GDB 3.0 WRAP UP: Oilers @ Kings


Well… That just happened. Final Score: 6-1 Kings.

Today, we were sitting at Nation HQ talking about what needs to be done to turn this season around.  Then news broke that Petry was a healthy scratch, then both Nuge and Eberle weren’t playing – oh happy day! The Nation was falling apart. Petry is arguably one of the best defencemen on this team (stop laughing, I know), and having him in the press box while instead deciding to throw Nurse to the wolves is strange. Not to mention, missing 2/3 of your top line is always fun.  Regardless of who scratched who where and for what reason, there was a game to play. 

I was really anxious to see how Nurse was going to handle this game.  Not only was he playing in his very first NHL game, he was doing it against the Kings.  I was excited to see how he handled the challenge. Unfortunately, someone on the coaching staff thought that matching him up with Justin Schultz would be smart.  Results were as imagined.  It’s impossible to blame this game on any one player, though. From start to finish, this game smelled of farts and played like a kick to the balls. It was tough to watch. The result only amplifies the scrutiny over Eakins’ roster decisions for tonight. The Nation was angry and understandably so.  Honestly, the most entertaining part of the game was the #HereComesTheOilers hashtag on Twitter. 

Let’s wrap it up…



  • Nurse played reasonably well despite the circumstances. 
  • Nugey got free popcorn.
  • Twitter was entertaining. 
  • I learned that sea otters have a favourite rock that they keep under a flap of skin.



  • I missed Lil Nugey. 🙁
  • Who honestly thought that Darnell Nurse being paired with Justin Schultz would be a good idea?
  • The Kings are really good at hockey. 
  • The first period was the longest game of my life.
  • Fasth pulled himself and possibly his groin.
  • Running the clock wasn’t an option.


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  • pkam

    I didn’t expect the Oilers to win last night. I will be fine if the scoring is 2-1 or 3-1, but losing 6-1 is quite disturbing.

    The Kings is known not for great offense but great defense. Scoring only 1 goal against them is no surprise to me, especially with RNH and Eberle out of the lineup. But letting in 6 goals is.

    I thought our defense is going to be better with the addition of Fayne and Nikitin. So far they didn’t seem to be better than Petry or Schultz, not even Marincin. What borders me the most so far is allowing 5 goals against the Flames and 6 goals against the Kings.

  • Hemmercules

    Pretty funny how there is so much talk about looking forward to the draft already. They look pretty bad so far but common, after 3 games!? lol. Drafting all these high picks is really working out great isn’t it? Trade the picks for real players.

  • Tikkanese

    so i ordered the centre ice package today. 209 bucks to make sure i dont want this crappy hockey anymore? cheaper then one pair of 2nd bowl seats and 2 beers! cya in september!

  • Andy7190


    Now simply superimpose the NewAge Hockey Systems processes overtop of what the Oilers already have in place,deleting nothing ,simply adding optimal Intuitive Dynamic Management to the existing Orgnisational Super-Structure and you my Friend are in Business.And it doesnt matter what “System” you use as long as it is consistantly executed and evaluated using Intuitive Dynamic Analysis and adjusted using Intuitive Dynamic Management processes.No numbers,no stats,no BS and no communication or perspective disconnects.

    The point is that teams like the Kings and Hawks and Blues ect do NOT have acess to the full and complete NHS database,they only have the specificlly selected information I released online to everyone,the Playing Field is now level until someone acesses the NHS source and the complete database.