Kelty Auction #5 – Signed Eberle Jersey ***UPDATED***


Our auction for Kelty is winding down and we want to end it off with some really great items. Today’s item, I almost can’t believe I’m putting it up. Our very own Wanye donated a signed Jordan Eberle jersey that we were almost sure he was going to be buried in. At this point, we’ve raised over $2000 for Kelty and the money we’re sending is going to help her out with the physiotherapy she’ll need after her surgery. Let’s get right to it.


image (7)

I almost can’t believe we’re giving this away. Wanye wept bittersweet tears of love into this jersey on many winters nights. This thing is his pride and joy and he told me on several occasions that he would have rather lost a limb than his beloved Eberle jersey. That being said, in the name of raising money for our friend Kelty, Wanye is willing to part with the jersey to the highest bidder.  If you want more pictures, the jersey is in the office and I can easily send some out to you. 

To submit a bid, just fill out the form below with the required information. All we ask is that people with serious bids apply to help us keep this organized and run as smoothly as possible. I will be updating the article as bids come in to let you know where we’re at and who is the leading bidder! The auction will close at end of day today (11:59pm) and the winning bidder will be notified by email. 


WINNER – Jesse Foster – $1000