in the Saddledome including the scoreboard. Do the remaining "NHL calibre players" not understand what needs to happen from here on out? You need to l-o-s-e. Every game. Not squeak out shootout victories in Phoenix and celebrate like you are a few good powerplays away from being back on top.

You’re so bad down in Calgary that you are bad at being bad. Let that sink in. Up here we are great at being bad. Hell the Oilers are the Lebron Jameseses of being bad – we understand exactly what it takes. A burning desire to see your squad crater into the league basement at 800 km/h, the ability to mail it in on any given night. You have to want it for heaven’s sakes.

Fortunately the Oil will show you how to spectacularly implode as they look to pump another 8 past you tonight. Think of it as helping kick off your 6 year rebuild.


Speaking of people who are doing it wrong the residents of the venerable Wanye Manor here in Edmonton have elected to scalp tickets for tonight and take Edmonton’s newest permanent resident – former Morningside Panther Sam Brown – to his first Oilers game.

This guy is one hell of an Oiler fan already mind you – he knows the team from tip to toe and has been streaming games from Australia all year. He knows that Tambo is an indecisive wreck riddled with crippling second guessing and is more interested in solving the Caramilk Mystery than he is figuring out how to take the Oilers to the next level.

But we still have blind faith in the Oilers up here. Yes they may have cooled off after being red hot and yes it’s not looking good for the Mighty Oil to streak into the post season. But you gotta keep the faith that selling most of the furniture in the Manor and going to a Saturday Night Battle of Alberta will result in victorious mayhem.

You think the Oil are going to let down Sam Brown at his first Oilers game?

Please. Chalk this up as a win right now.


According to the Oilers official twitter feed there will be no changes in the Oilers lineup from last game










Khabibulin gets the start in net.


The Flames lineup is hard to determine tonight. Their official site has no mention of how things are shaping up, nor does their twitter feed. The ever helpful folks over at Coppernblue have published the lineup below which is quite a different squadron than suggested in the Edmonton Sun today. It’s almost as though the Flames themselves are running a smoke screen to mask how far the franchise has fallen.

Anyways, the "lines" are as follows:


Horak – Cammalleri – Baertschi

Glencross- Backlund – Stempniak

Hanowski – Reinhart – Jones

Jackman – Cervenka – McGrattan





Joey MacDonald gets the start tonight until he is inevitably pulled.

Note: Rumour has it that Glencross is out too with some sort of mystery illness – most likely being sick of being a Flame. If this happens chuck another crumb you have never heard of onto a line randomly.

Note 2: In addition to having one of the worst lineups in the NHL, the Flames have to be near the top for the hardest lineup to spell. Who the hell are any of these players? What the hell is a Ben Hanowski?


GAME DAY PREDICTION: Oilers win 5-2 on goals from Hall, Eberle (2), J. Schultz and Yakupov. Scoring for Calgary "who cares" and "some guy you quasi know"

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Oilers remember that they might be on the outside looking in this year but the Flames are on the outside of the outside looking in. They shell them into oblivion.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: After lumbering into his perch in the press box Flames GM Jay Feaster will scan the lineup for tonight’s match. "Jeez the Flames don’t look very good on paper do they?" After it’s brought to his attention that it is in fact his job to fix the lineup he will dimly shrug his shoulders and say "nothing that can’t keep till the summer am I right? Now where’s that free popcorn I heard about up here?"

From across the press box Steve Tambellini smiles knowingly and gives him the thumbs up.

  • Mitch2

    I’ve been wanting losses but this was a sweet feeling beating the oil in rectal place! Feeling pretty darn good about our future! Baertschi , backlund, Brodie , Reinhart , horak, gaudreau, granlund jankowski, ferland, hanowski , agastino, brossoit, gillies, Ramo, Berra, ortio, Ramage, Wotherspoon, sieloff, culkin, kulak, cundari, and a top five pick. We have a nice future ahead if us people and it can be next season! Fun to watch the kids down the stretch! Sweet music to my ears seeing tanguay gone! Sulker! Trade his can! Our rebuild won’t be an Edmonton tank/rebuild! We have good youth now! Suck it oilers!

    • Double Dion

      Do you also “finish” with women prematurely? I’ve loved what our kids have done, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. At least half the guys you mentioned won’t play 50 games in the NHL. We have Brodie, Backlund, Bartschi, Reinhart and Horak that we can count on. Beyond that who knows? One or two of the goalies are very likely to pan out and I think Gaudreau could be special if he can make the size thing work. Not many guys his size do make it work though and they tend to be liabilities in other areas. Ennis and St. Louis are the only true midgets I can think of who play a full 200ft game.

  • Franko J

    A few things to take away from tonight’s game:

    1. A redemption victory.

    When the Flames last played the Oilers they were out worked, gave very little effort and played with no pride. For me redemption came with the fact that this team earned the win tonight. This team didn’t quit, every player gave an honest effort. Most importantly played a full sixty minutes with purpose and conviction.
    Something which I haven’t seen in a very long time. They played as a team without the self gratitude.

    2. Cashing in.

    The players actually put the puck in the net. Over the past few games the Flames have played decent hockey. Tonight they buried the biscuit in the net when it counted.

    3. Opportunity Knocks

    Finally this organization {out of necessity} is giving some of the younger guys the opportunity to play. Over the past 4 to 5 games it has been rewarding and refreshing to see that cupboards aren’t so bare and that the development provided by Troy Ward and the Heat’s along with Hartley and Flames coaching staff is reaping the rewards. All be it a modest two game win streak this team is playing some entertaining hockey. I like what I’m watching

    4. Brodie, Backlund and MacDonald

    After the trade deadline I was wondering who was going to step up and lead this team down the stretch, I’m happy to see these guys really take the chance to prove they can make this team better. Funny thing is the last time Flames fans had high praise for a player named MacDonald he had a big moustache.

  • Mitch2

    after waking up this morning a very troubling thought just occured to me, a general manager named feaster who has about as much hockey sense as a cricket coach, declared about a month ago his team was retooling (rebuilding) and were in our 4th year, after last nights game it’s clear who is ahead by a country mile and it isn’t the oil. look if this doesn’t demonstrate to ownership how incompetent the oilers managment is, well then their is no hope. we just got beat by an ahl team who played two games in 24 hrs, put together by a gm and managment team who makes corky off the wonder years look like a rocket scientist. guys our team is in big trouble.

  • Franko J

    The constant accepting of losing by management has rubbed off on the players for years now . It’s got to change , and quit coddling the players – make them more accountable as well . Putting Khabby in and having finished Hemsky by the looks of it , Oilers appear to be tanking on purpose .

    Everyone from management down to the players accepts losing to readily . Patience can also create listlessness of which we seem to like for some unknown reason .

    Maybe we should take a poll to see % of fans that would like a new vision under new management from top on down ? It often feels like we are playing in a Mastercraft league with Dollar Store tools !

    • Chris.

      Sounds like we need a new System, i posted an obscenely long diatrade earlier and had to remove it saying this.If you want to see the system the Oilers need just Google Moma2s NewAge Hockey System, you might have to dig a little.

      “a new vision under new managment from the top on down” sounds like a system replacement to me. Nice call, I feel the same way.

  • Chaz

    Katz’s love for Kevin Lowe is only exceeded by his love for money. Until Oiler fans start staying away from Rexal no change in management will happen. I beg all ticket holders: stay home until Lowe and Tambo are fired. Only a full blown culture change from the top will give us a chance at changing this loser organization. Only a drop in revenue will wake up Katz. Send your un-used tickets to D Katz at the Oiler offices. Please and thank you!

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    so, being faced with a very real shot at another top 5 pick, does katz finally crawl out of his batcave and hold a few people (other than another coach) responsible?

    or, is it promotions for everybody??!!!

  • Chaz

    7 games left in the season. If this train to nowhere ends up in the bottom 5 we’ll see Tambo`s body of work “evaluated”. The perception is reality adage stands. The perception that Tambo has not done enough to move this team forward is what the fans are thinking all across ON.
    Not trading Whitney, Jones or anyone else at the deadline has backfired. Those assets are now done. Hemsky’s value now is at next years trade deadline. So as much as we would like to trade him at the draft his value then will be at its lowest. Mr Dithers has lived up to his moniker.
    I see 2 more wins in the OIlers season. Its going to be miserable around here for the next little while. The losing vortex continues to grow larger. In sports these kind of things can go 2 ways. And right now were seeing what I think is the beginning of the end of many an Oiler career.
    With the first pick(because were that lucky)the Oilers pick Seth Jones.

  • wiseguy

    We always talk about how the players who are leaders will stand in front of the microphone and camera after a bad game and own up for their bad play. Where are Lowe or Tambellini after games like this? Hiding and letting the coach take all the heat? Cowards!

  • Willi P

    Why not bench the worst oilers and bring up some replacements from OKC for the rest of the season. I am sure that the training staff can find some injuries.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Wanye, anyway you could coax Mr. Brown to hang around for the last 5 home games? He’s our good luck charm.

    Never has it been more apparent, we could sure use another top 3 selection. SELL THE FARM!

  • Chris.

    Unbeleivable.Now it makes .Did you see Kevin Lowe blow a fuse when he was uestioned on his ability.The egomaniac had the nerve to say he had the most Stanley Cups of anybody still in the game.All BECAUSE OF YOU Kevin .How many have you won as a g.m or coach.Get out of the past Kevin.That was 30 years ago.How could anybody work for this egomaniac.Mactavish not much better.Or Katz.Congradulations on being such fantastic front office men.Who hired those clowns that made you look bad ?