Oilers Ladies Volunteering with Soup Sisters


On Monday evening, the Oilers Ladies and front office employees teamed up with Soup Sisters to make and donate soup for WIN House. Soup Sisters is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women and children. With branches across Canada, the organization works to aid victims of domestic abuse and youth homelessness with the comfort of a bowl of soup. It’s a simple concept with a powerful impact.

Soup Sisters Edmonton supports local WIN House and YESS, and the soup we made last night was packaged and immediately sent to the WIN House for women fleeing domestic violence. We had the chance to learn more about these organizations and how the soup we prepare actually makes a difference. 

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The organization has flourished in Edmonton, and the Soup Sisters are booked all the way through 2014 and into 2015. If you’re looking for ways to help, you can purchase their cookbook online or from your local Chapters bookstore. The proceeds go directly to women and children in need. 

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What Volunteering Means to Me

As partners of professional athletes, we find much gratification in volunteering our time to those in need. While I’m familiar with living in North America, a lot of women uproot their lives in countries like Sweden, Finland and Russia to support their partner’s NHL career. Finding your place in a new city can be hard enough on its own, but brushing up on English (which may be some women’s third or fourth language) is another challenge.  Giving back to the local community that supports us is just one way we can say thank you. 


I’m still relatively new to this lifestyle, since Ben has only been playing professional hockey for four seasons, but I have a lot of respect for the women who have a lot more experience and have helped me acclimate. This was my first chance to volunteer in the city of Edmonton, and I’m looking forward the next opportunity to meet more people who call this city home.


Nation Editor’s Note: As a thank you to Jen Scrivens and the Oilers ladies, Wanye will be donating $1000 to Soup Sisters on behalf of everyone at OilersNation. Thank you, ladies!

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