Much has been made of the Oilers jersey that came flying out of the stands and landed on the ice on Saturday against the Blues. Never mind that it was probably the fastest moving thing in an Oilers jersey the entire night, this isn’t the way to protest the current state of the team.

We can totally understand the thinking behind whipping the ol’ Blue and Orange onto the ice. The Oilers are flat out brutal and the 2,502 management types employed by Kay-Z seem more out of touch than ever, doddering about in the press box night after night and peering down with deer in the headlights looks.

They aren’t exactly addressing the needs of the team or the fans who continue to trudge through biblical snow storms to Rexall Place or forgo watching documentaries on Netflix in favour of tuning into Oilers games. The players themselves seem about as interested in winning as that team that gets trotted out against the Harlem Globetrotters.

We totally understand the rage that generates. Sooner or later protests are going to begin in earnest and that has to be expected by anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex.

But throwing the jersey on the ice? That ain’t the play.


The Oilers jersey represents all Oilers of all time. By throwing a jersey on the ice at Rexall you are throwing Gretzky’s league wide retired 99 on the ice. You are throwing Bill Ranford’s 30 that stopped so many sure goals so long ago, You are throwing the 39 Doug Weight wore that year he had 104 points and blew all our minds in the process. You are throwing the 21 Jason Smith wore as he blocked shot after shot with his front teeth.

It’s what hundreds of now forgotten players sweated and bled for over the years and the 2013-14 Oilers stinking out the joint again doesn’t mean that you should spit in the face of all these soldiers and dishonour their pride and effort in the process. They deserve better,

There is literally nothing the current half assed Oilers squad can do to diminish what the Champions that came before them have accomplished and I for one will never lose my pride in those players and the teams that wore the jersey before them.


Sadder than the scoreboard on Saturday night, the knowledge all of HNIC just watched the Oil embarass themselves yet again or all the empty seats was this scene we (illegally most likely) captured as we were filing out of Rexall Place.

This poor lil kiddo was a few rows in front of us and seemed quite upset at the Oilers getting shelled. At the end of the game she was very animated and it was only the efforts of her Dad chanelling the leadership of Jason Smith that ultimately talked her off the ledge.

It was quite the heartbreaking scene to witness.

At least we are all adults to some degree. It’s the children that we feel bad for who come to the game in their finest lil Oilers jerseys with the unreasonable expectations of kids today – see a hockey game worth watching and her Oilers win. She doesn’t understand rebuilds, timing good teams for new arenas or assessing team needs that haven’t changed for the 7th consecutive season.

It’s a good thing her dad had the character of Jason Smith to call on and wasn’t wearing a Nilsson jersey or that of a lesser man. 

So spazz on twitter or here on the Nation until you feel some mild relief. Send Kevin Lowe a platinum membership to and wish him good job hunting if you like. Refuse to fill your recent prescription for life saving medication because you don’t want to support Daryl Katz any further. Reasonable people are reaching their breaking point we totally get this.

Just don’t toss jerseys on the ice. 


Shoutout to @camrolls for getting me to write this rant.

Better times lay ahead.

Merry Christmas Nation. 

  • Shows you how much money this city has and how tierd of this crap this city is.. Some fans Throw rats or seafood.. We do it the pricy way.. name and numbered
    It coulda been a drunk fan saying ahh eff it.. or could it be a 20 year season ticket holder throwing in the towel.. after spending thousands of dollars on the team over the years with nothing but last place and first overall picks with no light at the end of the tunnel to show for it… The players deserve better????? gimme a break.. THE FANS DESERVE MUCH MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! And as for Eakins call that fan a quitter….. he needs to look in that locker room as see who has done the same…….

  • Old Retired Guy (A.K.A. Die-Nasty)

    I’m taking my 6 year old to the Tampa game on the 5th and it had better be good. This will be his 2nd game and the first was a stinker. He kept asking for more popcorn/candy/anything so that we could leave the seats. Kept asking why the Oilers weren’t scoring. Now he asks why they suck. Sad. I grew up during the glory years so it’s not fair but please put an effort forward. 60 minutes!!

    if I hear one more Oiler talk about how they need to be better prepared or they didn’t follow through on the game plan or any excuse I am going to throw my jersey on the ice in hopes that the spirit of Oiler greats pick it up and smack some of these guys across the face with it. Show some damn pride.

    As a protest i’m debating whether to stand with my back to the team to start the game. I’ll either look like an idiot or others will follow suit.

  • redhot1

    Your’e right. One jersey is not the way to go. Now all you need is a group of fans throwing their jerseys over all at once. Respect the jersey? This isn’t the 80s anymore. This organization is a joke and deserves no respect.

      • redhot1

        Neither was I. But you need to realize that nothing will change if nothing significant happens. This jersey toss could become something for disgruntled fans to rally around. Take a step back and stop drinking the kool-aid. This organization is a complete mockery, through and through.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I’m pissed and I watch the games on TV! I’d hate to be paying 8g/season for a ticket for this garbage! But lets just stay the course right edmonton media?!!

    keep those jerseys coming on the ice

  • Very well said… say whatever you want but the only time a jersey should hit the ice is after a big tilt. We dont have to respect the guys wearing the jersey or whoever is giving them jobs, but always have respect for the jersey

  • Tikkanese


    the sh*it you talk about here happened a long, long time ago. Keep the jerseys flying on the ice, maybe someone will get the point.