November Picture Contest Finalists


As you guys know, there is nothing that I love more than giving away Wanye’s stuff while he’s gone.  SO, I decided that it might be fun to have a picture contest and keep the entries rolling in all month long.  I got some amazing pictures emailed to me, and I got some heartbreakers – as always the Nation stepped up in a big way. Today, we start the voting. 

After a slow start, the pictures I started getting are the stuff legends are made of. I had Oilers fans of all ages sending me pictures from all sorts of situations and scenarios – it was beautiful.  I’ll tell you one thing, loyalty is not something that we are short of around the Nation.  Sure, we may be suckers for punishment and potentially going crazy for sticking by the Oilers as we do, but god help us if we’re not loyal.

With so many great entries in my email, all of us at Nation HQ had to huddle around, debate, and argue our way into picking the 5 finalists to compete for prizes.  Again, there were so many great entries that it made picking just 5 pictures really tough on us. That being said, we have to crown a winner, so there’s voting to do.  Without further delay, I present the finalists for the November Picture Contest.

Just in case you need a refresher, here’s what we’re voting on… Now vote carefully, the earnings of such a contest could change a person’s life forever. Remember, the premise was to show us what it means to be an Oilers fan – keep that in mind when you vote.

  • 1st place: Nation Hoodie, Sticker Package, Oodle Noodle GC, Pint GC
  • 2nd place: Nation Tee, Sticker Package, Oodle Noodle GC, Pint GC
  • 3rd place: Nation Tee, Sticker Package
  • We’ll pick 5 random contestants to win a Oodle Noodle or Pint GC


image (24)

Look at this cutie! At this point in her Oilers career, she hasn’t had to endure the heartbreak that so many of us have lived through over the last 8+ years. For all she knows, the Oilers are just really good at losing. In fact, they’re the best there is at losing. There’s been a lot of losing since this little girl graced our planet – May her spirit live forever. Great picture!



Look at these dudes! Not only are they rocking NationGear they’re doing it at the arena. Presumably the power of NationGear allowed these 3 heroes to go out and score 20 to 48 goals in whatever game they were playing on that fine fall evening. If there is one thing you can say about Oilers fans, it’s that they knock hockey and love the game. Well done, boys.


Oilersnation Nov 2014

If a Men in Black reference doesn’t crack you up then you are no friend of mine, sir! I love the creativity behind this one.  Not only is the picture hilarious, I think it’s also a silent protest against the state of the team. Ok, so maybe that’s a reach, but this picture is so awesome that I have to think of far fetched scenarios to accurately describe what’s going on here. Besides, Gord knows we could all use a quick Neuralyzer blast right about now.



You can’t tell me that this isn’t every 10 year old’s dream. According to the young man in the photo (aged 24 years) this photo was taken in 1990 after the Oilers won the Cup. That 10 year old kid has seen a lot of bad times since that picture was taken, yet here he is entering a contest on OilersNation despite the return of the dark ages. That’s loyalty, and that’s what it means to be an Oilers fan. Awesome!



This is probably one of the greatest pictures in the history of photography. Back in 1685, Johann Zahn dreamt of one day being able to take pictures of the environment around him. In 2014, Zahn’s dream lives on with this little piece of perfection.  When this picture came up on the screen, at Nation HQ, our “judging panel” burst into hysterics.  Not only does being an Oilers fan mean loyalty, it also means being ultra sexy.


Voting will running all weekend in the pollz to your right.  The poll will be active until tomorrow night at midnight, so rally your constituents while you can.  I’ll be reaching out to the 5 random entrants to hook them up with either an Oodle Noodle or Pint GC.

Nice work, Nation! Stay tuned for December’s contest which I will be announced shortly.