Sometimes in life a bigger better fish swims by and all you can do is appreciate what you have had the chance to see for yourself.

And so it goes in our Man Cave contest as sponsored by Jerad Cox and Sterling Real Estate.

A couple weeks back we put out the Man Cave contest to the Nation to see what the OilersNation has built over the years to cheer on their beloved squad. "When I got into real estate I couldn’t get over the man caves I saw" said Jerad when we first cooked up this contest. 

"Edmonton fans must lead the league in building man caves. I don’t know if it’s the weather making Man Caves a winter necessity or the fact that Oilers fans are just the best in the game but I knew if we put it out there we will see some dandies."

And dandies we saw.

Over 30 different Man Caves were sent in as applications for a Nuge-Hall-Eberle lithograph as supplied by Jerad. It’s clear regardless of the new arena being built that Oilers fans are building themselves their own luxury in their own homes from which to watch the Mighty Oil try and float themselves off the ocean floor of the NHL.


After all the votes were tallied our winner – we will call him "Harvey X" on account of his first name being Harvey and his secrecy protected by an X – is the top of the pops.

Just look at this palace of festering.

Non finished roof (respect) jersies piled on top of jersies. Sticks, photos, everything the rest of us Tier Two fans can aspire to as we sit in our homes watching the Oil play their hearts out night after night.

This is a real eye opener that should inspire the handiman and handiwomen in all of us to up our games.

Mad respect to everyone who entered our contest. It was one of our favourite contests to date and getting a chance to take a gander at everyones set ups was a real treat.


And mad respect to Jerad Cox too. It is one thing to advertise on the Nation and become our favourite real estate agent in town. It is quite another to cook up a cool contest and supply the sick prizing. Should Wanye Manor ever be restored to the point it could undo all of the damage we have caused it and be a "saleable asset" on the Edmonton Real Estate market we know who we will enlist.

Enjoy your prize Harvey X. It will fit in nicely to the Taj Mahal of man caves that you have already built.

  • Harvey X.

    Thanks to everyone for the votes…..that is years of collecting and its always growin! The red light is on one of the back shelves…just across from the super rare Strudwick game jersey and Super Chexx Bubble Hockey. Like the other guys said it’s too bad you can’t get all the details in…the best part is my wife doesn’t even like goin down there! Thanks again for the prize and votes!

      • vetinari

        It may be just Wanye in a wig… he’s fooled people before like that…

        *curls up on the floor of a shower, scrubbing madly with soap… can’t get clean… can’t get clean…

    • The Soup Fascist

      Ha ha. There actually is a red light there! So one can only assume you really do have the much sought after Struddy game worn – amazing.

      This really is an awesome collection, Sir. Well done!

      One question though, what is the deal with the tuba? Michigan Wolverines marching band? The kid that played it got to “dot the “I” at midfield at an Ohio State game? The kid that got destroyed when the band came on the field too early? A & W root bear prop? There has to be a story.

  • @harveyx

    Congrats! Contact me and we will get you your prize!

    Easiest way is either through oilersnation or direct through me through our website. Click on the link in the article above.

    Jerad Cox
    Sterling Real Estate

  • Kevrock

    Looks like the only thing youre missing now is the Stanley Cup replica fridge….. and i possibly could be convinced to sell it….

    I too have the red light but its kind of annoying.

  • Kevrock

    Are you seriously insulting Sir Wanye with that comment that implies you didn’t read his article…He’s got a lot of important things to be doing like, Crafting fine lagers, drafting new photoshop contests, designing amazing clothing and spreading good cheer in this depressing time of no hockey.

    At least appreciate his efforts by reading “Over 30 different Man Caves were sent in as applications for a Nuge-Hall-Eberle lithograph as supplied by Jerad.”

    Also, I’M so fracking impressed with this cave…but I do wonder, Where’s the red light?

  • YFC Prez

    I am incredibly envious of that basement. How can anyone not have a good time on game night in that shrine.

    One night I will have a random drunken encounter with your basement Mr “Harvey X”. Rest assured good sir!

  • paul wodehouse

    “…This is a real eye opener that should inspire the handiman and handiwomen in all of us to up our games…

    (sp)handyman and handywomen please

    i’m a handyman…and I AM inspired…to start robbing banks to have a joint like dat…

    nice piece…

  • A-Mc

    Ah crap. Just when the contest ends i think of a sure winner. People would love my hand painted replica carboard posters (creases included), and my sportchek bedazzled, yet nuuuuge signed, pucks!

    Im pretty sure my hockey stick coffee table sans 1 leg would captivate the hearts of Oil fans everywhere. next year ill reveal what a real Oiler fans mancave looks like!

  • A-Mc

    Nice cave dude! I especially like the wall/dressing room stall jersey area. When I get my cave up and running I’d like to have something like that as well. Beauty!

    P.S – Just got my Bud Red Light the other week that will have to find a place in my cave. Cool piece if anyone is considerin. It’s full metal jacket and quality craftsmanship.

  • A-Mc

    That is such a great sign. My fiance has a nice man cave and I wanted to get him a sign. He is in a band so I was thinking about getting a sign of his bands name. I have been looking into led sign manufacturers to see if they can custom make a sign for me. Should I get a sign of the band name or of his favorite beer?