The Roundup

The NHL changes the draft lottery, Bertuzzi-Moore 10 years later, a Gino Odjick tale, truculence in Calgary, bye bye Tyler Bozak, and more in this week’s Roundup

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Gino Odjick

Jason Strudwick: My Gino Odjick story

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10 year itch: Bertuzzi and Moore

Bye Bye Tyler Bozak?

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Hockey Wars: The Blogosphere vs. Mainstream Media


Steve Tambellini (2)

Pacific Division predictions
Fantasy King
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Minnesota Wild

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I just read J. Willis’ take on the new lottery rules. He starts off saying it’s debatable that the rule changes are a result of the Oilers recent drafts. Hillarious the Oilers have spent years trying to game the draft rules, and as much admitted to doing so, how is this debatable?

    • Czar

      “Hilarious the Oilers have spent years trying to gain the draft rules, and as much admitted to doing so, how is this debatable?”

      I guess it’s not debatable if you have proof that they have admitted it??

      “Draft rules” are accessible through google and wiki, easily gained by anyone.

      The best part of this is that it comes along just as Calgary is hitting the toilet, perfect timing!

    • They didn’t really GAME the lottery as much as have utterly no shame in doing everything possible to tank at least three seasons.

      On that subject, I completely resent what this team did to the spirit of sport and what they did to some fine players in the process. But hey, if we’re in the playoffs this year nobody wil give a crap how they did it.

  • Oilers Nation boys. OILERS. Haha!

    Anyways, I guess it’s good to remind us die-hard Oilers guys that hockey actually exists out of Edmonton. Except for Calgary. That place stinks like poo.

  • redhot1

    This is the year right Oilers? Like last year? And the year before that?

    You can poke fun at the Flames when you actually finish ahead of them. I don’t think that happened last year.

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Have you looked at the Oiler’s roster? Replacing your 6-8 def with another team’s 6-8 def doesn’t mean the Oilers will be any better. I guess having big bodied Teddy Purcell and his 13 total hits should help in the physical department.

        • Admiral Ackbar

          Exactly, Bunch of prima donnas, losers and retreads… Eight years and counting of futility yet still clinging to the “Fab5 superstars” that are a big part of the problem. May as well blow it up and start over when you’re out of it by Christmas. But wait, with the new “Oiler” draft rules highly unlikely you’ll get 1st overall again. Ooooops!

          • Canuck4Life20

            That won’t stop their arrogant fans from proclaiming that their team is only a couple years away from greatness while putting down other teams who finish above the Oilers in the standings year after year.

          • Canuck4Life20

            Well of course it was a dumb comment, it came from a Canucks fan. But when Oiler fans make hateful comments about the Canucks and their fan base it’s pure genius every time. Quick – tell me how many Cups the team you cheer for won in the 80’s – put me in my place.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Welcome to the Roundup, wherein I embark upon loud and opinionated rants about various NHL teams and topics. This week’s victims, by special request, were supposed to be the Vancouver Canucks.

    But I’m having difficulty.

    Just paint a picture in your head:

    A spiky-haired, popped-collar, d****e-bag in a Burrows jersey, taking a smug selfie in front of a burning car that belongs to ANOTHER CANUCKS FAN. He cheers when he sees his players take a dive, and he thinks that everyone has a grudge against them because the Canucks are just so good. You all know this person. Even if he wasn’t there in person doing push-ups for the camera in front of a smashed in shop-front, with a blue and green scarf wrapped around his head like a bandana, we all know a Canucks fan who would have done so if he had been there.

    He’s wearing the jersey of a guy who BITES people, pulls hair, and faced charges for sucker punching a teenage goalie in a rec ball hockey game and knocking his teeth out.

    He has chosen to cheer for the team whose only success came on the back of being the divingest bunch of divers to ever dive in professional hockey. They are the reason that colour commentators no longer need to explain to casual fans what a “head snap” is.

    This person has chosen to proudly wear this team’s jersey. Or at least they DID, up until the team started losing games, whereupon most of them jumped ship to cheer for (somewhat paradoxically) the Oilers.

    A picture is worth 1000 words, and there’s no 1000 words I can say that will top the pictures you already have of the Canucks and their fans.

    So in the absence of anything that can top the shame which the Canucks and their fans already bring upon themselves…

    I propose that we disband the Canucks Army, and give their website to a city that deserves it more.

    Like Bakersfield. Condorsnation anyone?

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Here here! Great rant.

      Living in BC, and an Oiler fan, the level of loyalty among Canucks fans is astonishing. One bad season and I hear fans saying, “I can’t even watch them anymore”.

      Fair-weather fans. I’m glad that pathetic, undeserving fan-base doesn’t have a cup.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Voting is open for next week:

    “Cheers” for an honest-to-god defence of the Edmonton Oilers

    “Trash” for a venomous and probably somewhat drunken tirade against the Maple Leafs

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Who else here is disgusted by the whole Beartuzzi settlement? Moore was a clown of a player and a 4th liner at best! He was seeking $60 million in damages! Get real.

    The speed of the new NHL would have chewed him up and spit him out. Kid would’ve earned no more than $15mil total in his career.

    Sure looks like he’s up and walking around just fine with NO COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT. Doesn’t he have a degree in finance?

    This sure looks like he and his lawyers are using this civil suit to it’s full extent. The guy is as dirty in law as he is on the ice.

  • Canuck4Life20

    There have been no Canadian based Stanley Cup champs n 21 years, and with Bettman overseeing things, (including the draft) this trend should continue.

  • Canuck4Life20

    What’s that, you say? The Canucks are the worst blight on the world of sports, and all their fans and players are classless jerks who would be better off dead?

    Gee, I love it when posts are listed all over the Nations site, then I get to see how much irrational hate there is for the Canucks and Canucks fans.

    I mean, seriously, I don’t hate fans of any team, they have to pull the whole “Canucks fans are the biggest pieces of crap on the planet” before I actually hate them, and then that’s not because of the team they cheer for; it’s because they’re big ***holes.