Much has been made of the Oilers jersey that came flying out of the stands and landed on the ice on Saturday against the Blues. Never mind that it was probably the fastest moving thing in an Oilers jersey the entire night, this isn’t the way to protest the current state of the team.

We can totally understand the thinking behind whipping the ol’ Blue and Orange onto the ice. The Oilers are flat out brutal and the 2,502 management types employed by Kay-Z seem more out of touch than ever, doddering about in the press box night after night and peering down with deer in the headlights looks.

They aren’t exactly addressing the needs of the team or the fans who continue to trudge through biblical snow storms to Rexall Place or forgo watching documentaries on Netflix in favour of tuning into Oilers games. The players themselves seem about as interested in winning as that team that gets trotted out against the Harlem Globetrotters.

We totally understand the rage that generates. Sooner or later protests are going to begin in earnest and that has to be expected by anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex.

But throwing the jersey on the ice? That ain’t the play.


The Oilers jersey represents all Oilers of all time. By throwing a jersey on the ice at Rexall you are throwing Gretzky’s league wide retired 99 on the ice. You are throwing Bill Ranford’s 30 that stopped so many sure goals so long ago, You are throwing the 39 Doug Weight wore that year he had 104 points and blew all our minds in the process. You are throwing the 21 Jason Smith wore as he blocked shot after shot with his front teeth.

It’s what hundreds of now forgotten players sweated and bled for over the years and the 2013-14 Oilers stinking out the joint again doesn’t mean that you should spit in the face of all these soldiers and dishonour their pride and effort in the process. They deserve better,

There is literally nothing the current half assed Oilers squad can do to diminish what the Champions that came before them have accomplished and I for one will never lose my pride in those players and the teams that wore the jersey before them.


Sadder than the scoreboard on Saturday night, the knowledge all of HNIC just watched the Oil embarass themselves yet again or all the empty seats was this scene we (illegally most likely) captured as we were filing out of Rexall Place.

This poor lil kiddo was a few rows in front of us and seemed quite upset at the Oilers getting shelled. At the end of the game she was very animated and it was only the efforts of her Dad chanelling the leadership of Jason Smith that ultimately talked her off the ledge.

It was quite the heartbreaking scene to witness.

At least we are all adults to some degree. It’s the children that we feel bad for who come to the game in their finest lil Oilers jerseys with the unreasonable expectations of kids today – see a hockey game worth watching and her Oilers win. She doesn’t understand rebuilds, timing good teams for new arenas or assessing team needs that haven’t changed for the 7th consecutive season.

It’s a good thing her dad had the character of Jason Smith to call on and wasn’t wearing a Nilsson jersey or that of a lesser man. 

So spazz on twitter or here on the Nation until you feel some mild relief. Send Kevin Lowe a platinum membership to and wish him good job hunting if you like. Refuse to fill your recent prescription for life saving medication because you don’t want to support Daryl Katz any further. Reasonable people are reaching their breaking point we totally get this.

Just don’t toss jerseys on the ice. 


Shoutout to @camrolls for getting me to write this rant.

Better times lay ahead.

Merry Christmas Nation. 

  • Spydyr


    It was the ultimate statement of a customer saying they’re not going to buy a product anymore because they are sick and tired of having to pay the high prices for the never ending low quality.

    More than that it showed other fans who are angry and frustrated that they too don’t have to buy this crap anymore.

    This is the first year I purchased mini packs and I regret the hell out of it. That money could have been better spent in so many places. I don’t even mind going to a game to see the Oilers lose. Boston, for example was a great game in every respect outside of Dubnyk’s shoddy first period performance. They lost, but what a game that was.

    But the shut out losses to the Red Wings, the Maple Leaf’s and the Blues, were piss poor efforts from a team who is playing like they do not care, and that is something Edmonton fans are sick of paying for.

  • Oiler Country

    At first I had mixed emotions about the tossing and then common sense kicked in. What this fan did was brilliant. If you stay at home, don’t buy a jersey, stop watching games, etc who will notice? Nobody. There will be another pigeon to fill your seat at Rexall

    ThIs jersey toss is epic and it’s the turning point for this fan base. It’s us standing up and saying “we won’t be crapped on anymore and take it”. It’s an embarrassment to the club and th management. I love it. I will go further and say that if this team comes out and lays another egg like that again, let the jerseys fly. That’s right, we are going to hold the players and management responsible and when you give us garbage like this, we are going to rub your nose in a heaping pile. Can you imagine 10, 20, or 50 jerseys hurled onto the ice. Katz would have to double security and watch us like hawks. I can see it now… stands up and scratches his back and is kicked out of Rexall for what was perceived to be a jersey toss in the making.

    Jersey tosser……….I SALUTE YOU !!!!!!!!!

  • Jprime

    Can’t agree Wanye, the fan wasn’t disrespecting the jersey worn by past greats. He was shedding it in disgust because this Oilers team is the one disrespecting the past greats and all Oiler teams until this one. AND the fans who’ve stuck with them and bought tickets through 6 years of rebuild already. (I don’t care what anyone says – it started in 2007 when Gagner made the team a year before he should have).

    As for Eakins, if you listen to him, even though the question was about the fan, he seemed to be really talking to his team when he went off. I bet that’s what he really thinks – same as us – that he’s got a team of quitters with little heart. He probably has nightmares. He was off base, but I can sympathize with his transferrence.

  • Wax Man Riley

    This article sounds like it was written by the Oiler management team. Blabbing about the glory days and all the cups of yesteryear. Live in the now FFS. The jersey toss was well deserved and a direct shot at Katz and his merry band of former Oilers who don’t know how to run an NHL team. I’d like to shake the hand of the man who tossed it.

    New Years Resolution for Oiler Fans: Do not spend a penny more on this franchise till drastic changes are made in the front office.

    If you bought a new car every year and it was a lemon every time, do you think you would buy that same car for 8 years in a row?

  • Wax Man Riley

    The current Oilers are the ones that are disrespecting the jersey. The fan how threw his to the ice can be forgiven. It was passion, it was frustration. It was the actions of a man who gives a sh@!

    Eakins is a loser.

    Lowe is the worst hockey mind of the last 7 years. Time to go.

  • Wax Man Riley

    As a fan I am frustrated that the Oilers have shown no improvement and in fact under Eakins have regressed. My frustration however is compounded by the inaction of Katz not being a responsible owner and dismissing Kevin Lowe. For that reason I am in favour of the jersey thrower. Katz is disrespecting the franchise not the jersey thrower.

  • outdoorzguy

    The guy will be dead before he has a chance to drop the puck at a Oiler playoff game!! Besides McTavish will be long gone and Lowe won’t honor the promise.

  • Mooles

    Sick n tired of listening to these try hard fans talk about supporting your team. Most of these clowns don’t understand a thing about sports and are the same ya-hoos that bring cow bells to sporting events! I can’t even sit through a period of hockey before tuning out from sheer boredom or frustration. For Dallas Eakins to have the audacity to comment on a fans “statement” is hilarious. Dallas my boy, you have come to this city and mimed your way through the first half of a season. All the camera shots of you on the bench between goals “deep in thought” have worn thin. You are clearly out of ideas or out of your league! Try this: nose down, call out your players, and start making those accountable respond. To the fan who threw his jersey onto the ice: I say good on you! OIL CHANGE!

  • PlayDirty

    Holy thin skinned-ness! It’s come to this? Frustration to the point that you’re calling out Wanye? What a bunch of self-entitled, cry babies! I love hockey and the Oilers but seriously people – it’s hockey! “Oh poor us … we’ve wasted $5k … $20k … $100k on Oilers tickets and THIS is how THEY treat us!?!?!?” …oh to have such problems.

    The past 7 years have sucked – no doubt! But the whining and belly-aching on here is no better than Lowe’s idiocy. Yeesh!!!

  • Jofa

    Oh no. Wanye, don’t tell us you are on the Oilers payroll with Stauffer now? I would expect some BS like this from him, but not you.

    The jersey laying on the ice during a national TV broadcast was quite simply, beautiful. It has really stirred up some fire in the fans, and goddamnit we deserve to have our voices heard.

    Do you know what it’s like being a passionate Oilers fan living in Vancouver? It’s awful. I’ve been here for 10 years and it has been terrible. I’ve been the punchline of jokes, I take it on the chin game after game from friends, coworkers, inlaws. I’m done with it, but all I can do is turn the other cheek. And yes I paid $150 to go to that limp-dicked performance we displayed at Rogers Arena last week.

    The Canucks are good. That’s why I hate them. I hate them so much because they are a damn good team and the Oilers have are a doormat.

    I’ve spent a fortune on Oilers merchandise, hockey tickets in both Edmonton and Vancouver, I’ve paid to watch them lose more times than I can even remember.

    My friends and wife tell me to just tune the Oilers out cause they are sincerely depressing me. I can’t though, they are part of me. They feel like my family too. I have fought for them like a soldier, the least they could do is fight for us.

    Kevin Lowe. GTFO.

    But you would rather us go back to our silent protest that accomplishes nothing out of respect for guys that left here 20 years ago? Half of them came back to get comfy jobs from their buddy, Kevin. Eff this.

    The jersey on the ice…beautiful. Viva la revolution.

    And yes, they beat Winnipeg tonight. Whoopty-freaking-doo. They are 12-24-3

    Merry X-mas

  • PlayDirty

    Use to be a maple leaf fan back when I was a kid, have been an OILERS fan since they came into the NHL. Everyone is frustrated and pissed off, we need to see some fight from the players and fans. I believe in Dallas and see he is also fighting to do what’s right and screwed up with the comment but he is trying to say to his players don,t be a quitter. FIGHT’s hard to believe when things are not going well especially after all these years some maple leaf fans still believe and they have not won a cup since 1967 GO OILERS keep fighting get pissed and play harder and fans stay believers their time will come

  • Oiler Country

    Gotta say… I disagree with this article in its entirety.

    The jersey is an effective “white flag”. The person is done with the management, the players, the whole organization who puts crap on the ice as we pay top dollar.

    This is not about disrespecting who has donned the jersey and disrespecting those who have bled for the team.

    You’re way off Wanye.

  • Oiler Country

    With the exception of hassling the Oilers in their private time, any form of protest is fair game. If nothing else, I’d hope that Eakins has hung the picture of the thrown jersey in the dressing room where none of the players can miss it. If he can’t see the motivational value of gesture, he shouldn’t be coach.

  • Jofa

    Seriously? Throwing a jersey on the ice disrespects the entire legacy of the Oilers? I don’t see it that way at all…

    The single action of a frustrated fan doesn’t come close to the impact that inept management has had on the once proud legacy of this franchise… Face it, we are the joke of the league. I can’t feel “pride” wearing the orange and blue… Hell, even in the 90’s I could at least feel the pride of cheering for the plucky underdog, the team of misfits and castoffs who played hard and fought like dogs for the chance of an 8th place finish.

    For the first time I feel embarrassed to wear the jersey, and can’t even bring myself to watch them on TV. My son has never seen his team in the playoffs, ever, and I’ve actually had to suggest he change his loyalties as I can’t see any foreseeable light at the end of this tunnel! How cruel is that!?!

    I can’t think of anything more disrespectful to the jersey and the legacy of this organization than the decade of losing, under performing, constant coaching changes, and asset mismanagement. People snicker about the Oil the way we used to joke about Mike Milbury and the Isles…

    So if a discarded jersey acts as a beacon for change, or even just to show to management and players that we, the fans of your franchise, are sick and tired of the way this team is being run and the way players are showing up, then so be it. It’s a powerful message that we are sick of our legacy being disrespected, and not an act of disrespect to the legacy in itself.