GDB 10.0 WRAP UP: Predators @ Oilers


Damned Western Conference. Final Score: 4-1 Predators

Even though the Oilers came into tonight’s game on a 4-game winning streak, I felt like this was going to be a bigger test than any team from the East could be.  No, the Predators aren’t slammed with superstars (Shea Weber aside) but they’re still a very good hockey team that plays a tight game.  Did I mention that the Predators are in 2nd place in the Western Conference? They know how to beat Western Conference teams, and that’s something the Oilers have yet to accomplish this year. The wait continues.

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Tonight was not a great night for the Oilers. From where I sat, I saw a lot of individual plays and a whole lot of trouble getting things going.  To be fair, the Predators have been solid defensively for years and they were having no part of playing pond hockey with the Oilers.  Actually, they didn’t even have to.  The Predators dominated big stretches of the game and the Oilers just couldn’t get anything going.  Unfortunately, the Preds were also able to cash on a lot of their chances when the Oilers couldn’t.  As such, the winning streak is over and it’s time to get started on the next one.

Let’s wrap this up…



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  • Nuge’s wrist shot has vastly improved. I imagine he spent most of his summer tossing Chevettes.
  • Cougar Life ads are in full swing on the Nation.
  • Very little traffic when I left Rexall!
  • The 4th line had another good night. If only the whole team worked as hard as they do.
  • Shout out to the refs for disallowing a good goal for the Predators.



  • Shea Weber is terrifying.
  • Taylor Hall got absolutely blown up by Ryan Ellis. Clean hit, but I still think someone on the Oilers should have jumped in. 
  • What’s the deal with Olli Jokinen’s hair? That greasy mop was distracting me all night.
  • The fans that left with 10 minutes left.  Yeah, I get that you have to work tomorrow but would you have gone home if they were winning? Doubtful.
  • Shea Weber is manlier than all of us. 


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  • pkam

    We are going to play the Preds again in the next 10 game stretch. Eakins better finds a way to overcome the fear factor that makes Weber’s shot heavy. It sure looks like every Oilers were taking a deep breath when Weber shot the puck, including Scrivens the prof.

  • Phuryous George

    @baggedmilk Without using words like ludicrous and ridiculous, let me ask you this.

    If an Oiler, lets say Hall (unlikely) or Hendricks (cause L1 and L4 see the top opposition the most) Lay a clean hit on a Sedin or Vrabata next game, and get jumped by a VAN player for it, would you say that it is OK or acceptable?

    And i get that you are saying that it doesn’t have to be a fight, it can be physical play. But that shouldn’t be retaliatory, the Oil should be banging anyway cause we play in the west, and if you cant bang, yer gonna get yer show run.

    I assume if Gazdic or Pinnizzoto were on the bench, hands would be thrown. Any chance Eakins is telling the guys to respond by playing better instead of retaliation penalties?

    Any chance Eakins system works in the east ( like with the Marlies) but he can’t get his head around the west? Maybe ever?

    Never mind this last part, we practically split wins between east/west last year.

    • Burnward

      It’s all about sending a message to the rest of the league. No one fears running an Oiler because there isn’t much of a threat of pushback. That can’t happen.

      • Phuryous George

        So when Yak lays a clean hit on someone, which he’s been doing alot of, and some goon tunes him up, your going to be Ok with it?

        Cause that goons just ” sending the message”!!??

      • pkam

        What message? That our super kids can’t play contact hockey?

        That is the cleanest textbook hockey check from a sub 180lb defenseman on a suicidal move by Hall. What else should the other teams do? Let our super kids do whatever they want?

          • pkam

            Well, I didn’t see that run by Gaustad so I will not comment on that. Perhaps Drisaitl should stand up for himself, he is a big kid. Just ask Rocky to give him a couple one on one lessons on how to protect himself.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s OK or acceptable, but I would expect it anyway. That’s just how things seem to go these days.

      Put it this way, if 29 teams are playing by the same rules and the Oilers are not – who is the as$hole here?

      I would much prefer they play physically all the time, but in the very least they should be willing to defend each other.

      • Phuryous George

        On a dirty hit or a charge, i agree.

        But if Hall and Ebs are going to look at the puck and toe drag into an area where 2-3 opposing players are expected to be waiting, they should expect to get hit. The expectation should not be that they create a situation where a teammate has to go get punched in the head because they put themselves in a vulnerable position to get hit. If we are going to expect that, get John Scott on the payroll teach him to play defence so he’s on the ice more and doesnt get suspensions for jumping the boards to stick up for his teammates.

        • Phuryous George

          You are dialing it in now, it was a Systems management disaster last night, the tactical planning both pre-game and real-time were sub-par.

          I do think if you get hit clean it is what it is BUT every Leader knows his team has a few Studs he is responsible for protecting,men who are slightly above the Status Quo,guys you DO NOT throw 100% of you Jam into without worrying about retaliation.Anyone can injure anyone out there,and only through respect do players take the thin edge off which could end opponents careers.

          Fogolin and Ethan Moreau would have not reacted like Ference did, Buchberger would not have reacted like that, Messier would have scored like Hall and taken someones flesh as well.Gretz would have scored 3 to push back.

          I am not hurting on Ference,I am hurting on the decision to choose his player type to lead a Roster that needed an NHL Stud with all skills including dominating fists.

          Why do we have to tell players how to stand up for each other?

          How do you tell a stats poisoned NHL Coach like Eakins pre-game last night that his team would have to push the river and TAKE more penaltys than usual to get the Preds off balance,that this was a fact of their place in the NHL pecking order,the Oil need to EARN their breaks and last night they left it up to the Refs who called a good game, the Oilers NEEDED to create more penaltys last night NOT LESS.

          The Oilers needed a Penalty Parade last night to assert themselves and to claim a new NHL IDENTITY AS TRUCULENT WINNERS,but couldnt create one,they went quietly but competatively into the Dark last night.

          Something huge was missing from the Coaching side last night,HUGE.

          • Phuryous George

            TRUCULENT???? Wait a tic….. Are you in Calgary?

            Burke, is that you??

            More NSH Power Plays would have made that game WAAAAAYYY better, totally.


  • Burnward

    Well, last night one team capitalized on chances and one team didn’t. I was amazed to see the Oilers get out of the first unscathed. To anyone who thinks Scrivens played bad, go rewatch the first period.

    I don’t know why the Oilers insist on starting the game in the second period.

    Rinne played good and made some key saves, while at other times, the Oilers just could not put the puck behind the goal line. I still think that Nuge shot to open the second went in. Then there was another sequence where the puck drifted through the crease behind a down and out Rinne, but the Oilers couldn’t get a stick on it.

    Then Perron had some deadly chances but made poor decisions.

    It was a solid game where I would say Nashville was the better team all around, but one the Oil just had no finish in.


  • Phuryous George

    Well, back to the same of same old.

    Same old… Same old.. is the house that Kevin Lowe has built over the last 8 years.

    The house is far from done, and I don’t think they have the right management leader or construction crew.

    We really really need a new approach in the front office. Until this happens, we will get to watch other teams compete and play at a much better consistent level.

    Remember. He who is in charge is always responsible for the “Culture of Losing”

  • The Last Big Bear

    After a clean hit is the MOST appropriate time to fight someone.

    If its a dirty hit, the refs are going to say something about it, there might be a suspension, etc.

    But if its a clean hit, nothing is going to happen to the other team/player unless you go do something about it.

    Sometimes clean hits cross the line of what a team is willing to tolerate, and when that happens then beating the snot out of the guy (or one of his teammates) is how it is best dealt with.

    Not “taking a number” and then doing the same (dangerous) thing by running guys on the other team. Just grab the guy by the jersey and punch him in the face a few times to let him know that he crossed the line.

    I fully support fights after technically clean hits, which were either too hard or when a player was in a vulnerable position.

    ^This^ however, was not one of those times. This was just a guy trying a fancy toe-drag and getting put on his arse.

    • Phuryous George

      ‘Let him know he crossed the line’ by making a perfectly clean hit? What line is that? Perhaps we should punch guys in the face for making perfectly nice dekes. Top shelf? Face punch for you. Great save? You guessed it – face punch. We used to applaud Scott Stevens for his bone crushing hits – even when the opponent was vulnerable. Lindros? Kariya? Francis? Stevens only had to drop gloves a few times a year. He would have to fight every game in your scenario. Ludicrous.

      • The Last Big Bear

        Yes, Scott Stevens and his technically-legal-but-entirely-uncalled-for hits are a perfect example of a guy who should have had the living **** kicked out of him on a routine basis in exactly the manner I described.

        Instead he ended the careers and damaged the lives of a number of amazing hockey players with brutal but legal hits on vulnerable opponents..

        Thank you for providing excellent examples of exactly what I was talking about.

        • 2004Z06

          It isn’t figure skating sunshine! Bone crunching hits have been a part of the game for a hundred years. If it is legal in the rule book, then not much you can do. Players know the risks, that is why they make the money they do.

          A guy gets popped legally in a football game, do the team mates come running in to start a brawl? Nope. Guy gets up, wipes the snot bubbles from his face, gives the other guy props and gets back to work.

          Body checks are part of the game. It was a clean hit and Hall has to be responsible for making a better decision.

  • Serious Gord

    Oilers Reuild:

    First Line – can compete in the NHL

    Fourth Line – playing competitive hockey

    Everyone else in between “not so good”!
    A lot of running around, standing around and puck watching.Out of position most times and can’t even make a tape to tape pass most times.

    Too many fans “raving” about Yak and Drisailt.
    At this point theres not much these two guys can contribute to a competitive NHL game. Maybe one day but not yet.

    Pouliat, Peron and Lazy Purcell would no make many Nhl teams today.

    Don’t get me started on the Defense….

    I can take loosing game[s] if there is effort shown…. Nice Rebuild MacT.and Klowe.

    See where Nichols, Messier AND Lowe were checking out the game up on high in the sky box.Lets see if they can come up with something.

  • Phuryous George

    I don’t understand why you’re calling out the fans for leaving the game early. It’s their money, their time, and they’ve seen this story play out all too often over the last 8 seasons.

    So, like, in addition to paying for the overpriced tickets, buying the jerseys and beer and bad food, they somehow owe the Oilers a full game? If a game is so bad that the fans leave early after spending their money, it seems more like the team should be offering refunds.

  • Phuryous George

    Baggedmilk has it closest to the bullseye.Individuals cannot stand lone,toughness is a Team ,Leadership and an identity issue.

    Dont overlook the immense value we all know is held in a Captain or Leader turning the momentum of any game by getting more physical,it is a Dynamic reality. Screw the stats already.

    It is not that we dont undestand the hard realitys of NHL Hockey, we do, players need to be aware ,responsible and looking for danger at all times.

    Stats probably tell you that .0012222 % more goals are scored when the Penalty is retaliatory in catalyst.So simply never retaliate.

    Stats inputs are killing this team slowly but surely.

    Dre’ just had a special heads-up posted for him pre-game advising him to remember that ALL NHL players follow through on their hits and to be aware even after he dishes the puck that the Boom is coming.He HAD extra awareness instilled pre-game and his head was up,he listens well,or he was TOAST,he was lined up good.

    Taylor Hall took an out of the norm risk during the game,but there was external and internal pressure to do so.The System wasnt responding with results,so he tried to kick-start things on his own like he can do.

    The Oilers lost the game because they were missing the one or two key anticipatory read and reacts NHL Coaches need to make to out perform their competition on the other side.

    For the 5 prior games the Oilers had superior control during games due to small system management details which they were first to the punch to recognise and adjust,this was CLEARLY missing last night,this has been the Oilers Achilles Heel for decades now.

    Last nights game was EASILY WINNABLE…with just three small adjustments,the Preds play one of the least complicated games in the NHL.

    What data as small and insignificant as it may seem to be or as obscure as its source may be was BEING ADDED to the 5 games where everything was clicking optimally?

    What has been put into Dallases ear via his lapel phone ? What was he getting from that source off-bench when he was dialed in ,and exactly what is he getting now?

    Messier and Lowe were upstairs and we know it wasnt their Acumen missing,or they were holding back.

    Why couldnt the Coaches make the System work last night? There is no time to waste, what is missing from that Winning Formula we were seeing?

  • The Future Never Comes

    I loved watching the reaction by the players on the oilers after that hit. Eberle just gives Ellis a muffin push on his shoulder to make it seem like he’s honoring Hall’s redemption. The best teams in the league take note of that and give Ellis a rough ride for the rest of his shift, and maybe a couple rusty palms to the face when the whistle is blown. It seems as if the top contenders have each others back and don’t need the knuckle dragger to come out and smash faces. Damn, I was never the fist tossing type, but if someone hit my best friend like that I would surely make it known I didn’t like it. That’s the beauty of hockey.(Disclaimer: I am not alluding to fighting because it was a clean hit, I’m just saying a little rough stuff pushback to show you stick up for one another)

    • The Last Big Bear

      Just how many times did you see Hall and Hopkins jump in when Eberle was roughed up several times by Preds defence ? I saw none . Why pick on just Eberle ?

  • Phuryous George

    Watching the game last night I got two thoughts. The Oilers line combos were completely mis-managed for that game. You loaded up the box and again brought Hall Nuge and Ebs to the table. Works most nights why not tonight. Eakins is a smart guy does he not notice Nashville has two solid lines. Shea Weber and the ones neutralize our first line. Boom we are out of it and they beat us with depth. How do you not break up that line to have something to back at the predators with… This was a rookie coach with TERRIBLE game management. Lines 2 and 3 did nothing.. Yak had his moments were he tried to get it going but hes a finisher and shooter not going to push the pace. This game you need to drop one of those guys whether it be Hall or Nuge appart to push the game in the right direction. Yea Halls line had chances got in deep against Nashvilles 1 line but they had nothing on Shea Weber and company once they got down there. The rest of the game was line 2 and 3 trying to get the puck out of our own end. Fire Eakins.. absolute joke you can let a coach mismanage games that blatantly and still be around

    • pkam

      How many teams do not have at least 2 solid lines and a stud defenseman? I hope you’re not kidding that the Preds have more depth than us. Last night the Preds were more desperate and aggressive than us. It is one of those games that you blame the players and not the coach.

  • Phuryous George

    Oiler positive. Weber was -6 5v5 Corsi Close last night and our top line was +4. Any night where a guy like Weber is -6 means your top lines did alright possession wise.

    Its hockey. The best team in the league loses 20 to 25 games a year so the best team doesn’t win every night in this sport.

    Now I am not saying that the Oilers are anywhere near a top team in the league, but one loss after 4 wins is just how hockey works. Its not the end of the world.

    Step back from the edge…