Teach Me About the Edmonton Rush… I’m Talkin Playoffs


Yes I know this an Oilers blog, and yes this article is about the Edmonton Rush.  While that may seem confusing to you, there are methods to my madness – I need your help.  Tomorrow night, I’m going to my very first Rush game and I don’t know what to expect, any lacross rules, or how to behave in general.  I know a lot of you guys have been to see the Rush before, so I’m going to use the power of the Nation to pick your brains and learn something.

Last week, I decided that it would be a good idea for me to go to Rexall with the expectation of actually seeing a winner.  The Rush have had an excellent season and I’ve been missing out, but now that there’s a home playoff game I have to be there, driving the bandwagon.  Word from around Nation HQ is that I’m going to have a great time, so I’m pretty excited. Have you been to an NLL game? I hear there’s continuous music throughout the game, does that mean I should I practice my moves?

Playoffs Baby


Tomorrow night, the Edmonton Rush play their very first home playoff game against the heathens from down south, the Calgary Roughnecks. If there’s a good thing about the Oilers being eliminated from the playoffs, by November, its that it gives us all a chance to check out the other sports in town and support some winners for a change. I haven’t been to a playoff game at Rexall Place in nearly a decade, so I’m looking forward to high-fiving strangers, getting blasted on Rexall Beers, and asking the cab driver for stories on the ride home.

The problem I’m having is that I don’t know nearly as much as I should about lacrosse.  I read that cross checking is perfectly legal and almost encouraged, so I like that.  I also know that the Edmonton Rush went on an undefeated streak to start the season that this city hasn’t seen in decades! I need to see this in the flesh.  As such, the Nation will be packing up the panel van and heading down to Rexall to cheer on the boys and take in the festivities.

As it stands now, the Rush are down by 1 game in the series and we need to give the boys the boost they need to defeat those southern scoundrels from Calgary!

Teach Me


I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’m a Rush virgin and I’m looking forward to taking care of that, but I need a crash course in NLL.  For those of you that have been to a Rush game or know something about lacrosse, what are some of the most important things that I need to know?

Are there rules that I should be paying attention to? Should I bring a helmet? Are the beer vendors in the same place?  I want to get as fired up about this game as I possibly can, so if you’ve been to a game, I want to hear about it!

You can still get tickets at the Edmonton Rush website and I encourage you to do so.  It would be good for you to actually watch a winning team at Rexall Place.  It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to say that. 

  • vetinari

    Well… it’s kinda like love-making… you put the thing-a-ling into the hoo-hoo until bells and lights go off and sometimes thousands of strangers watch and cheer and if you are bad at it, you get thrown out of the joint… oh yeah, wear protection or else you could lose an eye or end up crippled in the process… clear?

  • vetinari

    The weird thing is that there are two winning teams (Rush and OilKings) and two losing teams (Oilers and Eskimos) in EDM and most people like to cheer for the losing teams.

  • Jussi31

    BM I as well was a Rush virgin until this year but ever since that first game I’ve been hooked, I’m not sure if I like Lacrosse or if a winning team is fun to cheer for. Good news is the Beer Stands are where they always are, the Rush DJ is worlds ahead of the Oilers DJ, and heck who doesn’t like a legal cross check. End of the day even if your not a NLL fan it’s Calgary vs. Edmonton so either way we need enough Rush fans (even the fans jumping on the Bandwagon that BM is driving) to drown out those annoying cowbells that Calgary people love so much. Go Rush!

    • Good to hear, my man! I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. The beers will be flowing so I’m sure I’ll have a great time.

      I’m hoping for a victory so I can do another tour around the city in the bandwagon – it’s got AC, a DVD player, Satellite Radio and even a licorice dispenser!

  • I know jack about NLL although I sure hear enough about it on Gregor’s show. But I do know from Wanye’s Twitter account that if you buy enough Rexall crack beer you’ll swear you had a good time when you wake up next morning – in the emergency ward.

    Also, I understand pretending you’re a Coors Lite vented can virgin actually works with the ladies juuuuust like it does on TV. Try it. Trust me on that one.*

    *DISCAIMER – May not actually work

    • pkam

      I will rather sign him to 2-3 years than trading for Phaneuf but I think many Oilers fans will disagree with me as Boyle at 5’11 and 190 lbs will be considered too small for them.

      Just wonder how much will he want, will 5M get it done?

  • SwissOil

    So you’re telling us a guy living in Switzerland (that’d be me) has seen more Rush games than you (and probably lots of other Edmontonians) ever have? Dude that’s just sad!

    Some stuff is almost the same like in hockey… penaltys, fights, there’s crease violation, oh and a shotclock like in basketball.
    And be ready for twice as many goals as in an average 80s hockey game lol

    Anyway… have fun, it won’t be your last Rush game!

  • Its a great sport, and its a shame Edmonton Oilers fans are not buying in. The teams rock solid, and young. This team will be killers for years. Go to the game have fun pay attention to the product on the floor and not all the hooblah, its mostly there for the kids and youll notice they love it. It may get excessive, all the music and flashy lights but again the kids love it. They are trying to draw whatever fans they can get so go and support a local winner in Edmonton. You will not be disapointed, buy into and cheer when the rush score its so refreshing cheering for a team thats winning and is playing their asses off. GO RUSH GO.

  • Lax is one hell of a sport, you’re in for a treat. The first game will take around 90 minutes to complete, so the action is fast and furious. There are no offsides or icings; basketball’s over and back rule does exist. Offenses are ran much like basketball offences, with picks being legal and lots of off-ball movement.

    In the defensive zone, full contact is allowed on ball carriers and non-ball carriers alike. Cross-checking is allowed, with slashing on the arm and stick allowed as long as there is “intent to hit the stick”. This rule gets abused and most defenders slash the crap out of the opponents wrists.

    30-second shot clock, just like basketball. Once possession is gained, there is 8 seconds for the team to get the ball across half.

    The best player on the Rush (and quite possibly the entire league) is #4, Kyle Rubisch. You won’t be able to notice him because he is a defender and makes his check completely disappear. Other defensive studs include #16 Chris Corbeil, #13 Jeff Cornwall (who doubles as the fastest player in the league), #24 Ryan Dilks, and hometown player #6 John Lintz. The Rush’s offense is led by #9 Curtis Knight & #42 Mark Matthews, but is really an offense by committee, with no offensive player in the top 15 in the NLL in points.

    Calgary has the best offensive player in the league in #17 Curtis Dickson, who is probably the most athletic ginger to ever exist. He has a shot that is dangerous from anywhere. #15 Shawn Evans is the game’s premier playmaker, and #77 Jeff Shattler (another Edmontonian and last year’s Mann Cup MVP) is a game breaker.

    The style of play is very similar to basketball, with the penalties being similar to hockey and the contact similar to football.

    Prepare to have a blast, and let’s hope they don’t disappoint.