GDB 8.0 WRAP UP: Hurricanes @ Oilers

I say, kick em while they’re down. Final Score: 6-3 Oilers.

If ever there was a team that was ripe for a beat down, it was the Carolina Hurricanes.  Not only did they play (kind of) last night against Calgary, they’re also missing two of the best players on their team.  With both Jordan and Eric Staal being injured, and the Hurricanes playing last night, there was absolutely no reason that the Oilers shouldn’t have won tonight. With that being said, it was the Hurricanes that came out like a house on fire.  Luckily, the slow start didn’t burn the Oilers… this time.

I have to be honest, the first 40 minutes of this game were really boring. In fact, I was actually getting worried that the Oilers were going to drop a runny turd on the ice against the last winless team in the league.  Luckily the third period happened. Jordan Eberle scored 2 beauties, Leon Draisaitl popped his cherry, and Matt Hendricks locked it up with an empty netter. It was beautiful, and I’m talking Brad Pitt beautiful.  After the 0-4-1 start, who would have thought that the Oilers would turn it around with a winning streak? As Lowetide would say… Magic.

Let’s wrap it up…



  • The Oilers kept both Eric and Jordan Staal off the scoresheet! (yes, I know they’re injured)
  • The “4th” line was awesome again! 
  • Yakupov keeps looking better and better. I love him and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
  • Martin Marincin > Riley Nash
  • Joensuu with another strong (and injuryless) game.
  • 1st goal of the season by Jordan Eberle.  Beauty pass by Taylor Hall.
  • EBERSQUEE 2.0.
  • Leon Draisaitl’s first NHL goal. I love seeing guys score for the first time. *giggles*
  • Nugey is scoring at a Peter North-esk pace. 



  • Slow start to the game. Carolina was outshooting the Oilers 7-1 at one point.
  • Twitter for being broken for a while.
  • This game was a snoozer, at time.
  • The Rexall DJ seems to have retired Cotton Eye Joe, and it makes me sad.
  • Please, Ben, never leave the net. Seriously.
  • It took until the 3rd period for the Hurricanes to roll over and die.


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  • Serious Gord

    Last night my wife said my bonner wasn’t gross, tonight the oilers won their 3rd straight. It’s not sex and it’s not playoffs; but I’m happy with the progress!!

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Gagner has 6 games played with 0 points and -4. I think Arizona should be considering sending him back to Junior.

    Thank god we got that play killer off our roster.

    Leon for the Calder!

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I hope macT goes out and gets us an actual number one goalie. Sivens scares the crap out of me and I don’t think we can count on him to be consistent. Some games he’s hot, I won’t deny that, but he keeps making too many “b” grade goalie mistakes. If we are truly going to turn the corner and try to earn a reputation as contenders we will certainly need better goaltending. It’s only a matter of time until Sivens becomes Dubnyk 2.0.

  • YFC Prez

    Eat it Carolina Fan!!!

    all you know nothing know it alls who kept saying Skinner and Fowler were better than Hall can eat a spruce tree.

    3 Games in a row B!tches!!!

    You suck Canucks!

    You suck even more Flameouts!

    I love you Eberle!!!! *not as much as you Yakupov* shhhhhhhhh its ok

    too much beer in boring first peiod….but then the rest of the game happened whuzzzzzzzzzzzzahhh!

    Night all….

    Psst Brad Pitt is indeed sexy…

  • Admiral Ackbar

    This win to me means a change in the right direction. If this was last year the Oilers must win games would slip through their fingers as soon as a team pushed back.

    I just like baggedmilk was under the impression the Oilers were going to let this game slip away (especially that Scrivens giveaway goal) but they didn’t. They persevered and they won a should/must win game.

    And that to me is a sign of the Oilers trending in the right direction. Hats off to the Canes you could tell they were desperate for the win.

    Go Oilers…. Get us back to .500 you can do it with another Eastern team in Montreal.

  • bazmagoo

    I live in Vancouver, and a good buddy of mine is a Leafs fan. We were chatting about hockey the other day (on the way to a hockey game). When talking about the Oilers I expressed an extreme desire if that the Oilers could finish 20th in the league that would be a great season. Telling him that at least that would sustain hope in the rebuild. His response – “Wow, those are pretty low expectations”

    • Anton CP

      And this coming from a Leafs fan? A team won fewer playoffs games than Oilers from last nine years, a team hasn’t been in the SC finals since Pearson, a team that was taking their fans for granted by charging with the most expensive tickets in league (even Oilers were just behind), a team actually throwing a parade from winning Conference Semi-Finals…Leafs fan should never talk about “low expectations” about another team because they should just look at themselves in the mirror. If any team need to blame their failures on their fans, it should be Leafs.

  • YFC Prez

    Not even considering the goal, I thought Draisaitl had a better night tonight. He looked much better in his own zone. And seemed to be moving and keeping up with the play better. Was great to see him go wide put his shoulder down and drive to the net for a pretty good chance. If he can get that going more often, he will be the big power forward we have been missing for a long time.

    Again, I don’t think keeping him up is a bad idea. Especially if the Oilers can keep winning. Easier to deal with personal struggles, and frustration when your team is winning.

    I think he will get about 35 points this year, and be more ready for next year if he stays up. Personally, having watched all the games, I see progress, he is adapting to the speed, and becoming aware of what you need to do in this league.

  • Daddynuke

    What is this magical feeling? Is it the feeling of hope? Something where the stars align and everything is right? Maybe. But maybe it’s that feeling like the hottest girl in school asked me to the Summer bash dance. I should’ve known better. there wasn’t a dance during the middle of summer, since school is not even in session. I showed up anyway, eager to dance the night away. But it was too good to be true. I showed up, only to wait in the car with my Dad for 30 minutes. I kept thinking in my head, “man this school better open up the gates, the dance is about to start.” That’s when my Dad realized I am a loser, and an idiot.

    • Grant

      I am pretty sure your Dad had suspicions before you were going to the Summer Bash Dance.

      Anyway… Draisaitl.

      Give him the first 39 games.
      Give Anton Lander 4 games.
      Give Yakimov the last 39 games.

      This is assuming that Leon doesn’t become an NHL Center in 39 games. However… I think he will. Also assuming that Yakimov looks ok in the AHL at that time.

  • smith

    Glad they won but what a horrid game to watch. Looked like everyone was skating in slow motion. Kept switching to the Vancouver game for a bit of entertainment.

  • ATL Oiler

    Crazy thoughts; 8 years of losing and being scared ship less after bad start will help this team this season. This is the first time I have seen a desperate Oiler team show they care since 2006. The cellies are sweeter and points taste better. If we some how beat the Habs and are .500 for the second time this year! I am off to Vegas $100 wins me $1500 on playoffs or $1 wins me $15 🙂

    Thanks ‘milk for working late so we can blog this morning.

  • The boys puled off a win despite many missed calls but I will have to agree with some posters here about the overall state of the Oilers. They’re defensive play needs to tighten up and they need to close gaps WAY quicker, starting in the neutral zone not behind their own blueline.

    They seem to finally figured out to score if only they can cinch up the D-zone play we may have an 80 point team!