Let’s all simmer down for a moment. Let’s put down our shotguns and forget for an instant that Yakupov’s agent is showing everyone why he is entitled to hundreds of thousands of 64’s dollars every year "having his back" or whatever it is that agents do.

It’s time for some fun, some laughs and hours crouched in front of the warm glow of a computer monitor as we touch up photographs in a photoshop contest.


Poor ol Bryz. Sitting on millions, blessed with an imagination that most writers would kill their English Honours classmates to possess. Banished to the frozen Northern tundra to ply his trade for millions more. As a man from the frozen Northern tundra of Togliatti this is going to create some massive culture shock that will take minutes to overcome.

We feel for the guy on one level. He went from being the Boss of all Bosses, signing a 9 year 51 million dollar contract with Philly to being summarily tossed from the league and exiled to the place where millionaires go to die: Las Vegas, Nevada. Now he has been signed to the Oil of all squads and has been reduced to making positive statements about coming to a team so broken it will be studied in GM School for decades to come.

And during all of the inevitable backlash on the twitterz – we Oilers fans are a tense lot these days – we can’t think of a single positive message of support that we have seen until last night when we started trying to locate the 5 Bryz fans in the OilersNation.

So you are saying there is room on the Bryz Bandwagon then?

*scratches beard itchily*


Wouldn’t it be great if Bryz showed up and put on a clinic of awesome in net? You know he has it in him – the man has played great for three different teams. Nothing would be more hilarious if he came to Edmonton and gave us what we have lacked for so long – a dose of hot goaltending. Imagine he was the guy that Eakins is able to super charge with all of his Jedi mind tricks? Classic.

Remember when a goalie gets hot and steals you a few games in a row and all the players say "man we had no business winning this game or the last. Thank God our goalie is hot." When did that happen last? Probably 2006.

We need you Bryz Khalifa. It’s dire times around here and if you are somehow the answer this is going to be a grand ride for all involved.


Anyone who has seen 24/7 or any of the many other interviews with the new Oilers tendy has probably marvelled at the wonderous statements the man has made on camera. Has he been bitten in the brain by some sort of bug? Is he slightly touched by the angels?  Is this English as a second language acting as a barrier to understanding what he really means?

Ah screw it.

We need this Soviet Space Cowboy to step up and remind us all why he was worth 51 million to Ed Snyder only a few months ago. And that is the theme for the sixth installment of the infamous OilersNation photoshop contest.

Bryz as an astronaut – as my boy @_AGuyNamedKris has brilliantly shown above. Bryz fighting space bears. Bryz as our mystical shaman leading us out of the darkness and into the brilliant light of a nearby dwarf star.

Thy sky is the limit. Send your entries to wanyegretz at gmail dot com. We will close off entries on Friday then we can all laugh and vote over the weekend.

Oh and first prize? Hmm. How about the first Bryzgalov Oilers jersey on the market?

Yeah, that will do nicely.

      • vetinari

        Have you checked out the riders in Bryzgalov’s contract? Schedule “A” says that:

        “The Player is guaranteed no less than 12 minutes of broadcast screen time in each episode of ‘Oil Change’ of which at least three minutes will be a monologue of the Player’s sole choosing on any subject whatsoever, including but not limited to cosmic inflation, comparative Eastern religions, and puppies. Sometimes all of the aforementioned topics shall appear in the same monologue. And some, part or all may be even in English, Russian or Bryzgaleese (a language of the Player’s own creation).”

  • TheDiplomat

    “Now he has been signed to the Oil of all teams and has been reduced to making positive statements about coming to a team so broken it will be studied in GM School for decades to come.”

    Wayne that may be the greatest and most accurate statement you have ever made!

    Well done.

  • Dallylamma

    MacT, we thought maybe you had a plan and knew a few things about the business side of things with the degree and all but so far we are perplexed and mentally distraught by your moves. These damn Fanboy owners ruin franchises. Pegula did a number on Buffalo.

  • Old School G

    Thatta boy Wanye!

    This Bryzgalov signing has all the makings to be “that” deal. I love the guy,he’s a unique talent with something to prove. It’s going to be a strange trip, I’m looking forward to this.

    • vetinari

      @Zamboni Driver – Gather round, my friend… we used to have Oiler playoff hockey when I was a kid… guys with mullets used to beat each other up, for weeks and sometimes months into the summer, to determine who would take home this Cup called Stanley… it was magical… I’m going to now dig out my old VCR and VHS tapes and watch some Oiler playoff highlights… and drink whiskey… and cry…

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The Smid deal must only confirm the Oil have thrown in the towel on this season. They could’ve gotten plenty more for Smid had they been willing to add/take salary back and add to this years roster.

    The tank is on. Lowe and MacTavish are in dump mode, trying to cut costs (to increase profits for Daryl Ballard)) and minimize his cost for the balance of this season with this move. Who’s next, 83, 15, 89? We supported this ship show without question. We’re getting exactly what we deserve for enabling these characters.

    • Old School G

      I would not at all be surprised to see all three of these fellas dealt well before the trade deadline. They are all one dimensional and seem to be part of the old guard. The dismantling of the old guard started with Laddy.

      Yak needs his ice. We need more complete players up front. Exit Gags and Hemmer.

      Belov and Larsen have made NSchultz expendable.

      My hope is that we are starting to bring back players that make us a more balanced hockey team. Is Horak our new Reasoner? Hope so. Broissot seems to be a good prospect. If Bryzgalov plays well and we land a top D man to shoulder the load soon we are at least moving in the right direction.

  • Hemmertime

    Most people I talk to either LOVE the signing or say it cant possibly be worse. 1.38 mil? For a guy who played like that in pheonix? Ive been on that bandwagon since before he was signed. If nothing else, Bryzgalov will make Oil Change hella interesting

  • Hemmertime

    “Они пытаются играть жестко, но суть я во вратаря. Я тот парень, который есть, чтобы попытаться остановить шайбу. Я не мог даже остановить простыми выстрелами.”

    “Я заблудился в лесу прямо сейчас.”

  • vetinari

    This is exactly what we need right now!

    I am definitely on the Bryz bandwagon. This season is lost, we need the Bryz to come here and enlighten us all. He single handedly will make the rest of this season watchable.