GBD 5.0 WRAP UP: Canucks @ Oilers


The effort was there, but the goals were not. Final Score: 2-0 Canucks.

If ever there was a game that the Oilers had to win, it was tonight. As ridiculous as it sounds, the Oilers are already getting themselves into “must win” situations.  This 7 game home stand could get really ugly if they don’t turn this thing around. I imagine the ice being covered in overpriced merch and beer soaked cry rags.  If the Oilers got blown out again, the boos would likely have been heard as far away as Waskatenau, Alberta. It’s a real town, look it up. Actually, they have this gas station in Waskatenau called Peppers that sells the best cheese breads, and cinnamon buns – it’s weird, but it’s true. But I digress.

Tonight’s game was not only important for the season as a whole, it was also important for the fans.  If you’ve been around the Nation, you’d know that the comments sections are starting to resemble the diary of a goth child named Starbaby.  Just as importantly, tonight’s game was huge for Ben Scrivens. The guy has taken a lot of heat over the past few days, and you just knew that he was due for a really solid night between the pipes. Tonight, Ben Scrivens played good enough for the Oilers to win the game, and I think that’s all anybody wants from a goaltender. 

Despite the loss, I’m not mad about tonights game. I mean, it sucked that they lost again, but it wasn’t the same kind of loss as there was against against the Coyotes or the Kings. There was actually a consistent effort throughout the game, and that’s been lacking forever around these parts. Yes, a loss is a loss and the hole got a little bit deeper, but at least we got to watch a decent hockey game… I guess. Man… Moral victories are what we’ve come to? Sad days in the Nation.

Let’s wrap it up…


  • Really solid start for the Oilers. They were controlling the play in the first period. 
  • Big saves by Scrivens, he was really good all night.
  • Alcohol makes every Oilers game more enjoyable. 
  • Yakupov was solid AGAIN. #YakCityRising
  • No jerseys were thrown in the filming of this hockey game.



  • Zack Kassian’s existence.
  • Lots of good puck movement on the Power Play, but they just couldn’t cash.
  • Alex Burrows went another day without biting anyone. It’s only a matter of time before he strikes again. The unfortunate part is that we have no idea when or where that will be.
  • Why wasn’t Taylor Hall on the ice for the last 45 seconds of the game? Derp.
  • A loss is a loss is a loss.
  • Moral victories are for the birds.




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    Hilarious hearing oiler fans gush over Yakupov raising his game from ‘abysmal’ to ‘not great’. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as these are the same people who swooned over him last season when he was the worst player in the league.

  • Serious Gord

    I thought this was Edmonton’s year to finally get back to respectability in the league. I guess not!
    It is pathetic to see how this team still hangs on to the past and keeps ignoring change.
    Blow it up.
    Start with Lowe. I cant believe this guy still has a job.

    • BlazingSaitls


      You cannot have Lowe/MacT in charge as they must now make trades and move players to rebuild this team.

      In order to send a message to the owner I think Oiler fans need to organize a boycott of some kind…perhaps leave the arena at end of 2nd period?

      Unless the owner gets the message he will not make changes.


    Lots of positives last night, no injuries mainly because no one hit anyone and no jerseys hit the ice so nobody’s feelings go hurt it is all up hill from here (not agood thing if you are a horse or an Oiler)

  • Soiled Trousers

    Dear Writers at ON, can someone please write an article that dosen’lt mention the “positves” of yet another loss. How about just calling it like it is, the oilers are bums. No more telling me that if I only understood things like Corsi or Fenwick better I would be able to see the Oilers actually improved. No more talk about better effort. Just one article where the tiitle is “”The Oilers Are Bums”.

  • Soiled Trousers

    PERSPECTIVE : Vanc.: Not a very good club as yet , having garnered their wins only against our Oilers and Flames . They are basement dwellers as well as season unfolds I would suspect . Same for Arizona .

    Oilers have only made 1 point in 4 games against what might well be 3 of the worst clubs in West by seasons end . Against a decent club , we were totally out of it competitively speaking . Small consolation ,barely being able to compete with the likes of which we have faced so far for competition . Things could get ugly again as we play more competitive teams .

    • BlazingSaitls

      It is hard to believe but things are going to get a lot worse than they are right now with the teams that are coming here. The oil could be 0 10 1 very quickly.

    • Zamboni Driver

      Yep. Completely destroyed by the Kings (our 150lb…oh sorry, no. He has all that new weight and muscle Stauffer keeps telling you…Anyway our #1 Centre not playing had zero impact)

      Sedins completely dominated every time they were on the ice. Play great players, get creamed.

      This is could be horrible….-er.

  • Soiled Trousers

    This is a great quote from Bob Hartley. “I don’t coach contracts. I don’t coach age. I coach results. I coach performances. That’s where we’re at. This organization, if we’re going to move forward, accountability has to be a big, big factor.” Why can’t the Oilers hire a coach like that?

  • paul wodehouse

    I hope that the Oilers dont win a single game until Kevin Lowe is fired.

    However with Katz incompetence we would probably be 0-81-1 and starting a fresh new losing streak in October 2015

    • Serious Gord

      Why does it take an out of town journo to tell the bare truth of it all?

      As bad as the oil have been over these eight years the sports media may have been even worse – a bunch of Baghdad bobs.

      • Rdubb

        Because if the in town journalists say anything naughty about Edmonton the organization might take away all the doughnuts again, duh.

        Re: “Why is everyone down on Hunt?”

        Because “he’s a little slow” does not do his lack of foot speed justice. Not even close. You cannot be an NHL defenseman when it’s that easy to blow by you wide, or when you get beat to that many loose pucks, or when you have to give the blueline (and frequently much more) up every rush because you have no gap control all owing to your slow speed. This is to say nothing of his lack of size which means the opposition can cycle the puck on his side to their heart’s content without any fear of the play being broken up. So no, he is not as capable of playing D as anyone else on the roster, he is significantly less capable which is saying a lot given how bad our D-core is (looking at you Nikitin, Schultz, Ference).

  • Serious Gord

    Why break up nuge and yak in the third.. Yak was flying and you could see chemistry developing. Arco has been a bright spot as the centre of that first line. You pair hall with ebs and get nuge and yak on line 2 if they get it going you got 2 legit scoring threats instead of 1 and 1/2. Yak needs a guy like nuge with him to set him up. Hall and ebs can really drive it themselves. Eakins figure it out

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Stupid Canucks! I should smite thee.

    The Oilers needed a solid 5-0 blow out on home ice. These marginal shutout losses aren’t enough to cause a complete fan revolt.

    This team needs a serious cultural change. I’ve grown attached to Hall, Nuge, Yak & Scribbles but something’s got to give. I’d love it if AEG were back in ownership. At least those teams would threaten for a playoff spot. I honestly even miss that.

    The only decent Dmen the team currently has are Fayne and Marincin.

    The rest have serious flaws, especially Justin Schultz. He is a horrible defenseman. He will NEVER win a Norris trophy and for MacT to pump his tires that much is deplorable. It took very little to get him, I’d be happy to send him away for draft picks. That kind of player won’t develop to much in this organization.

    He’s a poor man’s Jack Johnson.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    To be fair Petry, for all his mindblowingly terrible mistakes, isn’t nearly as bad as people make him out to be. If he ever found a way to stop making those “holy hell what did I just watch” mistakes he would actually be a solid player. Of course, if I ever found a way to stop watching this team I would actually be a pleasant person in the winter but that doesn’t seem to be happening either so whatever.

    And I’d be inclined to call Schultz more of a “poor-man’s Mark Streit”, except Schultz is only bringing the awful defensive game and none of the powerplay production right now, so I guess that comparison goes out the window, doesn’t it?

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Isn’t that the difference between most poor defensemen and solid? The solid Dmen rarely make a “holy hell what did I just watch” mistakes.

      Petry is an OK defenseman. He deserves to be paid around $3.5 mil a year for a guy that can play quality competition, be reasonable solid defensively and contribute marginally offensively. He will have a hiccup (or two) a game, as far as I’ve noticed. Many of these result in goals on this team. On another team, he may be able to be bailed out for such errors.

      Fayne and Marincin are solid defensemen.

      The rest have serious flaws. I wouldn’t mind seeing Klefbom in action too. Nurse looks to have amazing potential. He’s got cohones, audacity, great ability and he’s mean (so I’ve heard). This team needs some mean SOBs to punish competition. So far this season, zone entries against the Oilers isn’t scary at all for the other team.

  • Serious Gord

    It appears like we have no functional breakout patterns, we have no set plays, we look like we are just winging it. Long cross ice passes that don’t connect, dmen doubling back looking for any sort of outlet, dump in’s when no one is chasing etc. We are completely discombobulated.

    We honestly look like we have no coach.

    This is embarrassing, plain and simple. Dallas Eakins is over his head.
    I understand the idea of stinking with it, but when “it” is horribly bad then its time to move on. I can’t take it anymore. Eakins must be fired before this diehard Oiler fan will watch another game.

    If MacT doesn’t do it today then he should go too.

    • Rdubb

      Everyone should remain patient and wait for the McDavid sweepstakes and for Babcock’s contract to expire with the Red Wings.

      I am sure that Babcock would love to leave that slum Detroit and to coach an up and coming / under-performing Canadian team. He would be the perfect coach for the Oilers.

      • Serious Gord

        As has been pointed out on this site many times the areas surrounding Detroit are not blighted and are far nicer than EDM.

        Also The wings are getting a new arena and entertainment district – near where the lions and tigers play of i recall that is bigger and may be better than what is being done in EDM – google pictures of it – major cool.

        The holy grail coaching-wise in the NHL is Toronto. That’s where Sir Babcock is headed.

  • Old Soldier

    All of the above comments are valid in their frustration and emotional content if not so realistic in their demands or predictions. I wake up the morning after every game so far hoping it was just a nightmare and the season is about to start…..but we all know the truth…

    First point I would like to make before rambling in my dotage, is I believe that this happening was predictable. This was an incredibly fragile team, and the first game against the Flames(suck) would dictate what happened next….and I think that fragility showed in that game. They outplayed, but didn’t achieve, they became frustrated, and ran around…and the end result, a come from behind win for an out played opposition. So the fragility now carries over to the next game, and the next. They could have just as easily won 6-2 and gone on a 4 game win streak that would be just as inaccurate of an indicator of this team. So the fragility now carries over to the next game, and the next.

    I don’t think the Oilers are anywhere near as bad as their record so far, but I think they need a stupid ass simple bullcrap lucky win to break them out of this nightmare, and sooner or later it will happen…(please lord make it sooner)

    now as to what ills do exist….I am not a believer in getting rid of management, I look at MacT’s moves over the summer and they were reasonable with what was available and what he had at hand. Over paying for NHL level defencemen, allowing they may not be top 4, but were better than what we had was a positive, especially in the short term.

    People criticize that he could have done more…how? I am not defending him, I am asking, how? Who would you throw huge amounts of money and ridiculous term at that would save this defence right now? I cant think of anyone, not Myers who would cost 3 pieces in return. Not Boychuk or Leddy, who would refused to have come. What Goalie could he have gotten (that would come) that would have won these last 5 games on his own? Miller? no way he would come, same with Luongo…..or perhaps we throw the dice with over the hill’s Brodeur and Thomas….who aren’t good enough to get back up jobs. In fact bringing in Ramsey was a brilliant move, and I think that will eventually be the answer.

    MacT is simply an easy target, as is Eakins, but in Eakins case, I think he has dug his own hole…this team is no longer a bunch of teenagers. they are young adults, they have experience in the NHL, so why do they have such a hard time playing a simple defensive system? I am not saying they should become defensive stars, but every NHLer, even the stars, has to fit into the “team” system……yet the biggest problem with the Oilers is either the players not buying into the system, the system is too complicated to be put into reality, or the coaches arent reaching the players ……

    all of those rest on Eakins shoulders …. and from last year on, I think he has failed at that. I think like many successful Junior and AHL coaches, he misunderstood the difference between kids “trying to make big time” and Pros when it comes to motivation and management….and we have seen the results…and I think the fact MacT and the management have been so steadfast and obvious about their backing of Eakins, as a message to a group of players who think they run the show is now a battle of wills….and the end result is a mass of confusion and frustration.

    Or I could be full of crap, who knows


    • Anton CP

      You are pretty much bang on, Eakins is also a rookie as a coach however he did not realize that himself. Successful coaches can bring in successes with any team that they coach for, it is not just simply about that they have a “system”. Most of them are able to identify each players’ strength and weakness then develop a system that players can feel comfortable with. Eakins system may work with teams like Preds or Rangers but it is not the right system for Oilers.

  • outdoorzguy

    Although we have shown we are closer to competing with the bottom of the West Conference , we still look nowhere near good enough to play playoff teams as yet . If we cannot get points from the worst , how does one expect to get them from the others ?

    MacT. in charge of quality control as Gm and he has to go firstly before anyone . It’s up to him to take necessary steps to fill glaring deficiencies . No matter how many deals he has done he has yet to fill any major one and needs to be replaced by a new Gm that will target those , as he has failed to do so over 2 seasons . Then we stand a chance at going forward . When the fans demand he do something positive about filling those glaring holes , and not accept his excuses , then something will get done whether he remains or not .

    • Serious Gord

      I agree with some of your points and its easy to be a critic, so if you were to make a GM change for the Oilers and you had the ear to Katz, who would be a good fit to be the next Oilers GM?

      • Serious Gord

        I’d tell him to put Lowe back as interim GM , and have Nicholson do a proper search immediately for a new GM , or Nicholson try to do the GM stint himself .

  • Grant

    This summer I listened to Eakins say on 1260 that his ticket to success with the Marlies was to install a team identity. My contribution here was I thought his approach lacked substance. I had many trash votes. I think that I was right.

  • Ryan14

    What system is right for the Oilers?

    So far, the Oilers have had 3 coaches employ systems and every time it is the wrong system. Perhaps the system isn’t the issue?

    • Alright, this is driving me nuts. While a lot of people harp on and on and on about the swarm being a failure I think the majority of people who complain about the coaching largely couldn’t care less what system is in place. The issue with the coaching is that it isn’t getting anything out of the players on the ice, or helping them develop in any particularly meaningful way with very few exceptions. The team is still soft to play against, they still get pushed around all the time and never stick up for one another, they still make extremely basic fundamental mistakes all the goddamn time, they still by and large look they don’t give a sh!t out there half the time, so on and so forth. No accountability, no development, no identity, no team spirit (from the outside looking in anyway) and no push to succeed. That’s the biggest issue with the coaching, not which systems they are and aren’t trying to implement.

      Well, except maybe where the power-play is concerned. The f@#$ Eakins, phone up Krueger for pointers if you have to.

      • Is there some possibility that the Oiles room WAS coming together PEFECTLY under Kruegers mentoring and Gagners guidance in the room,that there WAS winning chemistry already even enough that had Sam been traded BEFORE Eakins arrived the Team could have built off of the Identity they already had which was finlly on the upswing.

        If this was in fact the case then binging in Ference was like throwing keosene on the fire,simply because as an asute earlier poster said,the Kids arent Kids anymore.

        They werent Kids last year,last season would have been an early transition year for leadership change had Gagner been moved,but to an Oiler with history in Edmonton,no matter how brief it may have been.

        Is it possible the entire CORE feels alienated,knowing that with no defined pecking order of their own their throats will always be bared to critique, not one or two of them but all of them,and that the new men Eakins and Mac-T bring in my not be accepted as expected,from Ference to Hendricks to everyone new.

        I think the core of Hall-Nuge-Ebbs-Yak-Schultz- have the combined strength to define their own Team Identity without the influences of anyone else, I think they are worth making massive Managerial changes for.

        I think what they envision for their individual and Team future is IMPORTANT.

        A lot of what you said fits this scenario quite well.

        • Zarny

          No, there isn’t that possibility.

          Under Krueger, the Oilers started off well because their top line and 4/5th of the PP were playing together in OKC and almost the entire team was in game shape.

          Krueger’s team lost 9 of 15 games in March including a 5 game losing streak capped by a 6-0 drubbing from Nashville to start the month. During crunch time in April Krueger’s team lost 9 of 10 games including a 6 game losing streak where they only scored more than 1 G once.

          That team was lucky the season ended. There were 5 teams within 5 points after 48 games. If they had played all 82 the Oilers would have been at the bottom with Florida and Colorado.

  • Serious Gord

    Watching leafs/red wings. The contrast between eakins and Babcock behind the bench is night and day.

    Babcock looks and acts like he is PART of the team.

    Eakins looks like an annoyed auditor.

    – my apologies to any cra auditors who may take offense…

    • Serious Gord

      The GM was talking to the owner for 30 minutes before the game as well. I have gone to a couple of games at the Joe they get on the team very quickly if the players are not putting out. Sub par play is not put up with from the management on down. Funny how their GM has cup rings for management not being a dman on a team that won dispite his lack of skill.

  • From an Oilers fan!

    I have been an Oiler fan for as long as I can remember. This season start has not affected me with frustration like the past numerous seasons have. I guess I have just got accustomed or am losing interest. Not sure which one. Maybe just dont give a damn much anymore. Pity as I have followed them since the era of greatness.

  • Zarny

    Had the Oilers started 2-2-0 I suspect the comments would be much different after that loss.

    They played a good game. Two thumbs up for no Timbits moments. Scrivens bounced back strong. I thought Marincin looked really solid. And I really liked Nuge’s game. The pressure and coverage on the PK reminds me of Datsyuk.

    Unfortunately they didn’t start 2-2-0 and now the noose is tighter. At this point nothing will change the mind of those who want a house cleaning and there is a lot of merit to their pov. Another loss or 2 and they’ll get their wish.

  • outdoorzguy

    This team still sucks. Our coach at best is a used car salesman. If you’re getting excited by a good effort after 12+ years of crap then you are delusional.

  • outdoorzguy

    This team still sucks. Our coach at best is a used car salesman. If you’re getting excited by a good effort after 12+ years of crap then you are delusional.