Today is a sweet day for the site – we get to proudly announce that Lexus of Edmonton has become the first Community Partner of Recently the good folks at the dealership contacted us – which is a shocker in of itself – saying that they were interested in helping us get to $200k in annual charitable donations.

Said General Manager Bruce Kirkland, “we are proud to be involved in the community at Lexus of Edmonton. Some of us here at the dealership read the site on the regular and see that you guys are starting to support more charitable endeavours. We thought you might need some Corporate Support so we want to offer our help.”

This is legitimately awesome and we cannot thank them enough for their offer of prizing and awareness of our initiatives. They have also become an advertiser on the site which is sick too.

Lexus of Edmonton advertising on your site is kind of like getting the Nuge to come out to your beer league game. He is better than it and you know it. He knows it too. Everyone knows it. And yet there he is. And same goes for Lexus advertising on OilersNation.



In addition to Lexus of Edmonton helping us with our charitable initiatives we are going to work to promote the stuff they do too. Lexus of Edmonton is impressively involved in the community and already works with people you may already know like Jason “Tiberius” Gregor who will be hosting the 3rd annual “A night with Bryan’s Angels” tomorrow June 6th at the Lexus of Edmonton dealership.

Bryan’s Angels were created in 2011 to help raise funds for the Brian Mudryk Golf Classic in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation. In 2012 these folks raised over $70,000 and each year the total continues to climb.

This has a lot to do with this auction night at the dealership, which we attended last year and watched Host Gregor try and brow beat us into buying a Jordan Eberle stick in the auction. Then the bidding got up to about 11 billion dollars as we recall and we had to drop out of the running.

We will be back this year armed with a counterfeit credit card and a taste for blood.

If you are interested in supporting this awesome cause and our new best friends at Lexus of Edmonton you can get your paws on the $20 tickets at the door by emailing

In conclusion thank you so much for your support Lexus of Edmonton. We look forward to working with you and raising money for deserving Edmonton charities.