Just win

Today, the outcome is all that matters.
It doesn’t matter if only Drew Doughty and Shea Weber score, as long as Canada wins.
It won’t matter if Sidney Crosby is held pointless, as long as Canada wins.
Shots totals won’t matter, as long as Canada wins.
It won’t matter that through the first 4 games USA has 20 goals and Canada 13, as long as Canada scores more today.

The WIN is all that matters.

All of us hockey fans love to analyze the game, especially in Edmonton where we’ve had to suffer through eight seasons of losing hockey. Man’s natural instinct is to solve a problem, and that is why OilersNation is the busiest site of the NationNetwork family. You’ve been focused on finding a way to end the losing, but today is one of those rare occasions where your inner fan will block out the need to analyze.

At 10 a.m. MST we will sit down and watch “our boys” dominate the United States of America.

Today’s game is all about pride for our country and enjoying every heart-pounding moment.

We could break down shots for/against, powerplays, penalty kills, goals and more, but the previous four games have zero impact on today’s game. How Canada played against mainly inferior opponents means little in how they will attack the Americans.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Sochi Olympics. I’m an extremely proud Canadian, and I’ve had a mixture of emotions watching the games thus far.



February 8th:

I was pumped watching Regina’s Mark McMorris win our first medal, Bronze in Slopestyle.

Later that day, I almost teared up watching the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, Justine and Chloe, win Gold and Silver in moguls. It was the first time two Canadian siblings stood atop the podium, while their older sister Maxine finished 12th, but she beamed with pride when her younger sisters received their medals. Sharing that moment with your sibling must have made it incredibly special.

February 9th:

Kevin Reynolds had the skate of his life to help secure Canada a Silver in Team Figure Skating. It was great watching athletes who usually compete on their own or in pairs, get to be in a team atmosphere. You could tell they loved being part of a team and cheering for each other.

February 10th:

Charles Hamelin raced to Gold in the men’s 1500m in long track speed skating. Many felt it would be the first of many medals for Hamelin, but sports can be cruel and Hamelin never reached the podium again. He fell in the 1000m and 500m and his brother slipped in the 5000m relay. You realized afterwards how special the 1500m win was for him.

Then Alex Bilodeau made history by becoming the first person to win back-to-back Gold medals in moguls. Watching him brought back fond memories of his 2010 victory in Vancouver. He was the first Canadian to stand at the top of the podium on home soil, and I remember his interview with Brian Williams where he talked so passionately about his inspiration; his older brother Frederic, who has Cerebral Palsy. Winning a Gold medal is incredible, but to defend your title four years later is truly amazing.

Bilodeau’s teammate Mikael Kingsbury won Silver that night, and he will be a favourite in 2018. It was special to watch the present and future of men’s moguls share the podium.

February 11th:

Our Gold medals kept coming as Dara Howell won Slopestyle skiing and her teammate Kim Lamarre won bronze. In the first four days we had multiple winners on the podium in three sports. It was awesome.

February 12th:

The great stories kept coming. Gilmore Junio made a very selfless decision by giving up his spot in the men’s 1000m long track to teammate Denny Morrison. Morrison didn’t let him down and won Silver. Afterwards Morrison suggested Junio should carry the flag in the closing ceremonies. I agreed then and I still do now. He was the ultimate teammate.

February 13th:

Patrick Chan won the Silver in figure skating, but he missed a great chance to win our first ever Gold in men’s singles. I felt for him, but I thought he handled the post-skate pressers and subsequent interviews with class and maturity. I’m sure he was devastated inside, but it never showed, and for me that illustrated his character. Top notch.

February 15th: Morrison was back on the ice and won his second medal, this time a Bronze in the 1500m. The Dutch have dominated the long track events this year, except when Morrison was on the ice. Hopefully he inspired some young Canadians to put on a different pair of skates.

February 16th: Dominique Maltais had a great race in my favourite winter Olympics sport, Snowboard Cross, and won a Silver. It is like Nascar on ice. The crashes are spectacular and you need to be fearless to win. I love this event.

Jan Hudec ended a 20-year drought for men’s Alpine skiing with a gritty Bronze medal effort in the Super-G. Hudec could barely walk a few weeks ago due to a herniated disc, but he persevered and restored the “Crazy Canuck” title.

February 17th: Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue skated beautifully and won a Silver in Ice Dance. They could have bought into the conspiracy theories of fixed judging, but instead chose to relish their medals and congratulate the winners. Classy.

February 18th: Sherwood Park’s Mike Riddle won Silver in the inaugural ski halfpipe. He won his medal in snowy conditions and he scored a 90 on his 2nd run facing immense pressure. It is always inspiring to see athletes embrace the pressure rather than let it beat them.

Marie-Eve Drolet, Jessica Hewitt, Valerie Maltais and Marianne St-Gelais raced to a Silver in short track 3000m relay. St-Gelais and Maltais had crashed in their individual events, but they responded when their teammates needed them most.

February 19th: Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse defended their Gold medal in bobsled. They were 2nd heading into the final run, but they put down a great time and put the pressure on the American team. They couldn’t match Canada’s consistency and finished .10 behind. It turns out this wouldn’t be our last repeat performance.

February 20th: Jennifer Jones and her team of Kaitlyn Lawes, Jill Officer, Dawn McEwen and alternate Kirsten Wall went 11-0 en route to their Gold medal in curling. It was Canada’s first gold medal in women’s curling since the late Sandra Schmirler won in 1998. It was nice to see Canada’s curlers back where they belong: at the top of the podium.

Our women’s hockey team completed the 4-peat with a dramatic come-from-behind 3-2 victory over the USA. The best part about sports is how unpredictable they can be. USA led 2-0 with less than four minutes to play, but the women scored twice to send it to overtime, before Marie-Philip Poulin scored the OT winner. Poulin scored the tying goal and she had two goals in the Gold medal win in 2010. In hockey circles we call that “clutch.”

February 21st: For the 3rd time in Sochi we won Gold and Silver in the same event. Marielle Thompson and Kelsey Serwa led from start to finish in women’s ski cross. They dominated their preliminary heats as well, and this was one of the rare times in ski or snowboard cross that you could relax and see Canada skiing to victory. Thompson and Serwa had great starts and were never in trouble. 

Hopefully it was foreshadowing to what will be a great Friday for Canada.


I honestly won’t feel more pride when (yes I said when, not if) we win Gold in men’s hockey, than I did watching our other athletes win, but I do admit it is a different feeling.

In the other events there is a massive rush of nerves and excitement for anywhere between 30 seconds and five minutes, but in hockey your angst and excitement lasts over two hours. That is what makes it so exciting and nerve wracking. I don’t rate the hockey medals any higher, but due to the length of the games they have a way of penetrating our system for longer periods of time, and I think that makes the victories feel bigger.

We have already won 22 medals, and Brad Jacob’s curling team should have another Gold before puck drop, and we have four Canadians in contention on the last day of short track speed skating.

I’ve really enjoyed these Olympics so far, but the passion, excitement, nervousness will intensify once the puck is dropped, and I can’t wait.





I don’t see any reason Babcock should juggle his lines now. He will shuffle during the game, mainly to get St.Louis involved, but as Theo Fleury told me earlier this week, “This is an easy game for a coach. Don’t give the players too much information, just let them do what they do best. Motivation will not be an issue.”

The main reason Canada wins today is because their blueline is significantly better than the Americans. It isn’t close.



GAME DAY PREDICTION: Canada wins. That is all that matters.


NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: After another tough loss to Canada at the Olympics the Americans decide to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. They realize that in order to be a true hockey Nation you have to experience minus temperatures, not 10 or 12 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • toprightcorner

    I read that the Oilers watched the game together after practice. I hope Eakins used that game to teach the team how to control the game and keep possession with no giveaways. The next 3 video sessions should be dissecting that game and the decisions that were made on the ice, why they were made and positive results of that decision.

    Canada played with the least amount of mistakes as ay team could ever play, it was a thing of beauty and the type of game the Oilers need to strive to play. The proof is in the pudding.

  • toprightcorner

    Watching the Team Canada defence play is a painful reminder of how poorly the Oilers have been built. Who builds a team with wingers first? If we had just of those D-men on our team…

    • toprightcorner

      then you add in that Jamie Benn was 5th round pick and you really want to bang your head against the wall. We haven’t had a pick that low work out since… Kurri? (68th, i think 4th round back then)

  • geeker99

    yeah that D is pretty sweet to watch, puck moving defence with tape to tape passes. if we had one of those maybe hall and nuge wouldn’t have gone under the knife already. backwards rebuild.

    I watched the Austria game and was embarrassed to be canadian. I quote craig simpson as canada was on a PK.”maybe we should get another penalty to practice the 5-3 kill” Healy as Benn comes out of the corner”he looked like he was playing in the quebec peewee tourney”. Then say that Austria has ten thousand players overall playing. Lets start a petition to get CBC west channel. Can’t take it anymore. miss you bob cole

  • Spydyr

    After that great 1-0 game maybe the people calling for Hall on the team will understand one bad turnover at the blue line could of cost the game.

    That is why he is not there.Easy as that.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    That game was sublime beauty. Canada doesn’t need to win 10-0. Their coaches finally respect the other countries and play defence first. Happy win. Go Canada. Bring home that gold.

  • Joy S. Lee

    @JasonGregor Feb.7 via text in to his show- “Yes, our audience really wants to talk about team figure skating… I know what audience wants…it isn’t team figure skating.”

    @JasonGregor Feb.21 via Oilersnation blog (an blog focused for Oilers hockey fans mind you)February 9th: “Kevin Reynolds had the skate of his life to help secure Canada a Silver in Team Figure Skating. It was great watching athletes who usually compete on their own or in pairs, get to be in a team atmosphere. You could tell they loved being part of a team and cheering for each other.”

    Just wondering Jason, if your audience doesn’t want to hear about Team Figure Skating, why bring it up now? I get that you’re trying to show how well rounded of a sports guy you are but this is an Oilers blog. I think you have your media outlets confused. Your sports show should be more other sports and less Oilers, your Oilersnation blog should be less other sports and more Oilers. 🙂

    • Release the Hounds

      C’mon GCG! Cut Jason some slack. No Oilers games going on right now. Like most of us, he just got caught up in the Olympic spirit and is showing his patriotism. Geezus, relax buddy.

    • Jason Gregor

      I noticed the date of the text from him to you was on Feb 7th, prior to the Olympics starting. You wanted him to preview team Figure skating instead of talking about Gagner trade rumours, which were huge that day? You might not know as much as you think you do about how to conduct a radio show if you think that would have been the smart decision.

      Now you come on a post about the Olympics telling him not to write about the only hockey game going on. He included every medal, in very good detail I might add, and you whine about him mentioning figure skating.

      Your post shows me you don’t understand anything about writing or talking about things that people are interested in. Gregor is the most well-rounded sports guy in Edmonton, he doesn’t need to try. I don’t agree with all his takes, but is great at knowing what and when to talk about things. Unlike you.

      • Joy S. Lee

        I didn’t want him to preview team figure skating, I texted him asking why he’s chasing his tail about a Gagner trade “rumour” when we could be previewing the biggest sporting even in the world that is about to take place, the Winter Olympics. Not figure skating in general.
        Here’s how the convo started when I brought up the Olympics instead of a moot rumour:
        Gregor :we weren’t listen closer…we talked about what he should or could get…not Clifford specifically.
        Me: I am listening. You’re snowballing on a rumor. It comes off as you guys chasing your tails on what “could” happen. Let’s talk more about more important real life situations… Like that whole Winter Olympics thing that started today
        Gregor::yes our audience really wants to talk about team figure skating… I know what audience wants…it isn’t team figure skating.

        Now I usually agree with what he talks about, but the guy can’t take any criticism what so ever and immediately becomes offended. His rebuttal is to take a smart ass shot mocking figure skating (kinda comes off like he doesn’t appreciate it) then two weeks later he goes on TSN.ca and basically copies and pastes the top headlines from the past two weeks.

        So really what happened here is that I listened to his sports show one day hoping to hear some Winter Olympics stories from a journalist who might have done some homework, when all I got was a news about a shot in the dark bonus trade rumour. Then a couple weeks later I came on an Oilers Hockey blog and see that he’s complimented a sport (figure skating)that he was in fact being a bit of a rude smart ass about earlier. If Jason Gregor did know his audience though, he would have kept his “research” on this post for his radio show that should encompass all sport and not an Oilersnation blog that should be used for Oilers info. 🙂

        • Jason Gregor

          Based on your comment you make it look like Gregor contacted you first. I doubt that. Why don’t you show us the text you sent that got his original rebuttal. It makes no sense that he would just throw out team figure skating without any prior mention of it.

          Also accusing him of copying TSN.ca is a pretty egregious accusation. Clearly he hurt your feelings so now you make up stuff. His words were clearly his own thoughts.

          Again your last comment shows you know nothing about this site. He included every medal we won, because the article was about men’s hockey, medals and the Olympics, yet you only focus on the figure skating one. Willis, Gregor and today Lowetide wrote articles about every hockey game. Are you seriously that ignorant not to notice this?

          You sound like a jaded ex-lover…you save texts from him…odd, very odd. Stalk much?

          • Joy S. Lee

            Nope, its just fun to draw attention to the fact that Gregor flip flops on 90% of the stuff he has an opinion about.

            He’s also the same radio personality that said he would rather build a team around Patrick Kane and Alex Ovechkin instead of Jonathan Toews. Both the US and Russia failed miserably. Just wait and listen. Its not really a far fetched accusation to say he gets his info from tsn.ca. Remember, he is a TSN employee.

            Your last paragraph shows youre not quite reading my comments. Im drawing attention to the fact that he is using an OILERS blog sit to write about other sport related subjects. He does this with his opinion on the Esks too.

            Jason uses his show each and every day to find a subject, form a hard opinion on it and argue it. Anytime someone calls or texts in, he acts more stubborn than Bryan Hall and won’t even attempt to see another point of view. Great. Fine. The guy has a strong opinion. But if you listen closely, days or weeks later, more than half the time, his strong opinion flips sides.

            Anyone who says Jason is a strong informed journalist doesn’t pay close enough attention. His education is a 2 year program at nait for broadcasting. His journalistic chops is about as deep as any sports fan in this city. The reality is, hes a “big personality” who can talk over anyone else with a conflicting idea….better suited as a morning drive time shock jock.

          • Joy S. Lee

            Your personal vendetta on him is clear.

            Show me where he said or wrote he’d take Kane over Toews.

            You are so narrow minded it is funny. Gregor has had a show for over ten years, and he doesn’t work for the station, he owns his show. Also, TSN only purchased the station in September so again you are showing me you don’t know half of what you are talking about.

            You say Gregor has no chops, yet the guys here hired him and have built site around him and his show. Edmonton Journal hired him to write for them. Sportsnet had him do play-by-play for Lacrosse and he does MMA fights on American TV. I’d say that is more than a morning show shock jock.

            If you want to accuse someone in the public eye at least back up your accusations with proof. Also, how come you didn’t show me your original text to him that started the convo. Interesting that you hide that…

            You clearly don’t like him, but you also are showing everyone who reads this how little you know about sports or the industry.

            WHy don’t you do us a favour and call into his show and let us hear how smart you are…That would be entertaining.

          • Joy S. Lee

            sure. I mentioned before how I started the convo with him but here it is word for word.

            Me: Why are you guys killing airtime on what is essentially a rumour about a Gagner trade. You decided 20 minutes ago that the trade would never work.

            Well without looking like too much of a stalker, his opinion on Toews/Kane/Ovie was at the beginning of the season and I no longer have those texts. 😉

            You seem to be taking this a little too personal. In one comment you want proof of text messages and in another comment you say, “sound like a jaded ex-lover…you save texts from him…odd, very odd. Stalk much?”

            Before slamming my opinion, read my comment clearly first. I commented on his Journalism chops specifically. He has no journalistic background, just radio broadcasting. This is what makes him equal to another other fan with an opinion.

            Yes you are right, TSN just purchased the station. If youre saying he owns the rights to his show and is contracted through the station, TSN does in fact still write his cheques.

            Its awesome that he can do play-by-play for lacrosse and MMA. That doesn’t make him more knowledgeable than the next sports superfan that can call a play or read stats off a stat sheet provided.

            Once again though, before you yourself got personally offended by my opinion, I was drawing attention to the fact that this site is and Oilers blog site. Jason is the only blogger to take it upon himself to also comment on MMA and the Esks on here. Why is that? The boys at coppernblue.com seem to be able to stick to a formula of blogging only that which applies to their audience. If we’re gonna start going off on tangents about other sports on this site, lets re-name it.

          • Joy S. Lee

            You think any fan can host a radio show? You know nothing about the industry then. You have no idea how to interview or do prep or likely know all the stats off the top of your head. Your ignorance to what it takes to do the job is quite laughable.

            You also think a play by play person is provided with stats. They spend hours prepping for the games and talking to players.coaches etc to get info. Thinking any fan could do it is ridiculous.

            Again you show your ignorance by not understanding how the radio business works. Gregor doesn’t work for the station. He owns his show. They don’t pay him, he is a freelancer. This isn’t a secret. He is the only guy talented enough or driven enough to do that.

            Has no journalistic chops yet the Journal and Oilersnation hired him. Once again you don’t seem to understand that means he has a good rep and is good at his job and other outlets want him writing for them.

            Because none of the other ones have scoops on the Esks or other sports. Pretty simple to see, and if you don’t like his stuff don’t read it. Pretty simple

            Now it makes sense…you are a fan boy of that other site, run by the amateurs who take pot shots at main stream media guys all the time. You fit right in. You have shown in four straight posts you don’t understand the business or what it takes to do the job.

          • Joy S. Lee

            I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that based on how personally you’ve taken this that you are either:
            A) Jason Gregor himself
            B) Someone who works for oilersnation
            C) someone who works for his radio show
            D) someone related to him
            E) Mark Spector (you know, the other loud obnoxious guy.)

            To be honest I’ve read coppernblue less than a dozen my entire life. Nice effort on the “fanboy” assumption though. I get annoyed with most bloggers and I’ve found more fun on this site cause the comments are usually less ridiculous.

            They don’t talk about other sports on that site though because they know their
            audience ( same audience as this site)

            Why do you always resort to insults with your rebuttals? You seem to have taken page from your Lord Gregor on how to voice an opinion.

            I take had fun trying to argue with you tonight. Less personal attacks from you would have been acceptable, fanboy 🙂

          • Joy S. Lee

            You base the validity of your point being the amount of props compared to trashes. You must not read the comments here very often. Usually some of the most inane ones get numerous props.

            I have never met Gregor, and I’d say it is hard to take a personal shot at a no-name person on the Internet. I would have to know you to take a personal shot, but again you show your lack of basic comprehension.

            Saying you don’t understand things isn’t personal, it is the truth based on your responses.

            Also, you seem to be the one taking personal shots, you just called Specter a loudmouth.

            I just felt the need to point out that your comments had no merit and made little sense. I made my point. Goodbye.