This year the Party Planning Department at OilersNation (me) and the geniuses at Pint Downtown (hot chicks for the most part) elected not to have our 4th annual NHL entry draft party. The Oilers mercifully didn’t finish last, meaning they didn’t pick first. Plus the NHL moved it from Friday (fun times) to Sunday at noon (dead times.)

But never fear – we are going to throw one hell of a Draft Party this Friday at the Pint Downtown. Draft party as in the official release of NationBeer.

You read that right. What was once merely a blog is now also a beer.


"How does one get one’s own beer" you may be wondering? Well first you have to have tried almost every single beer on planet Earth. Then you have to come to the realization that they all sort of taste the same. Then you have to convince the people at Labatt and at Pint Canada that beer doesn’t taste all the same and it’s time that they make you a beer and sell it at their bar.

And then they buy your line of thinking by some miracle. And then you have your own beer. And then you have a launch party.



First thing is first. Going to the Pint Downtown on a beautiful sunny Friday night* is always a great time. If we can’t agree on that you might as well stop reading right now.

Secondly what’s in it for you is as follows. For your $20 ticket you get:

  1. An exclusive NationBeer tee shirt
  2. Admittance to the party of the year**
  3. A $20 Pint gift certificate
  4. A $25 Oodle Noodle delivery gift certificate
  5. A presumed hangover 10-15 hours later

But the party itself is gonna be awesome. Gregor is doing his show live from 2-6 PM. There are rumours Jason Strudwick will swing by. There are also other rumours that "babes" will be in attendance.

Let that sink in for a minute. BABES.


As always all of the proceeds from Nation Network parties go to deserving Edmonton Charities. This time we are supporting the deserving folks at the Inner City Children’s Program and the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society.

We are still digging out from the financial grenade that was StreakCred Season 1 so every dollar we can raise for charities is needed to keep pace with our goal of raising $100k for charity in 2013.


Ah. Good for you. If you want to light the world on fire this Friday and sample a few kegs of a beer that has been described by critics as "palatable" and "containing alcohol" please click on the link below.

NationBeer Launch Party

Friday July 19, 2013 – starts at a leisurely 6 PM

Tickets are only $20 in support of Edmonton charities.


*Or a torrential downpour who can really tell these days.

** If you exclude all better parties from this ranking system.